The Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump

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Product Description

What if there's a hidden dimension to Donald Trump; a sensitive, poetic side? Driven by this question, Rob Sears began combing Trump's words for signs of poetry.

What he found was a revelation. By simply taking the 45th President of the United States' tweets and transcripts, cutting them up and reordering them, Sears unearthed a trove of beautiful verse that was just waiting to be discovered.

This groundbreaking collection will give readers a glimpse of Trump's innermost thoughts and feelings on everything from the nature of truth, to what he hates about Lord Sugar. And it will reveal a hitherto hidden Donald, who may surprise and delight both students and critics alike.

This timely publication also includes Sears' scholarly footnotes and introduction, in which he excavates new critical angles and insights into the President's poetry which the casual reader might initially overlook.

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Top Reviews

The sublimest, beautifulest book of poetry, by a great, great poet
by Portista (5 out of 5 stars)
February 10, 2019

After reading this chapbook by the President of the United States, I had to give it five stars (Amazon wouldn't let me give it all it deserves). It is the GREATEST, the MOST IMPORTANT book of poetry this country has produced. I enjoyed it enormously, and the sublime verse has changed not only how I view poetry, but how I see the world.

Reading this, I can only hope that Mr. Trump would give up his government job and truly devote himself to his muse, spending his time creating this beautiful, beautiful poetry the world needs so much!
[To be clear, nothing in this book is "anti-Trump". It's all the President's own words, simply rearranged a bit for the sake of meter, rhyme, or syllabification.]
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Holiday Favorite
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
November 22, 2018

Absolutely breathtaking. One to read to grand kids and family gathered around the fireplace.
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Quotes from Trump turned into poems with references
by AnonaMr (3 out of 5 stars)
July 25, 2018

First, the cover photo is priceless. The writer uses quotes from Donny Jo to write haiku's and other poems. I appreciate that each quote has the reference noted so I can research the context and situation.
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Terrible Book
by John I (1 out of 5 stars)
February 12, 2019

Thought it would be a funny book on Trump's tweets. Turns out it was just someone who took his tweets and virtually just pasted them in the book. 90% of pages are at least 50% blank space. The book isn't worth $2! Sorry I bought it!
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is not as good as the cover
by Suburbs girl (4 out of 5 stars)
September 4, 2018

As others have said the content (restricted to what Trump has said), is not as good as the cover. But some are quite outstanding as was the first review posted in Trump-speak. Perfect coffee table book!
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Read Twitter Instead
by HOT in Texas (1 out of 5 stars)
December 10, 2018

I expected quotes from Trump off Twitter and additional ad-libbing to make an interesting poem.

Unless you really dig the cover art, just read the Trump Twitter feed and you have the book
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Great gift for a liberal
by Tim Butolph (5 out of 5 stars)
February 16, 2019

Bought for liberal daughter. The disgusted look on her face upon opening the gift was perfect.
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It is a Little Known Alternative Fact that Donald Trump is a Remarkable Poet
by Happy Reader,Top Contributor: Doctor Who (3 out of 5 stars)
May 12, 2018

"It is a little known alternative fact that the 45th President, Donald J. Trump, has long been a remarkable poet." That's the first line of the intro. You will note, as is stated on the book's cover, that this collection is "Strictly Unauthorized".

And that's because this is a book only for people who are not fans of Donald Trump. I am in that group, so I got some chuckles reading it, but it is not a book of such cleverness that I'll be returning to it.

Here's how it works. Every line of each poem, including the title, is taken from a communication by Donald Trump. It could be a tweet, a speech, a memo, a news conference, etc. On the right side of the page is the poem. On the left side is a line-by-line indication of from where each line is lifted, and the date of the communication.

These are not traditional poems, but each line is selected for a theme, roughly, of each poem, and there is no attempt or intention of quoting in context.

One poem is titled "Look at this baby":

That is a great, beautiful baby

It's young and beautiful and healthy

I love babies

What a baby

What a beautiful baby

Okay that's enough

You can get the baby out of here

I like kids

I won't do anything to take care of them

They're ugly, little and don't work

I attached the attribution page opposite the poem, the title and lines taken from 2 different speeches, 2 different interviews, and an appearance on "60 Minutes".

A quick laugh and then pass the book on to someone else.

Happy Reader
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Anti-Trump and Horrible Book
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
March 4, 2019

This book is horrible and is an attempt to make President Trump look stupid? The book is not what I thought it was going to be and is not funny.
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by Diane Pomerantz, Author, Lost in the Reflecting Pool (1 out of 5 stars)
March 16, 2019

I thought this would be clever - it wasn't even close - I gave it away in a Free Library only because I can never throw a book away : (

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