DeLonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill

Brand: De'Longhi
Manufacturer: DeLonghi America, Inc
Model: BG24
EAN: 0725638180022
Category: Home & Office
Price: $73.18  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 6.69 x 19.69 x 13.19 inches
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Product Description

The DeLonghi BG24 Healthy Indoor Grill with Die-Cast Aluminum Non-Stick Cooking Surface has an embedded heating element and a special M-shaped grill design so the entire surface area heats up and grilling results are more consistent. Its adjustable, detachable thermostat has five temperature levels. The grill surface itself is nonstick, so less oil is required and a nonstick splatter shield surrounds the edge of the grill to prevent splatter. The tempered glass lid fits over the grill to retain moisture. For safety, the cool-touch handles prevent fingers from burns and an indicator light shows when the grill is heating up.


  • Distributes heat evenly for the best results due to the fully embedded grill plate heating element. The input power is 1500 watts. The frequency is 60 Hz and the voltage is 120 volts
  • Improves cooking to keep food juicy with the tempered glass lid; It can also keep already grilled food warm
  • Make a meal for the whole family with the large cooking surface. Drip tray: Integrated and removable
  • Perfectly grilled food to your preference with the detachable, adjustable thermostat; Easy to clean with nonstick grill plate and removable nonstick drip tray; Simply wipe the grill plate and empty the drip tray
  • Please review the user manual under product details for set up and safeguard related guidelines

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Top Reviews

by Andy (5 out of 5 stars)
February 6, 2019

GREAT INDOOR GRILL Good grill marks on the meat, well barbequed, big (192 sq. inches), 5 minutes to clean, built like a truck. A couple of comments:
1.Contrary to instructions, COOK ON 5, do not lower temp. 2. Contrary to instructions, COVER WHILE COOKING so the meat will be hot. 3. USE TEFLON COOKING TOOLS, like a spatula. 4. DO NOT POKE OR CUT MEAT ON THE GRILL. Do not use any sharp utensils. 5. Take glass cover off before carrying or moving. It's a loose fit. Works fine when cooking. 6. COVER DRIP TRAY WITH ALUMINUM FOIL. That will save 30 minutes of cleaning. 7. Rinse grill, then clean with a "doby" like sponge-nylon on outside with lots of bumps. Takes me 5 minutes. HAVE FUN.
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But at your own risk!
by Elle W (1 out of 5 stars)
July 9, 2017

I had a horrible experience with this grill. The thermostat and grill continuously turns off and one while grilling. It took 1 1\2 hr to complete the grilling of 6 🐔wings. I returned the grill & received a replacement grill. The same happened again. I missed the deadline to return the replacement, so now I am stuck with a grill that does not work.
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by goldenlover (1 out of 5 stars)
September 5, 2016

Received my new grill today and was excited to use it. This was a replacement for the West Bend grill I had used for a few years. It had been through the dishwasher so many times and was looking a bit sad. Decided I'd hand wash this new one for awhile. The cheap plastic end where the plug slides in broke in half being hand washed!! I might be able to super glue it back together, but this is the last Delonghi for me. I'd give it zero stars if I could and I'll stick with West Bend!
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Great for college kids with low expectations.
by GreenvilleMom (2 out of 5 stars)
December 3, 2017

I think this product would be great for a college kid or possibly a younger person that doesn't have high expectations for food texture, flavor or taste. This appliance isn't for you if you prefer a good solid sear of the cast iron pan, or the smokey flavor and juicy texture of a charcoal or gas grilled piece of meat. This appliance will do what it's designed to do- grill your food indoors- but it will be at the cost of flavor, texture and taste. I found some pieces to cook quicker than others and some pieces were cooked unevenly. I used it once, put it away and haven't used it since. Wasted $78.00 in my opinion.
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Quick to heat, even heat, super easy clean up
by Jdyorkbeach (5 out of 5 stars)
January 5, 2018

Very very quick to heat, even heating across the entire surface and extremely easy to clean. I spray with non-stick cooking spray, then grill my chicken or steak, then pop the cooking surface into the dishwasher when cooled and she comes out clean each and every time. The lid is super helpful in containing spatter and helping to quicken cooking time. I like this better than my outdoor gas grill as the the food sits directly on the cooking surface and therefore cooks quicker. Very pleased with this grill. And the cooking surface is quite large, I can cook 4 large hamburgers at the same time without an issue.
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Nice Grill --- HOWEVER --
by L. Faye Bircheat (3 out of 5 stars)
April 18, 2016

For about 10 years (probably longer), I used a Krups Canyon electric indoor grill. My only complaint with that Krups is with its heavy, hard-to-clean cast-iron grill surface. It isn't non-stick (and never has been), so to get it clean, I use SOS pads. I still have that grill. It still works, but it's VERY slow to get to grill-ready temperature -- mainly because the heating element is not embedded into the grill surface, like the Delonghi.

I bought this Delonghi Perfecto, because it promised to be faster to heat and easier to clean. It is that, on both counts. HOWEVER: The non-stick coating on the grill surface has begun to wear off -- even after only TWO MONTHS' USE. I do not use abrasive cleansers. I have not used anything but a Scotch-Brite scrub sponge and Dawn dish detergent on it. I have not put it into the dishwasher -- I clean it by hand, in the sink, after every use.

Another downer: The removable drip pan is NOT non-stick, as it's shown in the descriptions and images. It's plain, un-coated aluminum and has already gotten stained from the sauce I add to the burgers I grill. This is really only an aesthetic issue -- it doesn't affect the way the grill works.
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Great for Indoor Grilling, can't tell the difference
by Lisa Nettles (5 out of 5 stars)
January 31, 2016

We love to grill but are staying in a condo in Maryland that doesn't allow cooking on the patio. Ordered this grill and love love love it. Food grills up same as outdoor grill and it's super easy to clean up. My husband is the grill master and very skeptical at first but now is the indoor grill master. We grill most of our food, our fish, pork chops and chicken. We have made venison hamburgers, grilled wahoo and lots of chicken and it all looks and taste like it was done on an outdoor grill. Highly recommend this grill.
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The Best Gift I Could Have Ever Given Myself
by Megan (5 out of 5 stars)
September 18, 2014

I decided to purchase this indoor grill as I have totally changed my diet and wanted to grill chicken and fish now...but my past experience with charcoal and gas grills wasn't so wonderful (I may or may not have almost burned down the apartment complex when using the gas grill once). When I found out indoor grills that WEREN'T a George Foreman existed I was so excited. I am especially happy to have come across this grill in particular as it had everything I want. A removable grill plate and drip pan as well as a removable temperature control and a glass lid. Even better? IT WORKS PERFECTLY! Not only were my veggies and meats left with those beautiful grill marks, but the meat was cooked perfectly and tasted great, unlike when I'd use my G.F. and the meat would almost seem rubbery. I am honestly so thankful to have this at the apartment now and will probably be using it almost every night. I do cover the drip pan with foil for even easier clean up, but since the drip pan is removable if you decide not to use foil I'm sure it would be so quick and easy to clean it out. The grill plate is also very easy to clean, but maybe not quite as easy as I'd like...I find myself having to take a damp paper towel in between the little slots to get grease/juice/marinade out that didn't come out while rinsing and gently scrubbing. I would DEFINITELY recommend this grill for anyone who is looking for a healthy way to cook foods and aren't outdoor grill experts. This is also PERFECT for those who do love to grill outdoors, but can't due to weather.
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If you have a good dish washer
by tim (1 out of 5 stars)
May 30, 2016

I purchased this grill after many hours of research. The cost was reasonable. The selling factor for me was the insistent claim that it is dish washer safe. If you have a good dish washer, it works well to run all the grill parts through the dish washer. As long as you gently remove any "chunks" before washing.

Unfortunately, only 4 months into ownership with 1 to 2 times a week of use, the non-stick coating started to flake off. This was my biggest concern in buying a grill of this type in the 1st place. We contacted Delonghi and the send us a replacement grill.

This time we refrained from putting it in the dish washer. Let me tell you what a monumental pain in the #$* it is to clean this grill without using the dishwasher. You have to hand clean with a soft cloth in each crevice, top and bottom several times to get all the meat products off. Chicken and hamburger are an absolute nightmare to clean. 15-20 min job, minimum.

Even with our TLC of the new grill the non-stick started to flake off after 4 months, AGAIN!

Another MAJOR drawback is the lid is to close to the cooking surface. Cooking thick steaks, chicken breasts or putting cheese on thick burgers is nearly impossible. it only needs another 1/2 inch to make this a much more usable grill.

My advice..... use an gas outdoor grill. Better flavor, way easier to clean (burn off and scrape) and will likely last for years if not decades rather than this grill for less than 1 year.

If some one would make this grill with a porcelain surface instead of Teflon.... I would buy it in a heartbeat!
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Sturdy base. Solid
by Tom Cazz (5 out of 5 stars)
January 4, 2018

"Perfecto," or "Perfect," aptly describes this appliance. I can't think of anything I would change! Cleanup is a snap. Lid keeps any smoke from going throughout the kitchen. Sturdy base. Solid. Uses a standard two-prong plug.

For my first attempt, I grilled a Ribeye steak (check out the sear marks!) and some asparagus tips (season with olive oil and salt). Added some water to drip tray to prevent burning/smoking.

Note: The fastener for the glass lid handle is "hidden' in the cardboard/carton packaging. You have to look for it.

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