World War II Airplane Ceiling Fan

Brand: Craftmade
Model: WB348TS3
EAN: 0647881012717
Category: Home & Office
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Dimension: 17.00 x 48.00 x 48.00 inches
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Product Description

Bring a little aviation-inspired magic home with help from Craftmade's WB348TS3 Tiger Shark Warplane ceiling fan. As suited to a war historian's hobby room as it is to a playroom or little pilot-to-be's bedroom, the fixture's painted design dramatically depicts the fiery-eyed monster that graced the P-40 fighter jets used during WWII. The fan's triple "warplane" blades operate on a reversible three-speed 153-by-12mm motor for optimal air movement, while their rich wood finish and painted tips lend additional credibility to the fan's historical accuracy. Furthermore, the unit includes an integrated light kit, whose single 60-watt candelabra bulb casts a warm, ambient glow suited to everything from model airplane building to cuddling up with a favorite aviation tale. Additional highlights include a flush-mount design that works in even the coziest of spaces, as well as a hanging pull chain for simple operation. A fun alternative to traditional globes or table lamps, the ceiling fan measures 48 inches in diameter by 17 inches high and carries a 30-year limited motor warranty.

Since opening their doors in 1985, Craftmade has been a go-to source for reliable, energy-efficient, and beautifully crafted ceiling fans. The company also provides a vast selection of chimes and push-button doorbells, as well as decorative indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, including everything from chandeliers, flushmounts, pendants, and vanities to outdoor sconces and posts. Their eclectic offerings nicely accommodate a variety of styles and decor, whether classic, contemporary, casual, or kid-friendly. Catering to both new construction and innovative remodels, Craftmade makes it easy to enhance everyday living spaces, from kitchens, dens, foyers, living rooms, and bedrooms to porches, patios, back decks, and beyond.


  • LIGHTING: This 48" ceiling fan is built with a custom made cased white glass integrated light kit that includes one B10 60 watt candelabra frosted bulb that exudes 615 lumens.
  • MATERIAL: Engineered with a silicon steel body this kids ceiling fan was built with it's unique airplane design including three plywood propeller blades followed by the custom integrated matte white glass light kit.
  • CONTROL: This flush mount warplane ceiling fan is controlled by a pull chain that provides three speed variations and includes an additional pull chain for on and off lighting.
  • DIMENSIONS: This hugger ceiling fan hangs 17.0" from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan and 10.5" from the ceiling to the blades. The blade sweep diameter measures 48" with a blade pitch of 15 degrees. The base diameter measures 8.5".
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weighing 13.87 pounds this ceiling fan is built with a quiet AC motor that measures 153x12 mm. This fan produces a steady airflow of 4,138 CFM. This collection is not recommended for angled or vaulted ceilings. UL Certified.

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Top Reviews

Awesome... Until.
by SixFactor (3 out of 5 stars)
August 8, 2015

I really want to give this all 5 stars. But there are a couple of items that are areas for improvement.
1. Installation instructions: Be aware of two not-so-visible black pegs or lugs on the motor housing that will help align the motor housing. These are not well-cited in the instructions, but if your orient the ceiling mounting plate one way, there's a possibility that you'll be mounting the motor housing 90 degrees from your intended direction. So, know where the lugs are in relation to your mounting plate.
2. Installation action: It is really helpful if you have assistance, given the bulk and weight of the motor housing.
3. Motor: This fan ran very well for a few weeks. Friends and our daughter said, "Dad, it's you!" The problem is that after about three weeks, the motor would no longer turn, but would instead just hum. My son pulled it off and investigated. Wiring and voltage were good, and we reinstalled to test again. No joy.

The good news is that Amazon's return policy is excellent, and a replacement order has been made. We just need to repack the defective fan and ship (for free) it back. So, more to come, and I'll update this review depending on outcome. Hoping for the best.
↭ 🍁 ↭

by Kalae Paddler (4 out of 5 stars)
February 6, 2018

Not much of a problem to install. I did it myself, but I would recommend an assistant. Use commonsense with safety to make a secure and strong mount and don't skip the safety hanging cable to the ceiling joist. I had to knock off a star because of the dismal lighting; nearly useless. Otherwise, it works fine so far and looks fantastic. My grandson absolutely loves it. One reviewer mentioned a remote control, but that must be a different ceiling fan because there is no sign of one with this product. With past reviews making note of the fan failing to work, we'll wait and see how long this one will work and I'll post an update if necessary.
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Very unique
by D-Helo (5 out of 5 stars)
May 5, 2013

This fan was purchased for my 6MO son's room.

I gave this fan 5 stars for the unique and "cool" factor that it has. When I received the box, I opened it to check out what was involved to install this. It is very similar to all other direct ceiling mounted fans. You can not install a down rod if you want. It mounts directly to the ceiling. Mine does not sit very flush to the ceiling, but that did not seem to matter. It spins very steady.

The instructions include Canadian requirements, but they are not a bad idea to follow for US installs. The Canadian requirements include the "J-Bolt" for added safety, should the fan somehow fall from the ceiling (you are supposed to mount it on a framing member, but... some don't see how it matters...).

Initial inspection was that it was flimsy plastic housing with a pathetic looking motor, but the motor is great. The housing is flimsy plastic, but it's merely for cosmetics and has nothing to do with it's stability.

If you have the separate light and fan switches in your wall, I recommend replacing them with fan and light controls (variable speed and brightness). The setup of this fan does not lend itself well to a remote control.

The included light is a candelabra type, single bulb that is not very bright to begin with. A dim-able LED replacement is in my future. The bulb is bright enough for my son, for now.

The pull chains do detract from the look, but they could be necessary.

On High setting, the fan moves a lot of air. On Low setting, not so much. Medium seems to be pretty good for air movement, while not blowing paper all over the room.

It's a great fan from a reputable manufacturer. Craftmade fans are great fans.
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GREAT looks, terrible as a fan or light
by Merit (2 out of 5 stars)
August 4, 2019

This fan looks awesome but unfortunately totally fails at moving air or providing light. We knew what we were getting in to with the light based on other reviews here (it's completely useless except as a nightlight) but were disappointed to find that it also doesn't function well as a fan. At least the two-bladed version just doesn't move much air so you have to put it on high just to get any kind of reasonable airflow and then it's sort of loud (the motor makes a humming sound on high, it's totally silent on low or medium). I bet the four-blade version is a lot better as a fan, especially since the blades are longer. We're returning ours (at least installation and deinstallation were easy), we may try the four blade version if we decide we can live with weak light.

It's really too bad because this thing looks GREAT and there doesn't seem to be anything else like it on the market.
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Nice fan, but not that much air
by Weekend Woodbutcher (4 out of 5 stars)
August 11, 2011

Bought this for my son's bedroom...thought something a little out of the ordinary would be nice. Fan seems of pretty decent quality, and it's REALLY hard to tell if the blades are real wood or plastic, and woodworking is one of my hobbies! Turns out they're plastic. Had the old fan removed and this one installed in about an hour. Very straightforward installation...mounting hardware is of good quality, and the bracket that mounts to the ceiling box has a hook on it so you can hang the motor on it while you do the wiring.

With only two blades, the fan doesn't move much air, so this fan is only good for a small room. Low speed is worthless for air's just for ambiance. :) Medium is fair, high is pretty good. You can hear relays clicking in the fan when changing fan speeds, but the fan is very quiet in operation. Included 50W halogen light is dimmable, but it doesn't put out much light at its brightest setting, so plan on having a few table lamps if you want to read or work on something that requires good eyesight. Doesn't look like you can put a 100W bulb in their either...there's a metal bracket mounted at the tip of the bulb to prevent installing a longer bulb. Would have been nice if a regular CFL could have been used instead of the tiny halogen bulb included, but that's what you get with a fan like this.

Overall though, it's a nice fan. Hope the son likes it.
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Incredible wow factor, weak light.
by kurbycar32 (4 out of 5 stars)
August 1, 2018

This thing completely blew the kids minds! I definitely wanted one of these when I was a little kid . The fan functions and is quiet enough to not notice. The included light is very weak due to the need to fit in the nose come. I was able to source a much brighter LED replacement bulb that mostly fixed that problem.
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If only it came with a Merlin engine soundtrack.....
by Rocketbuilder (5 out of 5 stars)
May 9, 2014

Looks nice, a bit cheesy, but it goes great in my airplane room. I even made a background graphic of a P-51 front view to give the illusion of a P-51 diving out of the ceiling. Makes me smile everytime I look at it. My wife just rolls her eyes.

The light in the spinner is virtually useless, barely even a decent nightlight, so don't expect it to light the room. I replaced the stock light, at great difficulty, with a slightly more powerful light. If the manufacturer would upgrade to spinner light to an LED light with some power, it would be a superb unit for any aviation nut.
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Needs a better light kit
by mcabbie (3 out of 5 stars)
May 22, 2012

I had read that the light kit that came with the fan was pretty bad and it is. It barely puts off any light. My husband replaced it with a hunter light kit that improves the lighting but takes away a bit from the look.

I really wish that the remote that came with the fan didn't have the reverse fan button on the remote or at least not so prominent because my young son just wants to keep pushing the button which I'm sure isn't good for the fan. Also, there is a dimmer on the light and there is no way to reset the light to full brightness like most systems.

Before we installed the fan a little plastic piece broke off that we didn't notice until we installed it. We will just glue it back on but it is annoying that it broke so easily.

I love the look of the fan I just wish it was higher quality.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Functional Fan with a Historical Story to Tell
by Dr. Philip Johnson (5 out of 5 stars)
November 7, 2009

This is an excellent product, it appears to be of very high quality, its motor runs smoothly and looks great in my hobby room. It is three speed and reversible using the supplied remote control - there is no pull chain despite what the description on the product page says - that would detract from its appearance. The remote control does not appear to be of the same high quality standard but is effective. Perhaps a little too powerful, as another fan in the house, made by a different manufacturer, also (sometimes) responds to its commands! A nice touch is the inclusion of a wall mounting kit for the remote control, so theoretically it should never be misplaced. The light is sufficient to provide background lighting but don't expect to be able to comfortably read by it, the halogen bulb is of the same intensity as an incandescent bulb with a 50 W rating. I would never have thought that a ceiling fan would be a conversation piece, but this one certainly is. Installation was a breeze, as is this fan!
↭ 🍁 ↭

We love it
by Sunny (5 out of 5 stars)
October 19, 2012

This fan was easy to install and looks great. The blades look like wood but I think they are plastic. The remote was a pleasant surprise. There are no pull strings and we thought we would have to buy a fan controller for the wall. But the remote works great and it also has a mount that you can screw into the wall. So the remote is always easily accessible on the mount and can also be removed and used as a remote. That is handy dandy.

The light is not very bright and works for a babies room. If you need something with a bright light, I would not recommend it. But for style and design its great and for me, I will just add another light to the room when the baby is older and we need more light for the room (probably a lamp).

I would say it is worth its price.

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