Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand

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Product Description

It's not just a trailer hitch-amabob, it's an investment in relaxation. To make good use of a Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand purchase you'll also need a couple of those hammock hanging chairs (Hammakas themselves, if you're... [Read more]

Top Reviews

2015 and my wife and I have had so much fun with this Stand
by Travis Wells (5 out of 5 stars)
July 6, 2016

I bought this product April 25, 2015 and my wife and I have had so much fun with this Stand. I do agree that it is aggravating to use the supplied bolts BUT it is still worth the buy, EVEN if you decide to do what I did and go and purchase Round Lock Pins to use in place of the bolts. The supplied bolts have nothing to do with the load bearing of the stand and are only used to keep the upper section of the stand in place. The Lock Pins make the set up and tear down 10 times faster than using the supplied bolts. We use this on both of our Jeep Wranglers and I did have to purchase a hitch extension to be able to clear the spare tire. The extension did not effect the way the stand supported the chairs or my fat self. This is another product that catches the attention of everyone that walks past us when we use it. I recommend this to anyone that enjoys lounging outdoors or that does anything that will have them sitting close to there vehicle.

Enjoy and keep Jeepin'!
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Works great and holds plenty of weight
by Sean Kennedy (5 out of 5 stars)
March 26, 2018

Its a wild and crazy unit. People are always asking what its for. Works great and holds plenty of weight. I'd recommend getting a 12" to 18" hitch extender so you can open and close your tailgate.
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This will not support a hammock. This model is ...
by Lauren (3 out of 5 stars)
June 7, 2018

This will not support a hammock. This model is only for the two separate chairs. I feel that this is not made clear in the listing. Seller also did not respond to the return request. Very frustrating to work with.
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Absolutely LOVE this
by Corona (5 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2017

I use this on my 4Runner when camping on the beach and tailgating for concerts. Quick and easy set up. I got nice hammock chairs to attach and everyone does a double take when they see my friends and I just hanging out. I should get a commission for the amount of people I sent to this site to purchase a Hammaka Hitch Stand.
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A great product that will last, highly recommend
by Mardela (4 out of 5 stars)
May 27, 2019

I bought this in 2015 and it has held up wonderfully thru numerous tailgates and beach outings. It's simple to put together.

I used to break it down for transport in my Chevy Avalanche but with my 2 door Jeep, I just leave it in the hitch but I do remove the chairs.

The only improvements I would make would be to make it taller and to have the hitch insert longer so there is more clearance from my vehicle. I did buy a hitch extension with 2 receiver slots, one is higher to compensate for having the max weight in the chairs.

Overall we love this product and highly recommend it.
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Great quality - great buy!
by RC (5 out of 5 stars)
October 12, 2016

Awesome - used it at a concert at Red Rocks.
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Packing was terrible and a little damage on item but this is ...
by c0rey (5 out of 5 stars)
August 7, 2017

Packing was terrible and a little damage on item but this is something that will get scratched anyway so all in all it's ok. Very heavy duty! All parts contained and very easy to set up. Will be a conversation piece and functional item as well
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Great product however I did have to ream out the ...
by Kristen Taylor (4 out of 5 stars)
July 18, 2016

Great product however I did have to ream out the inside of one of the supports so that it would accept the other support to be inserted. They should have been checked before shipping but luckily I had the tools to rectify the problem.
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Solid product Super comfortable Could be collapseable
by Jamie (5 out of 5 stars)
June 12, 2017

Just finished our first camping trip with these chairs setup and we are in love with them. Super comfortable. The hanger is rock solid and fits together easily. My only recommendation for a change in the product would be an option to fold it, or quick release pins for the top half instead of bolts. Very happy with this purchase, and I have made quite a few folks at the campground jealous.
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Jeep Wrangler
by justin (3 out of 5 stars)
January 22, 2019

Bought for my Jeep Wrangler but with the tire in the back the swing wouldn't reach into the hitch. And with the door open one swing hits the door

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