Swiveling Surge Protector

Brand: Globe Electric
Model: 7732001
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Product Description

Everyone needs a smart way to plug-in home electronics and Globe Electric's Original Space Saving 6-Outlet Swivel Surge Protector Wall Adapter Tap is the answer to your needs! Two 90-degree rotating sides allows six items to be pluged in and then moved so your couch, chair or bed can sit right against the wall. Plus, you can make sure everything is potected against a power surge with the two indicator lights - a red light is on when everything is being surge protected and a green light is on when all items are grounded. This is a case where the red light is a good thing! Perfect to use with your computer, printer, smartphone, tablet, home theatre system, lamps and more, you'll never need another tap.


  • SPACE SAVING SWIVEL DESIGN: the space saving swivel design is ideal for indoor use, tidying up cords in your home and office, and helps your furniture sit flat against your wall
  • SURGE PROTECTED: protects up to 2100 joules - for use with larger electronics such as computers, printers, smartphones and tablets, and home theater systems
  • INDICATOR DISPLAY LIGHTS: two indicator display lights alert you of the current power status and ongoing surge protection
  • UL RATED WITH 5-STAR PROTECTION: UL rated w/ 5 star protection to ensure the safety of your electronics. Total Outlet: 6
  • WARRANTY: comes with 2-year surge protector warranty protecting up to $300, 000 on connected equipment

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Top Reviews

A serious design flaw
by Robert M. (1 out of 5 stars)
January 5, 2016

This wall outlet seemed like the perfect solution for my needs, but once I received it I quickly learned it was unusable for one very odd reason. The device plugs into both outlets in your wall, but only the bottom plug actually draws current while the top one is just made out of plastic and fits into the holes. The problem is, the "stems" (I have no idea what the technical term is) of that fake plug are shorter than normal plugs (see attached photo) which allows the device to tilt out from the top a bit and no longer flush with the wall, which wouldn't be a huge deal except that the weight of the device slowly pulls it further away from the wall, eventually unplugging the unit entirely. Short of adhering the unit to the wall, i couldn't come up with any way of getting it to stay plugged in and am ultimately going to have to return it.

It'd be a good device, but that design flaw makes it unusable for me.
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Good plan- they saved 5 cents executing it.
by M&D (1 out of 5 stars)
March 3, 2018

There are two sets of male prongs, one for each receptacle in a standard duplex receptacle. The "active" or live prongs are standard metal and the "fake" ones are made of the flimsiest plastic junk one could imagine. If the "dummy" prongs weren't made of such cheap plastic, this product would be worthwhile. Upon pushing this into a standard receptacle, the plastic prongs immediately broke off without even entering the receptacle. This made the device flop down at a 30^ angle since the only thing holding it in place where the metal prongs on the bottom in one receptacle. Needing this device to actually work, I reversed the receptacle (top to bottom) so that the active "prongs" would be on top. This actually works fine, except if you plug anything into it that is oriented (like a night light), it will be upside down due to the polarity of the receptacle (neutral and hot) being reversed.

What a dumb way to save 5 cents by making such a junky part.
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Why this one
by PhotoGraphics (5 out of 5 stars)
March 17, 2018

I have a box full of similar 6-way multiple outlet boxes, what could possibly motivate me to buy another? Maybe it's better? Let's see. By the way, they call it a "tap" so that's what I will call it here.

This tap is intended to plug in to an existing standard duplex wall outlet with a typical plate cover or a decora plate cover. Unlike some similar taps it does not have to be attached to the outlet box. Its target market is for place where it is difficult or impossible to use a multi outlet tap in which the plugs stick straight out, possibly because of furniture placement, possibility of tripping or in my case because the outlet is at a kitchen counter and I don't want plugs sticking out into the work space. It accomplishes its task by being able to swivel the outlets 90 degrees to the side so there is nothing projecting from the front. Unlike other multi outlet taps though, you have your choice whether all outlets face front, all face to the sides or three face front and three face to the side.

1. Individually rotating banks of 3 outlets can either face front to the side
2. Works with most chargers for phones, cameras, etc in either front or side facing position
3. In an example of good design when you face the outlets forward they snap into place with a reassuring click

1. Not for split switched outlets - unlike some similar multi-outlet boxes, on this one all six outlets plug in to only one of the wall plug, the other plug is unused
(a plastic stabilizer pin plugs in to the unused outlet). So if you have a split wall plug in which one outlet is live and one outlet is wall switched, when using this adapter ALL outlets will either be live or switched
2. Not for high draw appliances - things like microwaves, toaster ovens, coffee makers and other appliances that draw a lot of power should be plugged directly into a wall outlet without an extension cord or a multi-tap outlet tap like this. Because of the rotating mechanism the potential for fire hazard increases somewhat.

I question the value of the variation model of this tap sold with the built-in USB ports at the top. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, there are several things I own like lights, aroma diffusers, clocks, etc that plug into USB ports and this tap (with the optional USB ports) would be ideal for those. But I personally would not use it for expensive high-tech things like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, digital readers, etc. Those are usually sold with their own power adapter which has built-in circuitry to prevent overload and sometimes monitor the condition of the device's battery and are (probably) better than the unknown circuitry in this adapter box for such sophisticated devices. The good news is that most such power adapter transformers will fit this tap even with the outlets are rotated to the side.

I would have really liked if they also offered this same design without any surge protection. Things that already have built-in surge protection shouldn't be plugged in to another surge protector and the way surge protectors are designed is that they take the hit if there is a surge, in other words, they blow out, which means replacing the entire adapter. Not every device benefits from surge protection, I would like to see a model that doesn't have it offered.

As far as retail presentation and documentation there is minimal to none. You get it tossed into a plastic bag with a tiny pictorial drawing that it must only be used with duplex outlets. That's just FYI, it's not really an issue.

Overall, this is better made than most, if not all, of the similar adapters I have paid much more for at the local home improvement store and it is very versatile. I would normally give it a 4 but because of the very budget friendly price I think it earns a 5.
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Excellent product!
by Amazonaholic (5 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2017

Where has this thing has been my whole life...?! I've struggled with plugging and unplugging my phone charger and lamp behind my bed for the longest time. My poor husband didn't even get an outlet - he had to charge his phone across the bedroom. This device has been super convenient because now he and I can simply plug our charging cables into the usb outlets along the top of the plug. This completely eliminates having to bother plugging the block up at all. Then, the outlets themselves twist to the sides instead of straight out like a normal outlet. I've got a whole side dedicated for what I need plugged in - a lamp and now a white noise machine. The other side twists to the right, so my husband can plug in whatever he needs. No more cables getting smooshed and bent...no more struggling to plug something in behind the bed... Well done and thanks for making such a smart product! Very convenient.
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When I pull a plug out the entire thing likes to come out of the wall outlet.
by mcadwell,Top Contributor: Baking (3 out of 5 stars)
February 3, 2018

I purchased 2 of these to be used in different room. It's nice to have the swivel function - makes it easier to plug in more things. The surge protectiion light is on so I hope it's working correctly for that.

However, whenever I go to pull a plug out, the entire thing likes to come out of the wall outlet along with the plug I'm pulling.

The last multi-outlet I had like this screwed into the middle screw hole of the wall outlet preventing this from happening. There needs to be something like that on these.

I would have given 5 stars for this item but can't because it comes out of the wall outlet so easily.
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Poor Design. Pulls away from Wall. Don't Buy
by Sese S. (1 out of 5 stars)
December 30, 2016

Design is very poor! No screw to hold square against wall. When multiple outlets are required, it is reasonable to believe that there will be extra weight tugging at outlet. This pulls away from wall, and doesn't stay in the outlet. I wanted to return it since it does not function as described. Disclosing that the weight will pull it away from the wall is critical to anyone purchasing a device that is suppose to assist in excess plugs. The company wanted me to pay for the shipping... Not cool!!! Don't buy this product. Stay away from Globe Electric products.
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by D. Oblinger (3 out of 5 stars)
February 24, 2017


This otherwise-nicely designed plug outlet is powered by the LOWER outlet.

You cannot flip it over, and the LOWER outlet is the one that is controlled by a switch (if any outlet is controlled by a switch.)

Now who wants six outlets controlled by a single switch?! I just cannot fathom how the designers did not know how US outlets are organized, nor can I imagine if they knew this, why they would choose that outlet to power their strip!!!

seems just dumb. but I would love to hear if someone can explain why in some other circumstance one would want this.
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Good product for its time!!!
by Rappa (5 out of 5 stars)
May 6, 2018

Had mine for 4 years and the usb ports just died!! Replacing it has been a bit harder. There are better versions out there that swivel, however they leave the usb ports on the front???? Kind of defies the point of the swivel. I got my moneys worth however I am looking for a few options in my replacement that this was does not have. #1 a screw mount option. Some past reviews made this clear and I had similar issues where pulling out a plug can detach the whole unit. I was aware of this when I bought it so its not the items fault. Some people may have looser receptacles than others. #2. More powerful USB port. This is a tricky one cause most manufacturers will label them as 2.1 amp when they share that speed between both ports (allowing 1.0 speed for each). If you want a faster usb speed you will probably have to pay for it.. So your probably better off just plugging your phones original charge cube into the outlet to get the faster speed. That's what I am doing with this one still using it just plugging in my cube on the side.
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Needs a little top support, but great all the same.
by desertdweller (4 out of 5 stars)
February 26, 2018

This is a five star product, but I could only give it four stars because of its tendency to lean away from the outlet it's plugged into. It has a normal male copper plug, to insert into a wall socket, on the bottom and a plastic male plug at the top. Unfortunately, the plastic support plug doesn't really offer much support. The top of the Globe Electric 6 Outlet leans out a little from the top. It doesn't seem to be a big deal, but it should've been addressed a little better by the manufacturer/designer. I suppose a piece of double sided tape or something similar would solve the problem. As for its operation, this Globe Electric 6 Outlet Swivel Space Saving wonder is an awesome product. I have my household phone answering machine plugged into it, and several small low power appliances. Along with that I also charge my Kindle Fire and smart phone with the two USB connectors on top of the unit. Best six outlet wall tap I've seen outside of a counter hogging power strip.
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A Great Two Prong Solution to "Plug Wars"
by Timothy L. Wagner (5 out of 5 stars)
January 3, 2016

Like most people with a plethora of devices, I have problems with 'cord control'. This is especially true in the Living Room, where my wife and I spend most of our time as we get older and older! With TV, Cable Boxes, Sound bars, i Phones, 3 tablets, two laptops, and lamps, it can be quite a mess. I have tried cord ties, cord covers, closable surge protectors, and many other types of products to try to bring order to the chaos that tends to creep out from behind tables over the course of a week. I decided on a new strategy recently which has worked wonderfully well. It's a two prong approach.

The first is the Coocheer Power Strip with 5 port USB and 8 Outlet Surge Protector. With the expanded use of USB power cords I realized that I needed less 'plug receptacles and more USB inputs. The 5 USB inputs at the end made a neat solution of charging the tablets and phones. I needed only three plug inputs for the lamp and laptops. The result is a very neat charging station with a small footprint. It is a well made device, and the power light is a nice addition to show it is 'on'. It's worked like a charm and solved a problem without being super expensive, but still getting quality.

The second is this product, the Globe Electric 7732001 6 Outlet Swivel Wall surge protector. This has given us the ability to have one receptacle that accepts all the plugs for the cable box, sound bar, Echo, lamp, and cordless phone station without having to use a massive surge protector. The Globe plugs into the wall to replace and cover the receptacle you have now. With a thick middle bar that shows it is active with a small light, the two three plug sides swivel out, giving separation for the large plugs so you avoid 'plug wars' when trying to add too many over sized plugs. The spacing between each input is also perfect. Some of the multi receptacles are so close together three plug ins turn into two because you cannot fit another plug in. This device has enough space between each receptacle to avoid that problem. Since it is also a surge protector I was able to get rid of the one I had there to make it a much neater looking power plug with a much smaller profile.

I am very happy with this solution, and wish I had come across it before!

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