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Once upon a time in a castle high on a hill lived an inventor whose greatest creation was named Edward. Although Edward had an irresistible charm, he wasn't quite perfect. The inventor's sudden death left him unfinished, with sharp shears of metal for hands. Edward lived alone in the darkness until one day a kind Avon lady took him home to live with her family. And so began Edward's fantastical adventures in a pastel paradise known as Suburbia.

Top Reviews

Tim Burton. Keep being you.
by Kashta Coulter (5 out of 5 stars)
March 7, 2019

An ASMR adddict whos character is a metaphor for what it's like to live as a POC gets lured by the snake charming soft spoken tones of an ill equipped, pyramid scheme victim, whos loving yet driectionless life has her believing that bringing our main character into the belly of middle class mediocrity will cure him of the loneliness he must feel,or more than likely, what being projected on to him.

And bonus, he meets a girl...who's currently dating the manifestation of white privilege incarnate.

He throws a BBQ

He gets a job being a barber.

Tries to get a loan.

Some things happen.

A woman accues him of rape.

He commits a crime

He gets locked up.

Some more things happen.

Another POC give him an out.

Then, bam, the End.

Spoiler alert:

Things don't work out and he goes home.

I don't think anyone was surprised by that.

It's like bringing a booty call to a family reunion. You already know what it's going to be from the jump.

Still love this movie tho, and the Depp is dope!
10 outta 10
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Burton knocked it out of the park
by mojo jojo (5 out of 5 stars)
December 18, 2018

I have always loved Tim Burton's style, and I'd never had a chance to watch this film until now. This is one of his best, by far. I knew I'd love it. Poor, poor Edward. It has the tragic love element of Phantom of the Opera (think "Christine, I looooove youuuu...."), with the horror of Frankenstein, in garishly pastel 1950's suburbia. AMAZING.

Gah, I loved the naive, sweet, well intentioned Peg, the removed-but-friendly dad... gosh, they really tried to do their best, but gossip and prejudice is such poison, especially for someone as different as Edward. GAH, he was so soft, so precious. I wanted to protect him at all costs, but I had no illusions that this ending would be happy.

I felt that Edward's love for Kim was underdevloped. but I guess it was sufficient for the type of movie this was. It wasn't a grand romance like the Notebook or something, but more like a tragic love story with a focus on the fickliness of human nature. For more than half the movie, Kim was nothing but wishy washy, swayed by her douchebag boyfriend, kind of rude to Edward... a typical teenager. I guess that's fair. The only reason Edward could have fallen in love with her is the fact that he'd never seen a beautiful young woman in his life. I wish Kim could have been stronger, and saved Edward from the fate her own fickliness basically caused.

Overall, visually stunning, funny, dark, tragic, and quite a bittersweet ending. Some mature, suggestive bits but nothing explicit. Probably 13 and up.
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still fun
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
April 7, 2018

Very original. One of Tim Burton's best films. Frankenstein meets the Avon lady with a big bucket of the absurd... add some Dr. Seuss and Disney and mash up with some Poe and Roald Dahl... and there goes the essence of Tim Burton. Mixture of many contrasting things and yet still so wholly original. I love this guy!

Great cast of characters here. If I could change anything it'd probably be Winona Ryder's terrible bleach job here... ack. What an injustice to her dark yet doe-eyed beauty. I wish they'd given her black hair instead.

Still fun to watch after all these years!
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A must watch for all
by Dorsia (5 out of 5 stars)
September 4, 2016

Looking back I realize that Edward Scissorhands is a movie that in many ways defined how the 90s would stand apart artistically from the 80s.... Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Danny Elfman, Dianne West, Anthony Michael Hall.........what more could one ask for. Even though this film is clearly based on Frankenstein, the story is so outlandish that it stands on its own.... I don't think that Burton ever topped this work, but most of his work is so good that I might say the same about his other movies if the chronologic order was different. I rewatch this movie every 5 years or so and every time I do it brings back the melancholy I felt the first time I watched it..... Watching this movie is a must for any fan of dark drama/humor...
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One of the most original movies ever made!
by dgdbear (5 out of 5 stars)
July 3, 2011

Edward Scissorhands was Tim Burton's next project after Pee Wees Big Adventure and brought along for an encore, Danny Elfman once again of Oingo Boingo Fame. The soundtrack that Danny Elfman created for this movie is by far one of the most endearing, and most copied in it's similarity for various products being advertised during the Christmas season. Take a listen. I guarantee you that after 16 years now, you will hear a commercial this holiday season emulating this sound track once again. The mood of this soundtrack engulfs the listener with a wonderful collage of melancholy, innocence, beauty and wonder. This Elfman creation is one of the greatest musical sound tracks you will ever experience. It almost up-stages the film which is quite a compliment and accomplishment. Edward Scissorhands is an innocent, beautiful and sentimental journey of love that can never be realized between by Johnny Depp's and Winnoa Ryder's characters. As the story unfolds, one begins to understand that it isn't so much that Edward doesn't fit into society, it's more a case of the way he is abused and taken advantage of by our society in the ever predictable and unavoidable rift that human "kind" places upon someone that is different from themselves. I have no dought that this in turn is a closely related metaphor for Tim Burton himself. Thank God for you buddy. PQ is excellent with vibrant colors, with very good detail. SQ is the same. This is a dynamic 4.0 sound track. Still wish a 5.1 remix was done for this release, but no worries. Still sounds great! Edward Scissorhands is a story of a fragile bird's brief experiences after leaving the cage, but needing to return home to stay safe from the hostile elements. Highly Recommended!
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A great piece of collection
by R-Suarez- (5 out of 5 stars)
April 17, 2006

Some years ago there was a release of this film for its 10th anniversary, we now have what is supposed to be a new edition to commemorate the 15 years of this Tim Burton classic fairy tale.

The movie

We talk about a fairy tale in a Burtonesque style, for those familiar with his works (and specially his lovely poem book "The melancholy death of oyster boy") the story of this film should not be unexpected. A young man comes to town who instead of hands has scissors, you can then imagine how difficult can it be for this guy to express himself with this physical "limitation", the metaphor Burton uses in this character is simply beautiful and the story and the turns it takes have made it the classic it is considered today. Filled with classical Burton visuals and humor (there's a part of the film in which we get to listen Tom Jones' "With these hands" while a woman tries to seduce Edward) it is a compelling love story with an ending that will break your heart.

As for the extras offered in this so called "new" edition, they are the same from the previous one! The disc contained here is the exact same disc released for the 10th anniversary. Even though the physical presentation is different, the contents and menus are exactly the same. As an added value we now have the beautiful white tin case and 6 postcards with pictures from the film in a very nice envelope. Having said that, it is now your choice if you buy this or not, I had to sell my old edition to buy this one, I personally believe the cards and the case are a nice added value, though I was not willing to have two copies of the same film.
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A Quick review of Edward Scissorhands
by Michael Garcia (5 out of 5 stars)
January 29, 2010

This Tim Burton masterpiece is the fairytale of a man born in human likeness with human emotions and feelings. However, he was never completed (his hands remain scissors) because his inventor died suddenly of a heart attack. He lived most of his life on a hill in a deserted mansion off the suburbs of a utopian town. He is discovered by a generous and loving woman who takes him into her house and adopts him as one of the family. He is quickly discovered by the gossipy neighbors who use him as a walking tree hedger. After seeing his talents with his "scissor hands" he quickly moves from trimming hedges to grooming dogs and eventually becoming a professional hairdresser for the members of the community. He falls in love with the daughter of the family he is staying with which leads to complications because in his enamored state he slowly and unknowingly begins to lose his child-like innocence. This bitter-sweet movie brings up many philosophical questions for those seeking a deep underlying message (questions e.g. ethics, aesthetics and morality).
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by R. Penola (5 out of 5 stars)
May 23, 2000

This wildly imaginative movie is Tim Burton's best, because it seems to be completely real to him as a filmmaker. From the gorgeous opening credits, set to Danny Elfman's candy-coated but melancholy musical score, to the swirling finale, this movie captivates, amuses and stirs the heart. Johnny Depp is exceptional in a role that might have been slapstick with no heart; he is tender, appealing, funny and oh so sad in the role of a creative misfit. Dianne Weist is also that perfect balance of cartoon and real human; she evokes a maternal warmth that adds balance to the neighbors who seems more one-dimensional. This movie has some insightful and warmly realized messages to convey as well. Look for Vincent Price in a perfect final role; it is both a tribute and a legacy of his career playing off-kilter madmen. Most of all, though, this movie has a Christmas heart, and the sweetnees in its innocent romance, its sad story of misfits, and its pop-art scenic design captivate all of your senses. I love this movie.
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by Temis Clark (5 out of 5 stars)
February 10, 2013

I don't usually write reviews about movies, and I don't think I can mention anything about Edward Scissorhands that has hasn't been mentioned before. I've been hooked to Tim Burton and Danny Elfman ever since I was a little girl with Beetlejuice, but Edward Scissorhands is simply Tim Burton's signature piece. Not only is Johnny Depp's work flawless under Tim's direction, but Danny creates this atmosphere that drives you into the movie possessing you and not letting you go.

Definitely worth watching. The Blue Ray disk does not have as many extras as one would expect, but the crisp image not delivered in the olden VHS cassettes or even on the newer DVD versions provides is well worth the 5+ stars.
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Best . . . Movie . . . Ever
by Kat Crane (5 out of 5 stars)
May 21, 2014

If you love Johnny Depp's "character acting" in Pirates of the Caribbean, you will love this little Modern Day (Twisted) Fairy Tale - filmed long before most people knew about Mr. Depp. Vincent Price also takes a charming, sentimental turn (in one of his last films) as Edward's "Dad" (creator). And young Winnona Ryder is the perfect, sensitive every-girl who wins Edwards heart. With only very mild sexual innuendo - and mild, mild violence and peril - it is a film the whole family can enjoy. It was one of my son's favorites since he was 8 or 9 years old. Ghoulish enough for the boys and sweet enough for the girls, Burton's twisted tale will stay with you long after you have watched it.

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