Diamond Studded Pacifier

Brand: ulubulu
Model: MP-01-1-M-2-003
MPN: Ulu-3921
Category: For Kids
Price: n/a  (25 customer reviews)
Dimension: 0.9 x 3.7 x 2.1 inches
Shipping Wt: 0.05 pounds
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Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Let your little bundle of joy experience the finer things in life from day one with the diamond studded pacifier. Why waste your money saving for a college fund when your baby can suck on a silicone nipple surrounded by an opulent white gold and diam

Top Reviews

by private (5 out of 5 stars)
December 23, 2013

It goes wonderfully with my leaded crystal placenta serving bowl. However, little Ainslee Quinoa prefers platinum to white gold. I do hope in the future they will consider upgrading their material. But I suppose for only 17K you get what you pay for.
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served its purpose..
by Rusty Shacklford (3 out of 5 stars)
May 14, 2011

I bought this pacifier a few weeks ago for our son. We looked at walmart and target and just could not find one that really caught our eyes. This one did the trick, as soon as he starts crying we load up the car and head to our security box at the local bank to get it. As soon as it hits his mouth he stops crying! One bad thing about it is that its a bit heavy and weighs his head down a bit, and oh yea we have had numerous attempts of kidnapping, but what the hey it shuts him up. We did use his college fund to pay for it, and I did have a bit of buyers remorse for a while, but I think in the future he will be thankful that we bought it for him.
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Perfect for My Daughter!
by Thomas Dunham (5 out of 5 stars)
July 24, 2014

You know, back in 2007 when I first refinanced my brand new $90,000 house for $250,000, and then $400,000, I was a little concerned that my granite-lined nursury didn't have enough accoutrements to fostor the sort of genius that my offspring will have. I had already signed my two-year old up for lacrosse, softball, baseball, swimming, and tackle football (she's big for her age), and I figured that having a nice place to live and do yoga with her mother was not only warrented, but practically her birthright. Standing in front of Home Depot at 6am every day and bargaining for cash jobs is hard work; we're entitled to have a few of the finer things that life has to offer.

So after I got my wife and I matching BMW X3 SUV's with the refi money, I decided that the next worthy thing on the list is something that would brighten up my daughter's life, not to mention her room! I searched for many hours for the perfect trinket to light up her eyes (because I understand the value of money), and I believe I found it in this great product, which I purchased, sight unseen, simply by adding it to my cart and charging it. I could have used the cash I had on hand I suppose, but part of being wealthy is managing your debt, and my 22% APR Capital One card seemed like a prudent move.

At any rate, when it arrived at my door it was stunning, with all the diamonds and stuff. It occured to me that at two years old, my daughter might be getting towards the end of her pacifier days, but I don't really pay too much attention to that sort of thing. I'm usually drunk on Miller High Life by the time I get home every day, can you blame me? I gave it to her anyway, and I have to say that for the next 40 minutes my little princess was enraptured... success!

A little bit later I noticed that her fascination with it had ended, and her eyes were now transfixed on a piece of cat poop that had somehow been dragged up from the basement and into the living room. Her moment was over.

So I took the pacifier and placed it in a conspicuous place in her room, next to her crib, under some Pottery Barn track lighting. It matches our changing table carved from mammoth ivory perfectly, which is new also, but that's another review. It now sits proudly on display in her room, 3-carats of shining glory, unless we happen to be using it as a doorstop (which is more often than not anymore).

If you've arrived, you need to tell the world, and this outstanding product is the perfect way to do so!!! Even though things haven't been quite as good for the last few years, once those house appraisels get back up there we should be just fine.
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Totally Worth the Price
by CC (4 out of 5 stars)
December 21, 2014

I wasn't breast-fed, so I bought one of these for myself for my 40th birthday. I had read good things about adults using pacifiers for anxiety, and since I have self-esteem issues which are easily fixed by envious stares from others, I figured two birds, one diamond pacifier.

Since buying this diamond encrusted pacifier, my life has completely changed. I am no longer anxious, and while in public sucking away on my bangin' new sparkle thang, I get A LOT of looks. I sense people and children and maybe even their pets staring at me while I'm catwalking and glittering down the street, on the subway, in grocery stores, and at Chuck E Cheese where I make it a point to show up all the toddlers.

Have I made many bad choices in my life? Absolutely. But getting a $17,000 diamond encrusted pacifier is not one of them. I suck and sleep soundly at the shelter where I'm now living, since this purchase has set me back some. And Kim Kardashian tweeted me back when I sent to her a picture of it - ("yah" !!!) I have been touched by celebrity, and that has just added the entire cake to my diamond-dusted icing.

One star off for the diamonds that keep falling out - but I replace them with craft crystals from Michaels and no one's the wiser.
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I hate it und I love it such a great art piece.
by McBaine (1 out of 5 stars)
July 26, 2014

So I am moved here in Amerika from Deutschland as the most famous modern art maker in mein town called Schnurrbartstadt, und thinking I would like to make a piece zentered about 99 luft babies, why neunundneunzig babies; if you have to ask then you just don't get it. Und I needed about four to six babies in the poor part of the town model to look just fabulous because of their self esteem also, ich ordered a few of these. They are of course live babies tied to balloons. Und why did ich give it only ein star out of fünf? Because I hate it. And I love it. So I must hate it because it makes me feel like ein dirty mann giving those babies something they don't deserve. It's like those babies are taking candy from me und I'm being robbed of my lollies. Zos filthy babies. They know they can't afford it und but they buy it just like ein new bicycle. I spit on you, babies. You disgust me. Und then I go cry in the shower because of how moved I am at the art ich am just having made.
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So worth it!
by HenryCharlieDiegoFrida (5 out of 5 stars)
January 27, 2014

Everyone says that I look like Angelina Jolie and that my husband looks like Brad Pitt. We've even adopted a few children from around the world to perpetuate this likeness. People would often mistake us for them until................. They see our children in their Wal-Mart hand-me-downs and using their regular, plain pacifiers. Since purchasing the 3ct. Diamond Pacifier, WE ARE MISTAKEN FOR BRANGELINA ALL THE TIME WITHOUT QUESTION! Our lives have changed!!! We decided to look at mansions in Holmby Hills and our realtor didn't even bother with a background check because she said there was "no need, Mr. and Mrs. Pitt"!!! (Thank goodness, because my and my husband's felony records have impeded our buying a house before.) She's letting us live in the mansion until we decide where we want to live. As long as we give a shout-out to her in all interviews. This is like an interview. So... Thank you, Ms. Shiloh of Beverly Hills Real Estate!!!!!!
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I'm sure this would be great for some babies but since mine prefers his thumb ...
by B. Hatch (3 out of 5 stars)
August 16, 2014

I'm sure this would be great for some babies but since mine prefers his thumb he won't even try this out. We decided to go with a 5K platinum band thumb ring, you know just so he doesn't feel neglected.
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Nice for the money, but be warned...
by PrestoP (4 out of 5 stars)
December 22, 2013

My firstborn LOVED this pacifier! He loved it so much, that when I finally decided to wean him off it and take it away at the age of 17, he cried for three days nonstop. I had to cut the tip off and say "binky boken" to get him to realize it was over and done with. Though I solved that problem, my wife was none too pleased with my actions. What's the big deal?
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Two Stars
by Kenneth (2 out of 5 stars)
September 11, 2014

Distinctly uncomfortable. The diamond surface is very rough on the walls of the anal passage.
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Perfect for daddy daughter time with yeezy and Nori
by Kindle Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
December 22, 2013

I just bought this for Kanye! I'm gonna hook it to a nice, figaro chain, and when him and Nori snuggle, she can use it as her binkie, and when we are on the town, it makes for a stunning conversation piece, as well as a pacifier for my yeez, when he starts getting out of line, and talking crazy stuff about being an artist and genius! whoever designed this pacifier is the REAL genius!

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