Inflatable Fishing Boat

Brand: Classic Accessories
Model: 32-001-011101-00
EAN: 0052963001556
Category: Gadgets & Tools
Price: $242.83  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 19.00 x 56.00 x 44.00 inches
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Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Backpackable float tube with easy entry front design. Hydrodynamic hull is shaped for improved tracking and steering. Includes adjustable backpacking shoulder straps and two cargo pockets with easy open double zippers. Extra high seat for drier and warmer fishing and improved visibility. Comfortable thickly padded seat has a high adjustable backrest.


  • Cumberland assembled size: 56"L x 44"W x 19"H, Weight: 14lbs.
  • Hydrodynamic hull shape improves tracking and steering; rugged PVC bottom
  • Extra high seat provides a dry fishing experience and improves visibility; a comfortable, thickly padded seat with an adjustable backrest provides support for long fishing days
  • Reliable storage includes a mesh pocket with draw cord closure, two interior zip pockets, and two cargo pockets with easy-open double zippers

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Top Reviews

Great Tube!
by Jason (4 out of 5 stars)
August 27, 2017

Thus really is a great tube. Its built like a tank. Very durable, floats and seats you high. The two pockets are huge and come with cupholders!

Ive floated probably 40-60 hours in this, so its gotten a fair amount of useage. Ive read a lot of the other reviews and will try to make notes and clarify things for all of you a bit.

It does come with two rod holders. For those of you confused, the rod holders are the velcro straps alongside the storage pouches, on the side closest to you. Im not a huge fan of them. They are velcro, and extended useage can result in the harder, stiffer side of the velcro scratching the finish of the rod, so I dont use them. Now, I dont know if you can count this as a minus, because ALL tubes use the velcro as rod holders, but I build custom rods, so Im picky about how they are stored.

The rear mesh area can be used as storage, but be advised most of it will be under water, so don't put anything back there if it needs to stay dry. It works excellent for atoring an anchor or as a livewell. I usually like to put decent fish back there till I can photograph and release them, as Im not a fan of whipping out my expensive phone out on the water.

The seat back has a mesh storage pouch, but again, the bottom of that pouch will be underwater while you sit in it. This is a minus for me, i wish it was higher and dry. I tried putting my hiking boots back there and found out the hard way.

This is a big tube. 17 pounds doesnt sound like much, but by the time you get those storage pouches full and all the gear with it, it adds up, plus it will weigh a bit more wet after use. Its not unbearable by any means, but I would choose a smaller, lighter tube if you're going to be hiking in a distance. The shoulder straps are almost useless. They are extremely narrow and uncomfortable. But, easily fixed by ordering a pair of clip on padded backpacking straps, which you can find online for under teen bucks.

Someone else said they were disappointed after it got a leak when they put a crankbait into the side of it. Really? Kinda duh on that one. Any inflatable will leak if you jam a treble hook in to it.

Allmof the parts, including bladders, are available on CA's website, so Im not sure why people are having trouble in that department.

It may have sounded like I picked the tube apart, but I really do love it. Compared to my old tube, its like moving from a Yugo to a Mercedes. It has a few shortcomings, but all tubes do, and they are easily remedied. Its not a bass boat, its a minimilist way of getting off the shore.
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A very easy way to get out on the water to catch fish
by Sean (5 out of 5 stars)
November 30, 2017

This float tube is an incredible value. I have numerous classic accessory float tubes and you will be hard pressed to find a guy who fishes one any harder than I do. I fish from ice out til the water freezes again. I fish in every type of condition from blazing heat to freezing cold, wind, rain. I fish all kinds of bodies of water. Many I fish require hiking in and out of rugged terrain with the float tube either inflated or not on my back. I have fished this in the heaviest of cover from thick vegetation, thick deep mud that requires me to hop across it in my float tube. You cannot kick through the mud it is so thick. Any type of structure and cover you can think of I have float tubed through. I am not afraid to put myself or my float tube in the thickest nastiest stuff on a body of water. That is often times where my best fishing happens.

I am primarily a bass angler, but because I live in an area that gets cold winters, I will do some trout, salmon, pickerel, pike as well as it gets very cold and the fishing can get slow. I tend to carry anywhere from 2 to 4 rods with me. 4 rods is a bit much for this thing just using the rod straps. But I deal with them getting tangled up times because it is what it is. I carry bait binders and other bait cases when I fish. I usually dedicate one storage side to baits and the other to drinks, snacks, hook outs, pliers, fish grips, action cam, deeper sonar, towel if need be. Basically whatever I need I make it fit. I put my pump and hose in a plastic bag and put it on the rear netting of my float tube. It holds it fine and some times I have had to add a little air after getting out on the water.

These float tubes are easy to carry, and easy to set up and then break back down. I can't imagine anything that allows you to fish so effectively to be any easier.

For me, these float tubes tend to last me one full fishing season before I need a new one. And over that time it usually needs repairs. The pvc cross bar that has the bib attached to it, it is pointed and you always want to set it into the sleeves so it goes in the correct way. Do it incorrectly and you could get a tear in the bladder. take your time with that and do it right and you'll be good. I have had leaks in my bladders before and they are usually slow leaks and I have never had an issue getting off the water. I would suggest to have a spare set though. You'll be glad you did. It sucks to get out on the water and have your planned day of fishing ruined by a leak. Keep a spare with you, go back to the car, replace it and get back on the water. The bladders are very well protected though. The float tube is very rugged and I have hit everything from tree tops to rocks and the float tube just bounces right off them without issue. The quality control for the valves on the bladders is not good from classic accessories. I have had numerous float tubes with valve issues out of the box. I have also had issues with the zippers on the storage pockets. The handles have broke on me and the zippers themselves have broke on me. This has never happened right off though. It tends to happen when I have used the float tube long and hard and it is simply starting to break down under the use.

I would have knocked off a star or more because of these issues, but the fact that classic accessory has been so good to me as far as customer service goes, I figure I would put a star or two back because of that. They have always been quick to send me replacement parts if need be, or a new float tube if need be and it has been without hassle. They stand by their products.

I have been fishing these float tubes hard for years. I am a big guy at 6ft and can weigh as much as 285. one con is they do not sell replacement foam for the seats for this model. You would have to cut your own to replace them. The seats are not the most comfortable seats on earth, but they could be a lot worse. I have fished morning til night hundreds of times on these and usually I need to pull up and stretch out a bit at some point during the day. But overall I like the seats. They adjust to my liking and they keep you high enough above the water that you can effectively sight fish and fish beds ect..Overall, this float tube is more comfortable than any other ( stock out of the box) float tubes or kayaks I have used

Every boat has its pros and cons. A kayak can cover water many times faster then this thing can. It is not even close. These things are slow going. And on bigger bodies of water, especially on very windy days, you're going to be kicking a ton. But using your legs allows you to hold your position even in very windy conditions. It is very difficult to hold any type of position in wind with a kayak. I guess it just depends on what you are looking for and what suits your needs best. There are numerous pros and cons for each type of boat.

Overall I love my float tube. It is not perfect for all situations of course, but for where I live, the types of bodies of waters I fish, I can get out there and catch the heck out of fish. And its a unique experience fishing from a float tube. You are very connected to your surroundings.

A couple more things I have found very helpful. One is, take either some duct tape or even epoxy, and cover the sharp ends of the pvc cross bar. The sharp edges of that cross bar are probably the easiest way to get a puncture in a bladder. Any time you move or adjust those edges tend to rub it dig in. Just use tape or epoxy to dull the edges and you'll never have to worry about that.

Second, get yourself some good uv protectant for your boat. The sun beats these down. You can prolong the condition and life of your float tube if you use a quality uv protectant every month or two. Makes all the difference.
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Just buy it!
by Mike Coleman (5 out of 5 stars)
April 19, 2017

I just upgraded to this from a U-boat! Even though I have to get use to kicking lower in the water so not to Splash I love this boat!! You can't beat this boat for the price. I did days of research and with my budget this is the best boat for me. I'm a big guy at 250 pounds and this boat has plenty of room for me, it sets you high out of the water for easier viewing and is way more comfortable then my last Float Tube.There's Velcro on the inside of it to hold two of my fishing poles, the pockets have plenty of room to store my tackle and the D-rings are awesome to add accessories. The backpack straps on could be better but nothing to complain about but hey it comes with 2 insulated cup holders. The shipping is Fast and the customer service is great as well. One of the valves had a hairline crack and with one visit to their website I had a replacement part on the way no problems. I will update later this summer.
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Just falls short of being a great tube for me. But still recommend.
by Michael Sterling (4 out of 5 stars)
September 1, 2018

Alright, first of all I wanted to LOVE this tube. But it has some short comings that for the price I thought should have been better.

The handles to open the storage pockets both came undone on my first trip out. Easy fix, but still expected better.

The section that sits over your lap and also holds the tube in the front is Way too short. I felt like it should come closer to the body to be more useful of holding gear and fish. I had multiple fish end up in my lap because it is so short. It also does a horrible job connecting in place. Velcro?! Really?! That came apart with almost every good sized fish I put on it. Should have been a piece that connects to D rings. And it also does not "connect" to the tube solid. So when you pack it out it can fall off easy.

Now as for the way this is designed. I like the seat. But man is it a lot harder to use your fins when you are so high above the water. Lots of splashing unless you lean forward and put effort into it. I cut my cushion in half In the hopes it will set me lower in the water and allow for easier movement without splashing.

Now for what I liked.

The shape is great and it moves very easy. It was a windy day and it did pretty well.

I LOVE the size of the pockets! I can pull my containers out of my pack and put them right in the tube. That was a big reason I bought this tube.

It has a valve to blow it up with a small air pump. But you can unscrew that valve it is completely open. This thing deflates FAST! Great for me as it goes in the trunk of a Kia Optima. Saves a lot of time.

The seat is manageable. I have a jacked up back from a car accident and while my back was starting to bother me after about three hours, it never got that bad and I could lean back and relax when I needed which was nice.

Overall I do like this tube. It's just those little things that while little are also pretty disappointing to me for the money.

Just one guys opinion though. If you get it I hope you love it. And with a little self upgrades, I will love it too.
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I'm taking my Yat for a little cruise...
by cyberfish2 (5 out of 5 stars)
March 8, 2018

OK, maybe four stars is unfair. Maybe I got this for the wrong reasons. i'm almost 79. I'm a lousy bank fisherman. I can't afford a "real" boat anymore. And I definitely need to get more exercise. Oh, and I gave my first and only other belly boat to my son fifteen years ago.

Truth is, I don't have enough horsepower to run this anymore. Maiden voyage yesterday, in light wind, I got blown about a half mile down lake, trout fishing all the way, before I realised I had to paddle ashore, and walk back to get the SUV (This lightweight float tube fits in back of the SUV, fully inflated, just fine). You sit higher, and somewhat drier, in this tube, so the wind has more impact. A small anchor will help future trips. At about 14 pounds, plus flippers, waders and fishing gear, this is versatile, portable "Yat" (my name for it) can truly go anywhere.
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Great Float Tube
by SH (5 out of 5 stars)
September 28, 2016

Great Float Tube!!! Have used it on several trips and it has worked great every time! Seat is good and high, pockets are high and can be used for storing tackle or beers!!
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It allows for better casting. The side pockets are great for lure ...
by puzzled91 (5 out of 5 stars)
March 2, 2018

My husband was thrilled to receive this at Christmas. He's been out half a dozen times already this year with his waders and flippers. He really likes how tall he sits in it. The water doesn't even reach his knees. It allows for better casting. The side pockets are great for lure storage. Just pick up a few small divided cases to keep them contained. He's done so much researching to see what add on's he can do to it. He suggests getting carabiners to help keep items attached. He also ready that ping pong paddles make great oars and are small enough to store in the float tube. I just hope it holds up well in the long run because he truly loves this tube.
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Best float tube out there!!
by Tyler Brooks Lorenz (5 out of 5 stars)
January 31, 2018

This float tube is great! Keeps me out of the water and dry, made very heavy duty material, fills up very fast, lots of storage the pockets are way bigger than I thought they would be!! Just wish it would come with some kind of storage bag but other than that it's great!
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Love to float
by REG (5 out of 5 stars)
August 1, 2019

Got a great deal on this. I do not understand the huge price fluctuation on Amazon. I got a great deal at less than $160 but when i recommended a friend get this tube the price was over $220. But that does not effect my review of this tube. It is very comfortable and you sit very high. You are almost completely out of the water only the seat of my shorts get wet. This gives you a great view into the water and allows boats to see my bright colored shirt better. The front behind the seat has a mesh floor that you can put light item in and is easy to reach behind and retrieve. I have been taking this out twice a week to bass fish and wish a could go more. So much easier to launch and retrieve than my Kayak. As with any tube the ability to bring extra rods is poor but good news is the with the D-rings on the side allow for easy attachment of home made ABS rod holder.
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Great for a big guy to get out on the lake
by Kery Givens (5 out of 5 stars)
August 13, 2019

I love this float tube, being a large mammal finding one with a 300+ weight capacity was critical and this does the trick perfectly. It's easy to setup and happens to fit inflated perfectly in the rear of my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee so I don't have to keep inflating/deflating it each use. I have had it out on drive up lakes and carried it on my back for 2 miles to some backcountry lakes and it's manageable to carry. It has proven to be very stable in the wind and moderate chop, the bow design makes kicking against the wind easier than my old round tube. It is super easy to get into and out of, the sit sits high and it's comfortable. The only real difference is that sitting higher takes more om legs out of the water so kicking splashes a bit and that makes more noise. I haven't witnessed spooking any fish, but I suspect that I am. This is not a negative as I would trade the seating comfort to address it, it's just a side note. If it will hold up to backpacking across the Alaska wilderness to remote lake, it will surely do fantastically on your home waters.

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