Rasta Imposta Gingham Basket, Red, One Size

Brand: Rasta Imposta
Manufacturer: Rasta Imposta - Child Vendor Code
Model: 5998
EAN: 0799456521916
Category: Apparel (Accessories)
List Price: $16.90
Price: $11.29  (127 customer reviews)
You Save: $5.61 (33%)
Dimension: 7.00 x 12.00 x 10.00 inches
Shipping Wt: 5.00 pounds
Availability: In Stock.
Average Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Tie Dye Bear Jumpsuit 6-12 MOs: Jumpsuit With Snap-Close Inseam, Attached Elastic-Strap Mittens, And Snap On Hood. Infant Large (12-24Mo). [Read more]


  • This Accessory Will Help Complete Your Costume Idea Purse
  • Top Quality Children's Item
  • High Quality
  • Proprietary design
  • Exceptional performance

Top Reviews

Perfect accessory to my costume- lightweight plus the top zips shut so secure enough to use as a pur
by Kar (5 out of 5 stars)
December 3, 2018

Great accessory for my costume- I went as Dorothy for Halloween. But it would go with many other characters! I just got a beanie baby sized Toto looking stuffed animal and zipped it in so he was half out of the basket.

That worked a lot better for me than the ones that come with the dog because this basket HAS A ZIPPER! so it is secure enough to use as a purse and not just a prop. I had plenty of room for essentials for the night even with a stuffed Toto hanging out of it and felt perfectly comfortable that I wouldn't lose anything even with it only zipped to hold Toto in. After 4 Halloween parties it's still in great condition and I will definitely be able to use it for other costumes next year.
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Super cute!
by S. (5 out of 5 stars)
November 1, 2015

I got so many complements on this--from both women and men! When it first arrived, I was a bit upset at my purchase, thinking it was smaller than I'd thought it'd be. However, I quickly changed my mind and was excited with my purchase, as I had no idea this was a purse! It is zippered at the top, and I was able to carry all my needed items the entire evening, without needing a purse to clash with my costume.
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basket is hot glued together and arrived damaged
by GoodNoodle (2 out of 5 stars)
October 7, 2013

Not the greatest purchase I've ever made on Amazon. This was for my 6 year olds Little Red Riding hood costume and I will likely be returning it shortly.

The pros: It has a zipper so it can be a purse/small carrybag. Nice feature. It's also quite small, which means a very small child could easily use this as an accessory without tiring.

The cons: Small, but serviceable... depending on your needs for it its size could be a con. If you're looking for something to stick some makeup, phone, money etc...plenty of room to spare for anything you'd need. If you're looking to put a few apples or a small stuffed animal in it, it's not going to work. Biggest issue is quality. Mine arrived with a large strip of wood hanging off where it was hot glued on. Is it easily repaired? Sure. But I'm thinking I would rather just send it back and scour a local thrift shop and find something comparable for under $1.
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Small but cute and practical!
by Wendy (5 out of 5 stars)
November 26, 2015

When I purchased this, I hadn't realized that it was a relatively tiny purse (I realized the product dimensions posted were wrong, but I expected it to be more than just a few inches wide). The top of the basket is a zipper that opens up so you can store items in there. It was able to fit my wallet and keys, and a few more small items if I crammed it in there (making it more difficult to get items out), but not that much else. However, it worked. Plus, it went perfectly with the little red riding hood costume. I see other reviews are complaining about the quality. I thought it was well made and it definitely held up during the Halloween party.
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by Stinger (2 out of 5 stars)
November 11, 2018

I purchased this to be an accessory to my red riding hood halloween costume. Sure, it served it's purpose and the zipper "purse" feature was nice, but at the end of the day this was NOT worth the $18 price tag. My iPhone 8 Plus did not fit in the basket so it rendered worthless as a purse replacement like others referenced. I would recommend going with a cheaper alternative unless you are fine with the price.
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by ProudMom (5 out of 5 stars)
October 24, 2013

This product is perfect for my two year old daughters Halloween costume. She is going as Little Red Riding Hood this year and her big sister is the Big Bad Wolf. I love this product because it matches her costume perfectly and the zipper on top will keep any candy from spilling out when she might drop her basket or fall down. Being a two year old she is still pretty clumsy. The basket is pretty small so I will have to carry a bag and dump it out occasionally while trick or treating, but I wouldn't want it to be too heavy anyway. I think this will work perfectly and have already had compliments on it. Thanks for such a great product.
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Not bad
by Mincey (4 out of 5 stars)
March 12, 2016

This is a bit small but worked fine for me as I used it for a college Halloween party. Was big enough to hold my phone and a few other things and it looked good so worked out just fine. I do have to say that it could have been made better, but it held up for me as I only needed it for one night.
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small but works
by Brooke (4 out of 5 stars)
September 17, 2019

I bought this having read all the reviews so I was expecting it to be small. It is small but will totally do the job come halloween. Only gave it 4 stars because honestly it's a little hard to reach your hand into to get anything. Still- I could not find other option for the red riding hood costume anywhere online that had a zipper so I could go out using it as a purse without worrying about theft as much. Very cute!
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by Ana (5 out of 5 stars)
November 22, 2019

Such a cute little basket. It has a zipper on top so you can hold stuff in it. Not too much stuff since it's small, maybe keys & a wallet. The quality is good so it'll hold up for multiple uses. Great find!
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Red riding hood
by Islandd (4 out of 5 stars)
January 22, 2019

I bought this for my daughters red riding hood costume. It's small and cute. The cloth covers the top and has a zip on top, it will fit s small plush dog( in case you wanted it for Dorothy wizard of oz costume). It is not a picnic basket but a decorative piece.

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