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Product Description

It's pretty simple: your valuables; your safe; your fingerprint. BARSKA's biometric guardian of cash, firearms, last wills and testaments, and treasures you stole from Smaug allows keyless access only to those with the... [Read more]


  • Secure Storage: Our DOJ approved safe comes with a 120 fingerprint biometric module that is easy to program.
  • The Optional Silent Mode: Safe features a silent mode that enables stealthy home defense.
  • Solid Construction: This safe is built with durable steel, tamper-resistant edges, and 2 built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts.
  • Mounting: Pre-drilled holes and hardware allow the safe to anchor in practically any place.
  • Mortorized Deadbolts: Safe comes with 2 solid steal motorized Deadbolts

Top Reviews

Compared Barska AX11224 with Viking VS-35BLX and Viking came out 5 Star
by Woody Hertzog (1 out of 5 stars)
March 28, 2018

Not very impressed with the quality and workmanship, lack of some features on the Barska AX11224 biometric fingerprint scanner safe. I spent hours and hours researching before I purchased a gun so that it was safe from the kids. I felt that Viking and Barska, were the two best biometric security safes on the market so I decided to purchase the Barska AX11224 but also the Viking VS-35BLX Biometric fingerprint safe and compare the two.

Besides this review for Amazon, I also did a comparison video to review each one together. I attached it to this review.

Amazon shipped the products promptly and were well packaged. However, the Barska never arrived even though it said delivered. Amazon was very nice and shipped a new one even though I didn't report it in the timeline required. Amazon gets an A++ for customer service!

The Viking came out ahead in all aspects. Viking had much better quality metal and accessories. The Viking was super quick to set up fingerprints! And pin code set up just as easy! For fingerprint, just press red button under battery compartment briefly and do front, top, bottom, each side of a finger. When I say top and bottom - just have your finger higher in the fingerprint reader and then lower. So that anytime - even in emergencies you go to access, if you don't have your finger perfect on the scanner, it will still read it accurately. I had several other people test it and they could not open it.

The Barska has thinner metal, and some screws in the face plate covering the keyhole were drilled in crooked. I returned it because of this problem with workmanship. The controls were cumbersome. Also the Viking has a nice interior light when you open the door and carpet all the way around the safe. The Barska had no light and they threw in a small piece of cloth or carpet and wasn't even adhered down. It just slid around inside. When I went pull a box out, or my gun the carpet slid out with it. They could have at least used adhesive.

The final report is the Viking was a better safe, thicker metal, better quality, had a light, fully carpeted on all sides with adhesive. The set up and controls of Viking were superior. I would go with the Viking - and did! I have returned the Barska as defective since the screws were crooked in the front (probably a result of thinner and cheaper metal).

Finally, I saw such a difference in quality, I did a youtube comparison review of the Barska AX11224 and the other unit, Viking VS-35BLX, so that you can get some tips on how they compare, battery installation, set up, overall use. This is my first youtube video reviewing something so I did my best. My 11 year old Daughter gets credit for filming!
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The safe did its job...
by Steven La (5 out of 5 stars)
July 17, 2015

My house was recently burglarized and unfortunately many valuables were stolen. However, the one thing that they could not get access to was a 9mm handgun that I had stored in this safe. I am happy to say that the safe did its job and protected my firearm from being stolen. Even after being damaged, and with all the time that I had I couldn't pry it open myself and needed to call a safe smith to open it. Bolting it down to my desk also proved to be strong against them trying to take the safe.
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Kid Opened Safe
by Michelle (1 out of 5 stars)
June 19, 2018

Bought the item and set it up with fore finger recognition on each hand for my wife and I. Opened the safe pretty frequently as I stored and retrieved items almost daily. Was extremely happy until my son (8) informed me that he opened the safe. I store a firearm in the safe. After investigating I realized that any fingerprint opens the safe. I'm not sure the technology has been properly vetted at this point with Barska and would recommend anyone who purchased the safe to do negative testing and not just positive testing to be 100% sure the safe is...well safe.
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(as in a wall or inside some sort large wooden furniture like I have)
by noneyerbussiness (4 out of 5 stars)
March 20, 2016

For the price, totally worth it. Assuming you use it correctly.

In the right condition for a crook, left out in the open, not bolted down, this would be nothing more then a shopping cart to get YOUR belongings to THEY'RE car. It would not take very much for someone to break through the walls of this safe if they had even the most basic tools...(a hammer, fire poker...even a screwdriver really...if they had the time).

But If this was bolted down in a place where piercing it was not an option...(as in a wall or inside some sort large wooden furniture like I have), they are not going to get through the door. The door is solid. And the finger print reader works flawlessly assuming you take many different angles of your finger.,

The beep when opening the door is annoying, but easily turned off, and when opening the safe without the beep, it is very quite, but not silent at all. in a small, quiet, apartment, you would hear it for sure. But in any kind of ambient noise, you would definitely not hear it.

It takes approximately 2 seconds to have the door open and reaching for my items ( I store my gun in this safe next to my bed ). Honestly, to me, it feels too long when it comes to waking up to an uninvited guest in your apartment. But in all reality, for the price, the reliability and functionality of this safe is fantastic. I am very happy.

The one thing I am not impressed with is how the screws holding on the nameplate, that hides the backup keyhole. when placing the hex wrench in the hole, it is nearly impossible to get it to set properly, and so if you had to unscrew that plat a lot for some would totally strip the screw. And this is a pretty miner issue as you could easily get replacements, but it did stand out to me. The key itself works flawlessly, and no one will pick the lock. The key is like the ones that vending machines take.
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poor quality control
by Bullphourg (1 out of 5 stars)
October 1, 2015

I change my rating and review if Barska puts things right. I received my product with the wrong key. I called them. They are sending me new keys. I had to fill out a form which says I have to pay $25 for a new key. My safe was only delivered 6 hours before which made me so upset because It's a brand new safe. I was tempted just to return it. I spoke with them about this and they said I did not have to pay the $25. A day later I get an email that says it will take 2-3 weeks for me to get my keys. Really ticks me off that I won't have 30 days to evaluate whether the safe will work for me. I may end up with 7-14 days to evaluate if the product is fit. I'll definitely be returning and go with another company if we are anywhere close to that when I get my keys.

I ended up getting another one from amazon. Opened it up an noticed it was all scratched up inside. I don't care a ton about that but it says something about how much care that put into building these. It eats batteries. I have amazon basic rechargeable 2000 mah batteries in it. The safe started to complain about low batteries after two weeks. They were freshly charge when I put them in. Rechargeable batteries do not last nearly as long as non rechargeable ones. It seems like it would probably last only a few months with non rechargeable batteries.
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Great safe for the money!
by Mcgee (4 out of 5 stars)
April 18, 2019

I have had this safe for about 5 years. When I first received it I didn't use the batteries that came with it but put in a couple of Duracell batteries, I haven't changes them since. I open this safe 2 to 3 times per day. After about 18 month it stoped reading my fingerprints. I called Barska & the recommenced that I reset the safe & reprogram it. I have Not had a problem since.. This is not a 'quick opening safe' & it was not advertised as such. If you are looking for a quick opening safe you will need to purchase a safe designed for that & pay the extra. Incidentally, it would not recognize may wife's finger prints, they are to slight. She was finger printed by the local Sheriff for a background check & their machine could not read them either. She had to go with the ink. Incidentally in is attached to a concrete floor with (3) 2 inch TapCons. Great safe!
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Lousy Customer Service
by DoulaJules (1 out of 5 stars)
December 30, 2015

This was a Christmas gift for my husband. The instructions said that the safe was already preset to accept any fingerprint. All you had to do was put your finger on the pad and the door would open. Ummm, no. I called and had to leave a message requesting help. They were closed until Monday. I called again Monday and left a message again. Finally, my husband called and spoke to customer service on Tuesday. He spent almost an hour on the phone while they tried to figure out which model he had. Guess where the model number was? Yep, in the safe that we couldn't open. Finally he got the thing open but said it was a very frustrating experience.

Today, I received a response to the email I sent Monday. It said to check the packaging for a key. That was it. (There was no key...)

If you purchase this safe, be prepared to deal with a crappy customer service experience. The safe appears to be well made and seems to be working now but if there are problems down the road, I'm not looking forward to dealing with the reps.
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Bad Quality Control and Such...
by BrandonSanFran (2 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2018

Let me first help save you some time, their is a cap on the "Initialization Button" that you have to take off before you press and hold it to start the fingerprint scan. The instructions does not mention it. The button is hidden inside the door so you don't really know there is a cap you have to take off first so you keep on pressing and nothing happens. That's really just the start of the frustrations.

The photo that I took shows a screw that is not fully screwed in at the back of the door and I can't screw it in all the way like it's supposed to ( there is another screw below it so I know it's supposed to screw all the way in to the door hinge). The problem is the back of the door cover is hitting it so there is no way to easily screw it all the way in and there's no easy way to take off the back door cover. The screw should have been put on first before the door cover or not be misaligned to begin with. It's just poorly made, I just got it and really don't want to carry that thing back to mail it back because it's rather troublesome to pack back and it's darn heavy. So, I'll keep it until I find out something worse happens and it becomes unreliable.
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Poor finger recognition & training
by PJordan (1 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2016

A good safe but training the sensor for fingerprints is ridiculously difficult. It took me about 50 tries just to get a single finger registered. Other fingers simply would not register. I tried cleaning the sensor, holding still, positioning my finger in all kinds of ways on the sensor and nothing seemed to help. After successfully registering a finger it takes about 20 to 30 times for it to read it successfully and open the safe. I even tried registering the same finger multiple times in order to improve accuracy. Nothing worked. I wouldn't trust this as a gun safe because of the high failure rate reading a fingerprint.

Edit: I've had this for months now and the fact that it constantly fails to read or record my fingerprints has led to a lot of frustration. Just not worth it in my opinion. Downgrade product to 1 Star.
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Does Exactly as Advertised
by ngpuck (5 out of 5 stars)
June 20, 2013

Works fantastic! I am a new gun owner and having a gun laying around my house with a 4 year old was not an ideal situation for me. I never wanted to leave it loaded in fear that an accident would happen, even involving my wife knocking it off the shelf or something. I wanted a Biometric safe so if someone broke in I wasn't fumbling around for a key, or trying to remember some pass code or anything like that, I wanted to grab the gun and defend my home.

I searched and researched all kinds of biometric safes, different prices and reviews. It was probably one of the most researched items that I've ever purchased, and rightfully so, buying the wrong product could cost the life of your family.

I was hesitant about buying this safe due to the negative reviews of it not opening everytime, but found that was common among most biometric safes and figured out a way to have the manual key located close by. Once I received the safe I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and functionality of the safe. I have programmed my wifes fingers and my fingers into the safe several times. I have it mounted in my bedroom closet, so everytime I'm in there getting ready I checked it to see if it would read my finger. I did that everyday for about a month, everytime it opened flawlessly. I did some personal research of why this product might fail on other people who have purchased it and have came up with something that might help everyone.

This safe is very sensitive to the positioning of your finger on the scanner. If you are locating your finger up to the first knuckle and that is where you save your finger print, you must put your finger in the exact location (meaning up to the first knuckle). So if you don't put your finger all the way in to the first knuckle, or you put it too far in past the first knuckle, the safe will not open. That is why I did the index and "birdie" finger on both hands, in 3 locations on the scanner. Just the tip of the finger before the first knuckle, with the first knuckle against the edge of the scanner, and as far in as my finger would go inside the scanner. That way, when I need it, I don't have to think of how far my finger was in the scanner and I won't get an error reading. Also I made sure that I did my fingers at a slight angle incase I reach in and my finger is turned a little bit. Do every angle as much as possible as if you are in a hurry and under duress. If you do this then this safe will work flawlessly.

I also took out one of the screws from the Barska plate for the manual unlock key so that if something does happen, I can simply flip it open and grab the hidden key and I don't have to worry about unscrewing one of the screws. But that may be me just being extra careful.

I now feel completely safe and comfortable with my gun being loaded and ready to go.

As for the neigh sayers that say the safe is too thin and someone could cut it open with at sawzall. That is true, but if you have someone (your child or a burglar) trying to cut into your safe, there are bigger issues that need to be addressed. Whether you have a safe or not, your child should know not to mess with your gun or the safe, the best gun owners need to educate their child/teen about gun safety. This way they don't have to worry about a teen cutting the safe open. And if a teen is cutting the safe open to use the gun, then instead of locking the gun up safer, it may be time to look into getting your teen some help.

Over all a great gun safe, at a terrific price and functions as advertised. Highly recommend!

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