LEGO Death Star

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Product Description

Terrorize the good citizens of LEGO Town with the full brunt of the Empire by commissioning the construction of the LEGO Death Star. Once built, this ... [Read more]

Top Reviews

Impressive Set that Builds more than a Lego Set
by Kelly (5 out of 5 stars)
January 17, 2015

For three years, my son has been asking for this Lego Set. My thought always was that it was way to expensive but I finally broke down this year after watching the price increase over the years. On Christmas morning, my son opened all of his presents and kept looking at the last box that was under the tree. It wasn't big enough to be the Death Star that he wanted but I wouldn't let him open it as "it was for later".

We started getting ready for our day and I told him now he could open the last gift under the tree. He opened it up and it was a Lego sorting box. He was thankful, but when I told him, "I thought you're going to need it for this." and I brought the BIG box out of the other room. He was speechless! One of those priceless moments!

Now that he has it open, it is a VERY impressive Lego set with 24 "little men" as they're called in our house. There are not just bags of Legos but boxes of Legos at it is such a large set with over 3,800 pieces. The directions are in a spiral bound book, which could make the task of putting the set together look daunting, but he's loving it. I'm loving that here it is mid-January and he's still putting it together.

It was well worth the price, not only to see a happy and grateful child, but because this Lego set has taken more than a couple of days to build. On top of that, it's only gone up in price over the years, so one could consider it an investment. The best part of it all, this set builds so much more than an Impressive Lego Set. It also builds patience, care and problem solving. Now that's a priceless gift!
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The Ultimate Power in the Universe
by Jason Wendling (5 out of 5 stars)
December 17, 2012

Rather than rehash how awesome the model is. Let me give you a few ideas and notes from my TWO experiences building the Death Star. Yup, I built one that didn't survive a home move - so, I've just rebuilt it.

The Build

Build it with a kid - hopefully your own. My 5-year-old and I built the second one. With guidance, he's able to actually be helpful. And, he asks a lot of questions about what parts are and why they are important. I love telling the stories as we build and watching a few clips.

The Presentation

A model like this deserves a great presentation. My first build was done inside a BiOrb (aquarium) and it was a challenge, but turned out really cool. The second build was displayed inside a terrarium from Exo-terra. The terrarium worked out much better. It has doors for easy access and interaction, and has space for the most important thing... A display turntable. Get one that can support about 7-10kg and has an AC adapter.


If you have a little extra space in your display, the current christmas ornament mini models are a great scale and include a minifigure too! They can easily be suspended using fishing line. If you want a little ground display, I really like the Jabba's Palace and Desert Skiff remake. They don't quite fit in with the Death Star scenes, but they do compliment them to capture the best scenes of the trilogy.


Sorry, you're gonna have to shell out more cash to really make the most of your model. Get these: 4-6 more Stormtroopers, more imperial officers, an extra Luke and Han in ST disguise, an extra Leia and Darth Vader, and a few others that you like. I added about a dozen more. Be careful that you get minis that match the style of 10188.


Don't let your pride and joy fade. Keep it out of direct sunlight. If you go the terrarium route, you'll get some UV protection from the glass.

Enjoy! (I'll post pictures as soon as I can)
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Fantastic in all respects
by D. Patton (5 out of 5 stars)
April 21, 2013

My 6 yr old saved an entire yr to buy this, and in his words worth every penny. The un boxing itself is special. He was floored at the number of boxes (4) and the ringed 270 page manual. From step 1 onwards it was a great father/son experience. Broken down in stages, and amazingly al 3,800+ pieces were there, plus about 50 extras.

Technically very difficult and while it was easy for me, my 6 yr old did struggle in parts, but overall was able to do about 60% of the set by himself. I would find the pieces and he would assemble. Fantastic durability once built, and play value is best I have seen in his considerably large collection. A must have set and worth every penny. Much better value vs most sets. My son loves it! Took about 14 hrs of build time. TIP: once opened all bags for a stage, separate all pieces by color. It will dominate your dining room table until completed, so be prepared!
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Expensive LEGO set; Almost a Must Have for Ultimate Star Wars Fans
by sci teacher (5 out of 5 stars)
November 14, 2013

This set is very expensive. That would be the major detractor. Another downside practically speaking would be the fact that it's rather large. The size contributes to the awesome factor but at the same time, it consumes space for quite a while. It takes some time to build and then you've worked so hard you don't want to take it down again.

I love the amount of minifigures included. You get all the classic characters, even a few versions of the important ones. The trash compactor is just all right, but most of the other moving parts have the impressive marks of Lego ingenuity.

I also love that it takes a long time to build. That helps a little in terms of coming to grips with the fact that you just dropped $400 on a big toy.

The fact that it's 90% gray can get a little tedious. The thing took me about 12 hrs to build. Definitely not doable for me in a day. With 2-3 people you could probably be done in a few hrs though. Then the limiting factor would be the directions. There are two instruction books, if I remember correctly. I guess just because there were so many instructions to give.

If you love Star Wars and Legos and can afford this monstrosity, definitely go for it. You'll have hours of fun (I mean your kids will be entertained for a very long time).
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You won't regret buying this one. Awesome and full of detail.
by Caroline Emily (5 out of 5 stars)
February 24, 2013

All I can say is, if you're any sort of Star Wars/ Lego fan, and you're sitting on the fence about buying this, don't wait. The biggest complaint I hear about Legos in general, seems to be the price tag, but this set is so worth it. You won't be disappointed.

The detail in the set is amazing. I've been a Star Wars fan for 35 years, and playing with and collecting the toys for just as long, and I don't think I've ever seen any toy with this amount of scope and action features, and of course the shear number of mini-figs that come along with this. Seriously, if there was anything that was seen in the Star Wars movies, they somehow managed to cram it all into one very spiffy looking, albeit huge, toy. For example, there's a little blue box on wheels that you assemble with the mini-figs. At first I thought it was another droid, but it opens up to reveal a little gun like thing and some computer equipment. It took me a while to figure out it was supposed to be the blue box the imperials were bringing aboard the Millennium Falcon to scan for life forms. If they include that one little prop, you can imagine how much else they threw in.

Everything looks exactly like it does in the movies. The Emperor's throne room is especially cool looking and spacious. The placement of some of the rooms is a bit strange however, like the room where Luke and Leia swing across the broken bridge leads directly to the tractor beam room which in turn leads to no other room. Still, again, they included so much stuff, only a die-hard fan would notice.

A few, very minor complaints, which should in no way take away from my overall rating. These are just tiny things.

One. The big round laser cannon/ crater thing was a bit of a pain to put together. At one point, one of the hinge pieces unsnapped, and after that, I was unable to hinge the joint together again. I ended up having to glue it in place, which I consider ruining the model, but it looks good when together.

Also, I find the Lego peoples choice for some of the mini-figs to be a bit odd. They could have included an imperial officer or two. The Death Star has a meeting room with seven chairs, but no officers to have a meeting with. Also too many unnecessary droids that weren't in the movies. There's a black R2-D2 and C-3PO, but the silver Death Star droid, that was featured in the old Kenner line of toys is no where to be seen, and would have made a much more logical choice. Again, these are just minor grievances from a long time SW fan. The casual collector will probably never notice.

In conclusion a very awesome model though it might take some time to build. Maybe not for the very young, but I've read several reviews of kids putting it together by themselves, and have nothing but respect for that. I'm 40 years old and it took me little over a week to put together, working on it a little bit each day, so hats off to anyone who's up to the challenge. It was such a joy to put together.
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AMAZING! Filled with endless surprises.
by MrChamberlain (5 out of 5 stars)
December 7, 2012

First understand this is one of the single largest Lego sets actually. I think it ranks 4th or 5th in terms of pieces. The instruction booklet that comes with it measures about 13 X 18 and is about as thick as a lengthy graphic novel.

It comes with 24 minifigures and several versions of your favorites, which allows you to reenact the most iconic scenes in any one of the numerous backdrops on board the Death Star. And there are many.

The entire set has more features than I can name readily including but not limited to two working elevators, functional doors, and rotating turrets. Plus believe me, many, many more!

And there are tons of little surprises like hidden storage for weapons. It seems I discover something new each time and I built


They even manage to maintain some minor level of screen accuracy (to reason of course). Many recall the scene from Star Wars (Ep. IV 1977) where Luke, Chewy and Han spring Leia from her prison cell aboard the Death Star then flee into the garbage chute, only to face the Dianoga and imminently collapsing walls of the compactor. You can recreate this scene exactly. And I recently discovered you can even throw the minifigures into the garbage chute and they will land in the garbage compactor. There is also a lever that then allows you to collapse the walls. There are even little bits of garbage and the dreaded Dianoga included.

It is expensive but worth every penny whether you are a LEGO fan or Star Wars devotee. Be prepared to set aside a few days maybe two if you are good.
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Wow, just wow... Most Impressive...
by Tech Deals (5 out of 5 stars)
October 10, 2011

This set is one of the largest, most detailed, most playable that Lego has ever made.

First, is it expensive? Yes, it really is. However, you get nearly 4,000 Lego bricks, including the best mini-fig collection ever. Over 100 parts just in mini-figs, to the best of my knowledge that has never been done before.

You also get a set that allows you to replay every scene from the movies that was on the Death Star. Fun to build, fun to play with, great for both kids and adults.

Much better than the display models, like 10221 Super Star Destroyer, which is nice and all, but it is just a display, it doesn't really do anything. This set, well, talk about play options!

As for what is in the box:

First, the bags of Lego ARE numbered, so you don't have to open them all at once, it is a very straight forward build that even a 10 year old could do just fine because of the numbered bags. The bags are placed inside white boxes, numbered 1 to 4, open them in order of course.

The manual is very nice, spiral bound, heavy duty printing, it is very high quality, looks like a $20 book all to itself. Very large and heavy, it shows the quality of the item from the first minute you pick it up.

The Lego bricks are of course perfect as always, very nicely done. You get lots of different elements including bricks, flats, plates, and various colors too, however there is by design a lot of gray in the floor plates.

There is some repetition in the build in the framework, however since you build it from the ground up and since the 4 "sides" are not completely the same, there is almost no 2x and 4x builds, there is just enough different to keep it interesting.

If you're a Lego fan, young or old, buy this set, it is worth every penny!!!

Note: for future reference, yes this set was $399 when it was sold by Lego, however as happens with all sets that Lego discontinues, the price will go up over time. At the time I'm typing this, 10/10/2011, Lego still sells this on their web site, but it is out of stock here at Amazon and most other web sites like TRU. Buy it before it ends up like 10179 Millennium Falcon did at almost $2,000.
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Massive product
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
February 18, 2016

WOW. This box was so big and heavy, my son thought he was getting a T.V. for Christmas. (He actually was happier it was this Lego set!) Lego has great quality and this is no exception. Directions came in a spiral bound book and were easy for my 9 year old to follow. He worked on it non stop for almost a week. Now he uses it much like a girl with a doll house! It is sturdy enough to move around and "play" with, but I wouldn't recommend that for young children unless you want to loose pieces.
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An amazing project and lots of fun
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
September 19, 2011

If you're kids are Star Wars fans (or their dad is a Star Wars nerd) you will enjoy the time spent on this unbelievable set, just make sure you allow for a lot of it. LEGO put a huge amount of detail into the Death Star and it is very well made. The set is very durable. The kids play on it all the time and I've had very few pieces fall off that couldn't easily be repaired. It is now the centerpiece of my kids play area (and all the kids in the neighborhood think it's "so cool").

One word of advice; I had read several other reviews and the most common negative thing was that the big laser canon (green cone shaped one)is rather flimsy and falls apart. After I saw it for myself and put it together once I decided to pull it all apart and crazy glue the pieces that make up the satellite dish (the part the green pieces attach to). This has made all the difference in the world. The kids haven't broken the laser once.

If you have kids who enjoy Lego this is the ultimate gift. Additionally, my boys and I built it together and it gave us a lot of time to spend together during assembly.
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get it even with it being pricey
by Chris M. Wollesen (5 out of 5 stars)
September 11, 2016

The whole family went in together on this for my grandsons Christmas present. it took him a full week to put it together and now it sits on a shelf. It's one of his most prized possessions. Lego keeps coming out with amazing projects for kids of all ages and even adults. This one is no different, amazing scenes within the model tell the story. It's a lot of work but looks great and since lego discontinues models they actually hold their value well. If you can find one get it and spend some quality time playing like a kid again.

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