Digital Door Peephole

Brand: Brinno
Model: PHV132512
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Dimension: 3.54 x 1.18 x 5.75 inches
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Product Description

The Brinno Digital PeepHole Viewer uses an LCD panel to display who is at your door without alerting them to your presence. The PeepHole Viewer turns a hard to see peep hole image into a big bright image. Simply push the button to see a large image of the person outside your door. The image is easy to see for people of any height and is similar to that on the display of a digital camera. The viewer compensates for low-light images and eliminates "fish eye" distortion. A second press of the button provides a zoomed image, which enlarges the center of the image for viewing facial details. Repeated presses toggle between regular and zoom modes. Turns off automatically after 10 seconds to conserve battery life. When the batteries are low, the red Low Battery Light flashes. Replaces existing peep hole in doors 1-3/8" to 2-1/4" thick. Quick, easy installation. Requires 2 AA batteries (included).


  • Uses an LCD panel to display who is at your door without alerting them to your presence
  • Simple one-button operation
  • Toggles between regular and zoom mode with a push of the button
  • Compensates for low-light images and eliminates "fish eye" distortion
  • Quick, easy installation

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Top Reviews

Very nice!
by Daniel Garcia (4 out of 5 stars)
February 25, 2013

We live in an apartment and the gates are always broke so there are lots of solicitors that come in and they are very persistent if they see you looking through your peephole. The one we had was pretty cloudy anyway so I decided to look into electronic peephole views and decided on this one. The reviews seemed mixed on the screen quality and lighting issues, but we are super happy with our results. Image quality is not the best compared to your standard digital camera or cell phone, but it isn't terrible either. You can easily make out details and the lighting issues aren't a problem for us. I don't get any silhouetting or shadows or anything. There is a slight fishbowl effect and shadowing in the corners, but it might be because our peephole has a door knocker that has to go through first that's a bout a quarter of an inch wide, so that might distort it some. It doesn't effect the main viewing area any though so it's not a huge issue. Installation was so easy. You get a small tool that you can use to unscrew the existing peephole and then you use it to tighten the new one. Everything is labeled clearly and the instructions are easy to read. Their website has a installation video as well that is super helpful. It took me all of 5 minutes from unboxing to final installation. I'd very much recommend this as a electronic peephole solution. I've included some photos I took in the product image section of different lighting conditions.
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As with the rest, it's useless
by Novsix (1 out of 5 stars)
October 20, 2012

I love the concept and would really want this darn thing to work. The dark images or silhouettes of visitors is really a turn off. I cannot find a decent "fill light" to illuminate the face of visitors. The only LED lights I can find won't work during the day time. This thing sort of works at night when the porch light comes on. The images are still very poor. I really don't understand that with the technology the way it is, that someone would market something that for all purposes DOES NOT WORK as advertised. My wife wants to keep it just to see that there is a "body" at the door, I want to return it. If you are looking for an image that looks like the one in their ad or on the box this is NOT the unit you want. I don't think one is even manufactured that will work properly. Someone is missing a bet, as I would buy a decent one in a heartbeat! Love the concept, hate this unit. Oh, and go ahead and try to email the company, you will be ignored. If anyone solved the dark image problem, I would certainly like to know how you did it!

Since I wrote this I have been contacted by a representative of Brinno and they are working with me to solve the issue. I, thus have moved the rating to 3 stars. I will let you know if we figure something out that works. Brinno is, suddenly, willing to please?

The end of the story: Brinno sent me the upgraded version of their viewer (the one with the camera in it) as it has more adjustments. Same result, the sun just blinds the thing. They had no further recommendations and were sincerely sorry the thing did not work. I was too, as this is something that I really wanted to work. The Brinno people made me happy with a refund as I had missed the Amazon window to return the original one and I returned all the viewers to them along with the fill light that did not work out either. So that's it, I am back peeking through a tiny hole in the door.
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This is essentially a great digital viewfinder that attaches to a peephole(metal frame, new peephole
by Ben (5 out of 5 stars)
June 8, 2015

I don't have any handyman skills, so I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of how hard it would be to install it, and almost didn't purchase this due to the reviews about this not working well if there's a lot of light behind the person in front of your door.

The peephole that comes with this viewer is smaller than my old one, but thanks to the metal frame that the viewer attaches to, it ended up fitting nicely enough, and despite my lack of handyman skills, I was also able to install this in 5 minutes(with no hassle/frustration).

The image quality doesn't quite have the level of detail displayed in the main image for this product(I'm guessing due to the camera looking through an actual peephole ;-p ), but it does seem quite a bit better than the typical peephole(while still giving the appearance of a traditional/inexpensive one on the outside), and it stops the UV rays from coming in(have you ever noticed how hot peepholes can get?) so it's a million times better than I expected
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LOVE it! Very happy with this purchase
by jadegal (5 out of 5 stars)
February 24, 2014

I've been wanting to get one of these digital peepholes for the longest time, as I'm so tired of guessing who's at the door. However, given so many brands out there and not many reviews on most of them, I was confused on which to get. Then I saw some good YouTube videos on the brinno brand one, and it looks easy to install, so I thought I'd give this a try.

Installation is indeed so easy, took like maybe five minutes including taking the old peephole out. My front porch has an overhang, so I don't get the silhouette effect that some reviewers mentioned. There are actually two modes, one showing a wider angle and one closer up.

Overall, I'm very excited and happy about this item. Since I just got it today, can't comment on battery life, but will update should things function otherwise.

Highly recommend, well worth the higher price as long as I don't have to drill the hole bigger or do some other funky stuff to my door to get things to work like some other brands call for.
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Peephole viewer is nice; not great
by rjbcal (3 out of 5 stars)
October 11, 2012

I received the Electronic PeepHole Viewer a month or two ago and installed it myself through an exterior steel door. The reason I got the peephole viewer, laugh if you will, was because I saw a horror movie where someone heard a knock at their door and peered into the peephole to see who it was...[scary music] they looked through the peephole putting their face next to the door and their eye almost touching the glass, a sharp ice-pick smashes through the peephole and right smack dab into their eye. The person reels backwards, collapses onto the floor, leaving their eye skewered on the icepick. Yikes!

Not only does the Electronic PeepHole Viewer prevent the above from happening to you, it also lets you see what's outside your door on a big, bright, one-way LED screen. By now, you should already have seen pictures of the unit so I won't describe it any further. I will say that it performs as intended, however... it would be nice if there was a brightness control so that you could compensate somewhat for dimly-lit areas. I would gladly trade the "zoom" feature, which lets you zoom from normal to extra-close, for a brightness control. But why stop there: I also wish that it could be remote controlled so I don't have to walk all the way to the door only to find out it's someone I've been trying to avoid for years (I love you too, Mom!). But why not go the final step and add wireless Internet. Done. No, wait... Put a microphone on it. Okay. Done now. Sorry, one last thing: keep the price the same. Now THAT would be a *great* item. As it is, the Electronic PeepHole viewer works well; the price is right; and I recommend it.

The Brinno PHV132512 Electronic PeepHole Viewer installs easily,
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Great product!
by joanna (5 out of 5 stars)
November 21, 2015

I love this thing! I live in an apartment and, although I'm fairly tall (5'8"), I still had to get on tip-toe to see through the peephole in my door. This gadget is so great; all you do is push a button and you can see who's outside by looking at the screen -- so now even my mother (just over 5' tall) can finally see who's outside before opening the door. It's also handy when there's a disturbance of any sort in the hallway; I can see through this whether it's happening right outside my door or not without the participants realizing they're being watched, which makes me feel safer.
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Brinno Electronic peephole viewer
by Richard P. Muraski (4 out of 5 stars)
December 9, 2011

In the apartment complex where I live, the optical peephole viewer in the front door had poor viewing angles, was blurred due to fogging inside, so when I saw the Brinno listed on Amazon, I thought this would be the perfect solution. First, the installation was painless and took less than 15 minutes. Since I rent, I did not want to deal with modifying the door and the issues involved, but the optical tube portion of the Brinno is standard and fit like a glove. It has a wider, more fisheye like view, so you can see more side to side. The Brinno backplate mounts to the inner portion of the tube and the camera snaps over that, making battery changes easy. The first press of the power button gives you the wide-angle view, a second press, magnifies the center image. The unit shuts off after 3 seconds to save the batteries (standard AAA). The only issue for me is that with an overhead flourescent light in the hallway, the images of visitors very close to the door are dark, fooled by the back lighting. The view is still usable, but a future version of the Brinno should include a brightness control to deal with this issue. Only had this unit several months, but works flawlessly. Far superior to an optical viewer alone, and great for seniors. A very good value!
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Great to have, helps you avoid those pesky solicitors
by deadz007 (5 out of 5 stars)
May 7, 2011

I bought this almost immediately after moving into my apartment as I didn't want to spend too much time looking into a peephole. When you unbox it you get the peephole viewer, a peephole with integrated camera and an extraction tool for the existing peephole in your door. Just make sure that you figure out the size of your door so that you buy the right one there's another model that is especially for thicker doors. It takes generally about five minutes to install and have it up and running after unbox, doesn't take a whole lot of thought to figure out how it works, quite user friendly.

Another great thing is that once you press the button the field of view is great. The integrated camera in the provided peephole actually counteracts the fish eye effect that you normally get off a normal peephole. Something that you probably wouldn't know unless you spent a little time using this device is that once you turn on the device by holding the button down for a second or two, if you press the button a second time the viewer will actually zoom in so whatever is in the focal point of the camera (which you can't see but must obviously be in the center of the camera), pretty useful if you're wanting to see who is walking up to your door if they're still some distance away.
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Didn't work for me.......
by Rl Shuey (2 out of 5 stars)
March 5, 2013

The concept is great, but the design needs improvement. Because in some applications it works OK, but in other applications like mine it just doesn't work at all. At night, with my front porch light it worked OK, but any time it was daylight the picture would come on and be OK for 1/2 second and then the display would go into over-saturation and wash the picture almost completely out leaving very little detail (display was 98% white and 2% detail, in normal or zoom). If I open the door to the inside of my house the picture was OK, but when I closed the door to the outside the display would go into saturation again (I guess that it just did not like my front porch cover). The display needs some kind of manual gain control for some applications, otherwise its a c**pshoot if it will work in your application. My original $5 peep worked 100% better than this thing so I returned it to Amazon.
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by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
August 20, 2014

So easy to install, I did it myself. It works perfectly for us. Even able to see who is at our door at night! I hope it stands the test of time. I really like this viewer! I actually feel safer knowing who's on the other side of the door BEFORE they even know it. Like one other viewer stated, the button you press to see the viewer DOES make a faint clicking sound, so I hope they can't hear it outside. Hope that settles down some with use. Clear picture, good size viewer, good in daytime or night, LOVE the zoom feature, and no one can see in the peephole. Tried one other brand and it stopped working minutes after we installed it but THIS ONE STILL WORKS. It's everything I wanted :)

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