Waterfall & Massage Shower Panel

Brand: AKDY
Model: AZ787392M
EAN: 0753182447070
Category: For Men
Price: $243.31  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 2.75 x 51.25 x 9.50 inches
Shipping Wt: 25.50 pounds. FREE Shipping (Details)
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Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

AKDY 52 inch tempered glass shower panel features a contemporary euro design in high quality tempered glass. Shower panel system comes with a Rain shower head, a handheld shower head, tub spout and massage jets bathroom set is made of tempered glass (chrome color) comes with one piece tempered safety glass panel, the entire panel is a stylish mirror it self LED temperature indicator - battery Operates and delivers unsurpassed accuracy and visibility unique massage panel is designed for flat wall installation hot/cold integrated pressure balance valve controls comes with chrome-plated brass hose standard Plumbing connection reinforced pipes on back overhead shower and flexible hand shower the minimum pressure required is 29 psi and maximum pressure required 72.7 psi. Offer 1 year warranty from the date of purchase all functions work independently to ensure proper water pressure ship in 1-2 business days easy installation, come with all standard installation accessories.


  • Material:Tempered Glass
  • 4-Spray function handheld showerhead, adjustable body spray jet, corresponding to the requirements of you and your family
  • The temperature display can help by giving you the information needed to set the perfect shower every time and prevent any accidental burns from occurring
  • A tub spout is found at the bottom, allowing for rapid filling of buckets, washing of feet and pets
  • All functions work independently to ensure proper water pressure.

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Top Reviews

it is performing and looking amazing. This looks like a very expensive unit
by kevin P thomas (5 out of 5 stars)
July 12, 2015

After one year of this being installed, it is performing and looking amazing. This looks like a very expensive unit, but we paid $279 plus tax (On Amazon), a deal for sure.

The details, I expected the unit to have plastic fittings on the back, but was nicely surprised to see they were copper. The front fascia is amazing and most of the comments have been, WOW that unit must have cost a fortune!!

There has been no deterioration of the front panel and the knobs and dials still work flawlessly as well as the temperature LED.

The shower itself is incredible and we both stay in the shower longer than we used too. The rain head gives a nice refreshing shower at a nice hot temperature or cooler in the warmer month (s) (That is a joke we live in Seattle). The detachable shower is great to reach the lower parts of the body, and at any angle it works flawlessly. The jet sprays are an added bonus as is the faucet like foot wash feature.

You can not beat the price of this unit and you will be thrilled with it's look and performance. Recommend this unit highly.

As with all plumbing we had this installed by a professional and I recommend this route for installation. We had a water flood in our house once, if you have ever been through that, you know why we insisted on a A+ Plumber, get the job done right!!.
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Everyone loves it
by Bitsmith (5 out of 5 stars)
June 30, 2013

So far, this item has exceeded my expectations. I bought this for my walk-in shower and the whole family is pleased. I was unsure of what I was getting when I ordered, so I will tell you the important characteristics:
1) it uses standard 1/2" NPT connectors and everything you need comes with the kit. There are two braided-stainless flex hoses for connecting the hot and cold lines to the wall. In addition there are two free-turning elbows that fix when the water is pressurized. I don't know how to describe these except that they are like a compression fitting that tightens automatically when water is applied. They allow you to rotate the flex hoses 360 degrees when the pressure is off. Like one of the other reviewers said, I used a Sioux Chief washing machine valve box with the standard 3/4 MHB (Male Hose Bib) connectors. I then bought a brass converter at my local Blue Homebox store that converts MHB to Female 1/2" NPT. Those were only about 3/4" deep and allowed me to hook up the elbows VERY easily.
2) There are no dimensions in the descriptions, so you just have to guess at mounting height unless you wait until you receive the product. I mounted the Sioux Chief bottom at 32" and then hung the bottom rail slightly above that (around 38"). My wife and I are around 6' and the shower has more than enough height. If you mount too high, the front spray units will hit your face as they don't adjust much up or down. Too low and the bottom jets will be showering below your knees. I highly suggest ordering ahead of time so that you can practice mount before you tile it up. Figure out what is going to work for your height -- I suggest the top front sprays to be no more than throat high and the bottom set no lower than mid-thigh.
3) There are several versions of this out there that include different decorative panels, including both glass and aluminum versions in several colors. I chose the version that is glass and no color (mirror colored). It works perfectly as a shaving mirror and repels stains pretty well after I coated it with RainX. I would imagine that the aluminum would attract deposits if you have hard water -- the sides of my panel need constant cleaning -- much more so than the glass.

I can't yet comment on durability as I have only had this a few weeks. So far, no troubles--The experience has been completely pleasurable including ease of installation AND USE.
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You need to buy a bunch of these and put them all over your home
by Heisenberg (5 out of 5 stars)
January 29, 2016

Exceeded all my expectations. I love this freaking thing.

Rainfail shower: I was really skeptical of this because I heard that rainfall showers are difficult to rinse yourself off with b/c they just drip rather than shoot streams of water, well that isn't true at all. It's got plenty of coverage, it is like being in a downpour, it's amazing.

Handheld shower: It has 3 settings, a mist, a stream and, a 3-stream setting. They're all great, but i love the mist; it's a powerful mist that blasts you with the same amount of pressure as any other setting. It's perfect for washing your face, i feel like it opens up all my pores and cleans them.

Jets: There is 3 settings, 1. top four jets, 2. bottom four jets, 3. all eight jets (plus each nozzle can switch between spray and mist). The jets almost feel more like a novelty b/c i don't really use them to massage myself or whatever, but they're there, and i do use them just for fun sometimes. The greatest purpose they serve for me is to wash off my razor as when i'm shaving in the shower. Just as a note, when all 8 jets are turned on, the bottom 4 lose a lot of pressure.

Tub spout: It's great for filling up the humidifier or a baby bath, etc.

Thermometer: this is awesome. I know exactly how warm the water is at all times. when it hit's 90 degrees, the lcd color changes from blue to orange signifying that the water is basically warm enough to stand under (altho, i like it around 111F). And unlike other reviewers, it defaulted to Fahrenheit, not Celsius, so that was absolutely not an issue for me.

I don't know if the shower head is supposed to light up or not, mine does not, but i don't care about that at all, so whatever.

The front is a mirror finish, which looks nice, but I don't really use it in any way.

The rainfall head tilts and folds up or down, so you can adjust the angle of the shower.

I've never had any other shower panel, so I cannot compare, but i can definitely say that I can't believe how (relatively) inexpensive this was for the quality. I don't know what else i would want or need in a shower panel. Do not hesitate to buy this if you're on the fence about it. It's worth it. I've had it for about a month, and it's been great. But if it breaks in the future, I'll be sure to come back and bash it and change my review, but for now, A+
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avoid temped glass
by Greg N (2 out of 5 stars)
April 25, 2017

The shower panel was fine until one day we discovered the tempted glass was shattered, without any antecedent, dispersing tiny glass pieces all over the bathroom, sink and toilet. We consider ourselves lucky that no one was using the bathroom at the time of the incident.

Customer service just said "this unit is outside of the 1 year warranty...there is nothing under warranty that we can do to assist"

Bottom line - avoid temped glass.
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Not what I had hoped for!!!
by Lancelot (3 out of 5 stars)
February 6, 2017

This review is for the AKDY 787392B 52" Tempered Glass Mirror.

As in other reviews stated the installation instructions are very dismal. Not even the size of the drill bit, which is required to drill the holes for the wall anchors, is indicated. Everything is a guessing and measuring game when installing this shower panel.

A 5 star reviewer wrote about a complete installation kit including two free turning elbows. I do not agree with this statement, there were no elbows delivered with my order. I was forced to purchase two brass elbows at over $20.00 including tax.

Luckily I pressure checked both water supply lines with a PVC garden hose to ½ pipe threat adaptor and found that the cold (blue) water hose connection at the so called Hot & Cold Control Valve was leaking.

Regarding the panel itself, the alleged 8 adjustable jet nozzles for water massage have extremely limited movement. They are made of, it feels like fragile plastic and are very difficult to adjust. The battery compartment lid is also a piece of art. It is fragile and difficult to remove. I have for that reason drilled a hole through it and installed a long protruding screw and secured the lid back into its place with butyl rubber. This modification should make it easier to replace the batteries.

The square Mickey Mouse Raindrop Shower is also a thorn in my eye. I do not like it and attempted to replace it with the very new Culligan WSH-C125 shower head from the over 35 year old German import panel I have replaced. Well, that attempt failed because the Culligan has a ½ inch pipe threat as most shower panels have just like the 35 year old import.

The square raindrop shower has also a ½ inch threat but with a finer pitch, more tpi.

For that reason the Culligan will not fit and I am forced to take a shower under that trickling baldachin.

I gave the panel three stars because of the very solid hand held shower wand and the solid operating control and diverter valves.

However, I would hesitate very much making this purchase again.
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This shower wall is just the coolest thing and makes the shower look like a million bucks
by KT (5 out of 5 stars)
August 31, 2016

OMG! This is the "sexiest" thing in our newly remodeled guest bathroom!! For the remodeling we went with a slick, IKEA theme, the entire bathroom is grey and white and chrome and wanted more than just a simple showerhead. This shower wall is just the coolest thing and makes the shower look like a million bucks. The temperature display is cool and tells you what temperature the water is so if you have your "favorite" temperature you can easily setup it up. The jets are powerful and there are millions of ways you can adjust them. The top rain shower head is nice, I wish the bar that holds it was a little longer so it would extend out a bit more.

Many of my friends warned me not to buy this unit because they thought for this low price something is not going to work. Similar shower walls are running close to $1,000 or more on the web so I was a bit skeptical myself, too. I am sooooo glad I followed my heart and went with this! I knew Amazon had a great customer service and return policy so I figured nothing can go wrong, if I don't like it or if it is cheaply made I will return it. This shower is well made, equipped with a nice heavy mirror like tempered glass which is an added bonus. My husband loves it as he can shave in the shower without any additional mirror needed.

I can only highly recommend this shower wall. As a matter of fact we are remodeling our master bathroom now and we will buy the very same unit for that bathroom, too. One of our friends already ordered one for their shower and another one is thinking to do the same.

Don't hesitate to buy this, you will not regret it at all. My husband and I are kind a picky people and like to quality products and this unit met our expectation 100%. You will love it, trust me! :-)
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Luxe on the Cheap
by Laura Dean (5 out of 5 stars)
December 4, 2015

When this first one arrived, we could not believe how good looking, rugged, heavy, and well-designed it was. Once hooked up, super premium flow in use.

One of big complaints of rain showers is that they tend to spray all over. Unless you are 4 feet wide, it is a waste of water. The flow on this is superb; all nice streams all straight, so the water all hits you.

We especially like the temp feature, very nice.

Most important is the feel of the knob. It turns easily and feels very high quality. You get a rush of cold water when you do (as one might expect,) especially on the body jets, but there's no way around that.

Everyone LOVED this one, so we ordered another from Blue Ocean in Black--which was nearly identical except for the logo. This silver AKDY unit has a sort-of mirror finish that works well for in-shower shaving. Just gorgeous, see pictures.

This was part of a remod with new stone & tile, so we went ahead and tore out all the traditional plumbing, as we're sold on these integrated units as a better shower/bath design strategy.

Makes us love Amazon Prime, to be able to get these high-end units at such a low price. Thank you, reviewers. Our vote is 6 stars!
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Not good for bathtubs.
by AmazonAddict (1 out of 5 stars)
February 18, 2019

Ok for standing showers, not good for bathtubs. The advertised "super fast tub faucet" runs water with less pressure than a sink faucet. The shower head also lacks in pressure (see video) and this is after I removed the flow restrictor from the shower head. The handheld shower piece also leaks a lot from the head part. Not sure if it's the pressure in my house but we have another shower in the house that gives great pressure. I've also reached out to manufacturer with no response. I will have to return the product.

Update - I ended up returning the product, but they finally got back to me with instructions on how to possibly increase the water pressure which I have attached here in photos for anyone who may need it.
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Excellent value; poor instructions
by Hal Lancer (4 out of 5 stars)
April 14, 2013

This shower tower is a great value but be forewarned: it does not come with instructions for either installation or operation. You don't really need instructions to operate the tower; it's easy enough to figure out and remember after a few minutes of experimentation as a user. If you're using a remodeling contractor or plumber to install it, you probably don't need installation instructions either, but the contractor will need to see the unit to plan plumbing for the wall behind the tower. They should NOT try to plumb that wall without the unit in hand since there are no instructions; ask them to wait until it's delivered so they can see the back of it and plan the plumbing. It would be a challenge for many amateur DIYers to install without a plumber or remodeling contractor since it lacks instructions.

My remodeling contractor was nervous when I said I wanted a shower tower, because some of the towers, he says, and he mentioned Grohe by name, are very difficult to install, and he has to pass that cost on to his customers, but after installing it, he said this one was a snap to go in. He had to modify the plumbing behind the wall so that 0.5 inch hot & cold water supply pipes fit into the tower at the right place a few feet off the ground, but that was not hard to do in our bathroom as we were creating a new wall with new tile anyway. In other bathrooms, it might require cutting into the wall behind the tower, running new supply lines, and possibly creating tile issues if you're trying to keep existing tile.

Operation of the tower is terrific. You can select the large overhead and fully adjustable rain shower head, or the shower head with four lower jets on, or no shower head on but eight jets on, or hand-held, or a tub-style faucet down towards the feet. (It won't, however, allow you to combine the hand-held unit or the foot faucet with jets or overhead shower or allow all eight jets with the overhead shower.) Water pressure is strong with our municipal water system and can be adjusted with the temperature handle for softer pressure. Our contractor warned that these towers can lack sufficient pressure with well water systems. You can press a button to display the water temperature for a few seconds; AA batteries are installed in the bottom of the unit without removing it from the wall. This particular model has a mirrored finish. There may also be a matte finish available with a different model number; try searching amazon if that's your preference.

It's a very comfortable showering experience and looks far more expensive than it is.
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Believe the reviews, this is awesome
by Professional Consumer #1 (5 out of 5 stars)
May 26, 2014

Bought it, love it! I have done a lot of plumbing, and the quality of this thing is amazing for the price. For any price, actually. Very happy with it. They need to improve the instructions considerably, but after reading on here and zooming in on pics on the web I figured it out. Its simple to install, just not that intuitive. It is certainly the first thing people notice with our new shower. It looks really really modern and cool!

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