Russian Roulette Water Balloon

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Less 'bang bang you're dead,' more 'boing, pop, you're slightly deaf.' The Balloon Russian Roulette is a harmless version of classic Russian Roulette, taking away the blood, murder case and disposal of a body. Ideal Birthday and Christmas gifts, Balloon Russian Roulette involves pointing a 'gun' at another persons head with a balloon attached to the front, pulling the trigger will either produce nothing...or a pin that pops the balloon! An ideal party game for any occasion, have a blast with our Balloon Russian Roulette. Ideal for James Bond, cowboy or gangster themed parties, get the event started off with a bang thanks to this Russian Roulette game! If pin the tail on the donkey and musical statues isn't your kind of thing, organise a game of Balloon Russian Roulette. Why not personalise your game like us and put whipped cream or chocolate sauce in the balloon before inflating it. Messy but hilarious! Balloon Russian Roulette * Balloon Russian Roulette is a fun party game for children or adults! * Pull the trigger and see whether the pin pops the balloon or whether you are safe * The set includes 1 revolver, 12 balloons and a stand * Gun measures approx 26 cm x 16 cm x 3.5 cm (with attached hoop) * Great gifts for ages 6 to 160! Make balloons pop, not war! The Balloon Russian Roulette game is a hilarious take on the original. Get your friends around for a shocking game of Russian Roulette with a difference! Why not turn it into a drinking game to play at stag nights! What do you get in the Balloon Russian Roulette box? * 1 x Pack of Balloons * 1 x Roulette Gun * 1 x Stand Why You Should Buy From Us! * 30 day money-back guarantee * Low-price guarantee * Loyalty points discount off future orders * Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions * Excellent customer service * Next day delivery available Balloo...


  • Add a little bang to your next party
  • Game comes complete with everything you need
  • Great gift idea

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