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Handle your steak, chicken, and other meats like the barbarian warlord that you really are with these bear claw meat forks. The bear claw meat forks are ... [Read more]

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Effective design, simple, and good price
by RNCrawford,Top Contributor: Cooking (5 out of 5 stars)
June 6, 2016

I did my due diligence on meat shredders before buying these, I noticed a number of knock offs that were running with the simple design principle but resorting to either cheaper products, or "enhancements" that were questionable about how useful they were. I have doing a lot of pulled meat dishes lately, and the twin salad fork approach just took way too much time and effort for me to tolerate anymore, after using these I mentally kick myself for having wasted so much time and effort doing it the hard way.

They tear into a roast with simple efficiency, I stab, twist, pull and the meat just comes right off. A scissoring motion with both paws will then serve to make the big shredded chunks into smaller shredded chunks and how fine the shred winds up being is up to you, but the motion itself is simple and efficient. I even use these now to lift roasts off whatever cooking device I'm using and right onto the board for a quick shredding.
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A great set of shredders for the price
by Mike (5 out of 5 stars)
July 14, 2017

I lost my last set of meat shredders in our recent move so I needed to replace them. After reading reviews on Amazon, this set looked like a good buy so I bought a set, I'm very glad I did.

These Bear Paws are sharp, they shred meat easily and fit my hands very well. They're comfortable to hold, which is nice when shredding 10-20 lbs. of pork for a party.

I've read some reviews where people stated that they didn't work well and it was hard to shred their pork or chicken.

Some helpful hints I've learned over the years.

If the meat is hard to shred, it may not be cooked long enough, let it cook longer and it should shred easily.

I initially use one claw to hold a large piece of meat while using the other claw to shred it, I don't have both claws going at the same time

If you want chunkier pieces of meat, use heavy pressure and just tear the meat up. If you like finer, shredded meat, I use light to medium pressure and drag one claw across the surface of the meat, kind of like scraping the surface.

Remember to let the meat rest for a bit when you're finished cooking as this will keep it moist.

I also use one claw when carving meat. I stick one claw into the meat to hold it steady while I carve with a knife, works much better than trying to use a fork. We also use them to mix up some salads or to take large pieces of meat or a turkey out of the roasting pan.

They're also top shelf dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning them a breeze.

For the kid in you, you can also pretend you're Wolverine or Freddy Krueger if the mood hits you while you're working in the
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by Noelle (1 out of 5 stars)
March 4, 2019

We were very happy with this product until I went to wash them and noticed after just one use the tips were already bent and warped. They weren't even used in extreme temperatures considering they're supposed to be heat resistant up to 475 degrees.

Edited to add: I have reached out to the company who fulfilled the order and they stated the pair we got either was defective or somehow we received a knock off product. They're sending out a new pair and I hope I can update this review after we test out the new ones.
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I've heard some opinions of items like these that only serve one purpose in the kitchen ...
by whereismymind (5 out of 5 stars)
March 8, 2016

I've heard some opinions of items like these that only serve one purpose in the kitchen being bad, but I think these claws are so much nicer than trying to tear apart a pork shoulder with a couple of forks. They seem pretty durable, but even with them being made of a tough nylon the tips will undoubtedly begin to bend and lose some of their sharpness. For the price though, I still prefer the surface area you gain over forks. They also really help transferring mead from the smoker or oven to a resting surface. Would definitely buy again when my current pair needs replacing.
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Solid Shredders!
by Sean Thomson (5 out of 5 stars)
May 18, 2018

I bought these after looking at a lot of different Shredding claws. The Original Bear Paws looked to be the best. It only took me one use to realize that they are. They are very solid in construction and very comfortable to hold while shredding. When I first received these, my wife thought they were gimmicky and questioned my purchase. I let her try them on a pulled pork and she didn't want to give them back!

The claws are solid with no indentations or spaces for food to get caught in. This also helps with longevity as they are not prone to bending as I've seen with others. The only open spaces on these are in the handle, which does not get much contact with the food and I have not found any issue with food getting stuck in them. They made very quick work of shredding my pork butt and I can imagine they will do the same with other meats.

I would have to say that I am very happy that I purchased these, I would definitely recommend them to others, and I look forward to using them many more meats in the future.
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Significantly reduces the effort required for shredding!
by H. L. Kern (5 out of 5 stars)
September 11, 2016

These work wonderfully! I originally purchased them because I was cooking for a group of 100+ on a trip. We made about 40lbs of shredded chicken thighs. Having made the same meal about a year prior, and spending a couple of hours shredding chicken with 2 kitchen forks, we knew there had to be an easier way! Using these shredding claws, we shredded 40lbs of thighs in about 45 minutes. There were 2 of us & we kept swapping put, because shredding still hurts your back/shoulders. But these claws are so sharp & useful that it took less than half the time! I've since used them to make shredded pork at home & they also work wonderfully for that!
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Highly recommend use of quality protective gloves for this task
by Legardi11,Top Contributor: Cooking (5 out of 5 stars)
December 31, 2016

Works well with shredding, especially larger portions of meat, such a pork. Plastic appears to be of higher quality. Sufficient room in opening for most finger and hand sizes. Also noted is sufficient pointed tips at end of product that would not cause injury, unless careless. These points are needed to get the job started efficiently.

Highly recommend use of quality protective gloves for this task. You are dealing with not only the mess of shredding itself but likely food item also has elevated temprature. That along with pointy tips of anything, foolish not to protect hands.

Artisan Griller Heat Resistant BBQ, Smoker, Grill, Oven and Cooking Gloves With Textured Palms, 1 pair .
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These are pretty darn incredible!
by Ronald Epstein,Top Contributor: Amazon Echo (5 out of 5 stars)
September 30, 2019

I make country ribs in my Instant Pot all the time. For leftovers, I usually shred the pork and make sandwiches out of them.

In doing that -- and by not knowing any better -- I take a knife and fork and slowly cut up each piece of meat. It's a time-consuming process.

I never knew about these shredder claws. I actually found them in a website listing of the top Amazon gadgets that people should own. It immediately caught my eye, and for the insanely low price, I figured I would give it a try.

Today I went to prepare my country rib leftovers for pulled pork sandwiches. This time I used the Bear Claws. What a difference! You use one claw to grip the meat and the other to shred. As the pieces get smaller, you can use both simultaneously to shred your meat to the desired consistency.

The claws are very sharp and very powerful. The fact that your hands wrap inside the claws gives you the power. The claws themselves are made from hard plastic, are pretty sharp, and I would advise people to be careful touching them. I would also not recommend using this on non-stick cookware unless it's in good condition.

Cleaning is super easy. Basically, they clean themselves with water. If you sponge the hand area of the claws with soapy water, that will run down the claws themselves thus preventing you from having to touch them. If you do want to clean around the claws, just be careful, that's all. Of course, you can simply throw these in the dishwasher.

I would call this an essential kitchen gadget for anyone that wants to shred pork or chicken. It works very well for those purposes and I would recommend these Bear Claws very highly!
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The points get rounded. Buy metal.
by Kiahuna Griller (1 out of 5 stars)
October 11, 2017

These worked great one time. Once you wash them and put them in a drawer, the points on the claws get rounded off easily. Recommend to purchase metal claws over these plastic ones.
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You really will use these. They won't collect dust in the corner.
by J. Renfrow (5 out of 5 stars)
June 25, 2016

These claws are just what you need in shredding pork, chicken, beef or any other items. The points are sharp, narrow, and long and work well as a pair. It's much more efficient and quicker than using two forks. Even when I buy "pulled pork" from Trader Joe's and it's already "pulled" this is an excellent tool for really shredding it properly. I thought I might have been a little extravagant in ordering this but now I realize it is very useful beyond shredding - e. g., holding a watermelon with one hand/claw as you cut with the other hand.

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