Secret Wishes Full Figure Red Riding Hood Costume

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Product Description

Secret Wishes features flirty costumes for playful adults! Even if you've outgrown trick or treating, you're never too old wear a costume. Costumes let you be someone completely different than you really are, or maybe they show a secret side you want to share. You'll find licensed and classic looks as well as quality wigs in the Secret Wishes collection. Be sure you're using the Secret Wishes costume size chart when determining best size for you, costume and apparel sizing are not the same. Secret Wishes is a member of the Rubie's Costume Company family, designing and manufacturing costumes, accessories, and decor for every dress-up occasion and in styles and sizes for the entire family. Family owned and family run in New York since 1950.


  • Dress with lace-up bodice and red cape with hood
  • Plus sized costume designed to fit dress size 14 to 16, 40 to 42-inch bust, 36 to 38-inch waist
  • Basket and shoes available separately
  • Combine with a wolf costume for a fun couples look
  • Secret Wishes brings flirty fun to playful adults every day of the year

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Top Reviews

Fits even a size 18 but very short.
by Lory sleeper (4 out of 5 stars)
October 14, 2018

So I was hesitant to order this because I'm like a 16/18 in a dress and pants and it says 14-16. I'm about 5'8, a 40DD, and like 240 lbs. I'd say I'm pretty proportionate for my size(although I do have a mommy tummy and bigger arms). This fit me perfectly, although it's VERY short. I'll be wearing black leggings with it because of the length, but I expected to anyway. Like others said, the top is cut kind of strange so I'll have to adjust it so my bra isn't hanging out. But I do fill it out decently. The cape is nice but the strings are totally uneven so it's hard to tie and very annoying as I can't really fix that. Also, the shoulders on the cape are pointy and it looks like I have shoulder pads in so I'm not a fan of looking wider while being plus sized lol. Colors are good and quality is decent for the price. It did come with a tiny spaghetti sauce looking stain on the white part of the shoulder, but it doesn't look used which is weird. Overall I think it was worth the price for a Halloween costume and I'd say it fits comfortably up to a size 18 if anyone is wondering.
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Great shipping, crappy dress
by Snowqueen (1 out of 5 stars)
October 14, 2019

First let me say this, the shipping on this was lighting speed. However, that's the only plus experience I've had. I got this dress this morning after ordering it yesterday. The dress arrived folded in the casing beautifully but when I took it out we had another story to tell. I'm inspecting to make sure there are no rips or tears and low and behold at the bottom of the dress the zipper is coming out of the bottom of the dress! Not only that the Cape was missing. I'm on the phone right now with amazon customer service returning this.
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Love it!
by Tara (5 out of 5 stars)
October 27, 2015

I should preface this by saying that I am NOT a 14/16... maybe an 18/20 on a good day (definitely on the higher end of that). I knew i was taking a chance when i ordered it, and I'm so glad I did! With that said, I was able to squeeze into the dress. I had to zip it prior to putting it on, but once I was able to get it past my boobs, I was good to go! It's very comfortable, and seems to be made really well. I ordered a white petticoat to go with it as well :)

Bust size is 42DD, and I didn't have any problems with the top being too big. However, I did pull the dress down, so that could have made a difference in the fit.
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Great Costume.
by Stephanie Dutton (5 out of 5 stars)
October 11, 2011

So I am a size 18, 5 8' tall, D cup. This fit great! The material was good quality something you don't expect in costumes. Also I want to add that even though i am tall, the skirt still feel just above my knee, A length hard to find in a world of barley there slutty Halloween costumes. Would recommend this brand to a friend!
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... tops & XL or XXL dresses) and it fits great! Material is high quality (not cheap looking at ...
by L.P. (5 out of 5 stars)
June 25, 2016

Ordered the plus size (usually wear XL or XXL dresses) & fits great! Material is high quality (not cheap looking at all & beautiful color--rich darker red and thankfully not the bright cherry red one of the plus-size models is wearing in the pics) and extremely flattering (I did have to cut off the 2 straight white lace pieces on either side of the corseted lace-up front bc they were bending out + bunching at the bottom like they did on some of the models in the pics so those gotta go if they don't flatter you). Side note: outfit is surprisingly warm even without the cape so would not wear it unless it's going to be decently cool where you are going (70 degrees or below). Can't believe this was only $11, what a steal! Thank you Amazon for emailing it to me in my list of items I might be interested in!
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The skirt's waist area was a bit small, but the bodice was too big and revealing without pinning it.
by Patty Hendricks (3 out of 5 stars)
August 24, 2016

The skirt was a bit small, however the bodice was too large. It fell off my shoulders and chest. It would not even hang on 2 hangers. We had to pin it in 4 places to keep it on. I ordered a plus size to make sure it fit as many costumes tend to run small. I typically wear anywhere from a 12-16 depending on the cut and wear a 38 D/DD bra and a large top. I read a review of someone who wears a size 18 and a similar bra size and was pleased with the fit. Her description made me think it would fit me perfectly; however, it did not. The dress was also short, especially in back. I had to have help pulling it down throughout the night. You need to wear tights and something under it. I wore a black swim suit bottom over the fishnet tights to be safe. The hood on the cape was also big, often covering my eyes. The package says Plus Size but underneath says it fits dress size 14-16. I typically don't have difficulty wearing a size 14/16 dress and that size is usually not considered plus. It was a very cute costume and I received many compliments. One other problem for me was the netting underneath the skirt. It was very rough and itchy. I definitely needed tights on my legs with it. Plus it did not hang well so had to pull down frequently.
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Great for indoor or outdoor costume.
by M. Cheykota (5 out of 5 stars)
November 1, 2015

The costume is great and made with high quality products. Although the fit stated it was for all plus sizes, It was mostly for a size 2X woman with no way to adjust it smaller. My idea of plus size is larger than an average sized person, but I actually expected it to have some type of flexibility in fit since it was meant for all plus sizes, not just one size. Anyway, I was able to strategically place safety pins in the front and back of the costume to adjust the size and the cape covered the safety pins I put in the back. All in all, I was very pleased with the costume and I would still recommend it to anyone interested in this costume. The length was great, making it flirty without becoming obscene. Very comfortable to wear and the cape was great to have for outside in the cooler air. When inside, you can take off the cape and still be in a recognizable costume. I would just recommend others to be careful of the size chart. I followed the guide and I believe this costume runs a little larger than advertised.
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Sizing was off.
by H. Goodwin (2 out of 5 stars)
November 7, 2013

Unless you are a true hourglass shape, this will not fit you properly. I don't think the sizing is very consistent, anyway, because I read a few reviews on here stating that the bust on this chest was too big for a DDD chest, but my was too small for a B cup! Here are my observations:

- Waist is 34", not 40-46" as stated by the size chart.
- The shoulder straps are so spread apart, that they won't stay up.
- You CANNOT wear a decent bra with this costume on.
- The bra 'cups' are dreadfully disproportionate to the rest of the outfit.
- The 'corset' is not functional.
- The boning is weak.
- You can't bend over in this to save your life.
- The shoulder indents in the cape are way too far apart: This unfortunate design flaw creates the illusion that you are indeed a burly linebacker.

- Stitching is strong.
- Material feels and looks quality.

Save your money, because this is not worth it. I gave it two stars for the quality only.
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I'm amazed at the quality of this costume
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
October 28, 2015

I'm amazed at the quality of this costume, I only paid 18.00 for it! and now 2 days later it's down to 15.89! This costume is a steal at that price! The fabrid is actually fabric, not that cheap "costume" junk where it will fall apart in 1 wearing.

I'm a DD Top with a 44" bust I was shocked to find out this top was too big! The picture shows a lot more white "bust" fabric than what mine has. I'm going to have to pin the top, but the quality far outweighs that. I'm only 5'4 so the skirt isnt horribly short. I did purchase a black peticoat to wear underneath just in case.

Some of the white underskirt has a few holes in it, looks like when they went to iron the lace on the peticoat, the iron hit the tulle, but you really can't see it, and I need the costume for a party in two days so no sense in returning. Again For the price, I'm really satisfied with what I got. and will definitely keep it to wear more than once.
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Above average Halloween Costume
by BJ (4 out of 5 stars)
October 27, 2012

This costume is made from nice material. It is absolutely better than anything you get from the spirit store. Normally Halloween costumes run small this is not the case with this costume. I am 5'2, 34G, Waist 42(where most women consider the baby chubby area). Size 12 jeans. The top on this is huge. I have narrow shoulders and this was just to big for me. If you measure all the way around your shoulders, just above the breast area I am 42inches. I did return this item for the next size down and it fit way better, and looked much slimmer on me. Still loose in the shoulders, but I only had to fold the back a little at the top and safety pin it. Which the cape or my hair covers so it was no big deal.I did buy a strapless bra to go with it. Any other bra showed on the sides. My advice don't order a size up these costumes run true to size in the waist and just gather up a few safety pins for the top and you will love this costume. You will look better than any other red riding hood. I didn't feel the plus size was terribly short. I would have wore nylons with it and not felt the need for shorts. However on the smaller one I got I will be wearing shorts under it to my class room, but not to my adult Halloween party. I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 for the odd top.

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