1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop

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Model: BT-180G3
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Product Description

Note: in order to use This and any other induction cooktop, you need to have the right kind of cookware. The energy produced by the Duxtop is directly supplied to the cooking vessel by a magnetic field. Duxtop detects the size of the cookware base and automatically adjust so that very little energy is wasted. Duxtop induction Cooktop is fast and safe to use, easy to clean. This versatile cooktop is great for entertaining; use it as a stylish, elegant centerpiece on the table, for outdoor parties and in the kitchen as an extra cooking zone. 1) Duxtop induction Cooktop uses 120 volts, 15 Amps of electricity - standard in all homes. Basically you plug the cooktop into any standard household outlet. This makes it very convenient to move around. 2) lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage. 3) built-in Count-down digital timer with 1 min increments up to 170 minutes 4) digital control panel 5) 10 power levels from 200-1800Watts. 6) 10 temperature range from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 460 Degree Fahrenheit. 7) compatible with Duxtop and other induction ready cookware such as stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron. Check with your cookware manufacturer If it works on induction cooktop. 8) the auto-pan detection will turn off heating when cookware removed from the cooktop and shut the unit automatically after 60 seconds if no cookware is detected. 9) low and high voltage warning system. 10) equipped with diagnostic error message system. 11) ETL approved. Duxtop induction Cooktop is easy to install (plug in) and easy to use. These cooktop are a snap to clean. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth when the cooktop is cool after cooking.


  • Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120V 15 amp electrical outlet - standard in all North American homes; lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage.
  • Digital control panel. Built-in count-down digital timer with 1 minute increments up to 170 minutes; 10 temperature range from 140 °F to 460 °F; 10 power levels from 200 to 1800 Watts.
  • With no open flame or heating element, food does not burn-on the glass cooktop so this induction burner is easy to clean—just wipe with a damp towel. Durable 7-blade fan rapidly dissipates heat to ensure a longer product life.
  • The auto-pan detection will shut the unit automatically after 60 seconds if no cookware is detected; equipped with diagnostic error message system, low and high voltage warning system; ETL approved.
  • Note: In order to use this and any other induction stove, you need to use cookware with a magnetic bottom, whose diameter is at least 5 inches. 2-year manufacturer's warranty, as well as customer service.

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Top Reviews

Great unit for the price,
by Cathy S (4 out of 5 stars)
January 5, 2018

I purchased 3 of these for my children for Christmas. I have a much more expensive model of my own. I did cook on this model Christmas Day. Although I don't like it quite as well as my unit, it was half the price of the one I bought. It worked great! If you haven't cooked on induction, you must use cookware that has a bottom that a magnet will stick to. I also bought my children a set of high end kitchen craft cookware. I made my mother's recipe for homemade chocolate pudding which requires continuous stirring. It cooked much faster with much more control than a regular gas or electric burner. I also sautéed onions, celery, etc for dressing which was a piece of cake. I set the temperature and let it cook away while I was busy making the rest of the meal. I also made fresh green beans with very little water the same way. Set the temperature and cover. Induction cook tops are fabulous. For the price, this is the one to get. If you want to spend twice as much, you can get one which will go as low as 100 degrees. But it isn't really necessary. The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of five is the lack of a few features. But you don't need those features for 95% of your cooking. I seldom use my stove and now do all my stovetop cooking on my induction burner. You will love this!
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Has one strange flaw!
by Alan L. (4 out of 5 stars)
April 2, 2018

First of all I would like to say that this inductive burner performed wonderfully. The temp settings were a bit off, but workable. The flaw that we experienced here at home was that my daughter has a sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies which is what this burner uses to heat the cooking vessel. When I first turned this on, all was well until my daughter started to complain about a very high pitch noise that was deafening to her. My wife and I heard nothing. After some research I found out that some people can be sensitive to the frequencies given off by this and other devices that operate the same way. Unfortunately I was forced to return this item, but it worked very well otherwise.
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Best value in induction cooktops
by Leslie Johnson (4 out of 5 stars)
March 16, 2018

This cooktop seems to be the best value I've found. It's my second induction cooktop, after my Nu-Wave model stopped working when the buttons wore out.

I like the intuitive controls. There are two modes: temperature and power setting. The temp increments are quite large, going (for example) from 190F to 240F. I'd like a finer-grain adjustment, but no luck. The power levels go from 1 to 10. The unit defaults to 5 in power mode when turned on.

If there were adjustment in smaller increments, I'd give it five stars.

The manual is excellent. It's written by someone who's first language is English, and I appreciate the clarity and honesty. For example, it explains how the temperature setting is really an estimate because the sensor can't possible know what the temperature is in the pan above. I appreciate that.
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Clean, Quiet, Fast!
by Mantygirl (5 out of 5 stars)
January 8, 2018

We bought this as an experiment. We live in an RV for six months out of the year and next year we are moving into a house that does not have gas so I will need to go back to using an electric cooktop. Our friends have a portable induction cooktop and love it, so we researched the options and settled on this model. We love it!! There was a discount if we bought the cookware to go with it, which we did. We use the Duxtop cookware and cast iron on the cooktop and they all perform beautifully. The instant heat shortens cooking time, and the unit does not push heat into the room like a gas cooktop does. The fan is relatively quiet...much quieter than an exhaust fan, and we don't need to turn up the TV or raise our voices to hear each other. We have used all of the features, and they all work great! And cleanup is so easy! We had thought about ordering an induction cooktop range for the new house, but they are incredibly expensive, so we will order a standard glasstop electric range and use the Duxtop for most of our cooking. We hardly ever use our RV gas cooktop anymore...that is how much we love this cooktop!!
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Best $50 I have spent on my kitchen in years
by MiloPickle (5 out of 5 stars)
January 1, 2019

Our house is in a neighborhood that has no natural gas. When we moved into our full electric house we bought a very nice smooth top range. Since then I have cussed the thing every time I used it. If you much more than boil water, this thing is a bad joke.

Enter in the "induction burner." I just bought one of these off of Amazon and am in love. Not only is this thing better than any electric, there are top flight chefs that believe that for the home, this is a better option than gas. Bring water to a boil in less than half the time of electric and much faster than gas. It offers all the benefits of gas but proves to be ready for the next generation of energy grid where we have solar panels and a rack of Tesla batteries at our home.

All I know is this thing is the bomb. So until I purchase my induction top range, this will suffice. If you don't have one, get one. The only caveat is you will have to toss your non magnetic cookware. So the cheap non stick skillets and pans have to go.
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great cooktop for the price
by A. H. Claus (5 out of 5 stars)
February 9, 2019

This was my first induction burner, so I wanted a medium-priced unit. I've had it almost a year now and it has worked flawlessly. As a forgetful adult who had burned countless pans of food in the past, I am delighted with the discovery of induction cooking: I can put a pan on, set the heat and the cook time, and leave it knowing it will turn itself off when the time is up. Since there is no flame it is pretty safe to leave the room while food is cooking. The range of temperature options is excellent, (1 through 10) everywhere from a very low simmer up to a very high boil.
With induction cooking you do need to have stainless steel pans, but I have found them in thrift stores and Ross-type places. Just bring a small magnet along; if it sticks firmly to the bottom of the pan, the pan will work.
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pretty handy
by KT (5 out of 5 stars)
September 7, 2018

At first I didn't like this unit because it has a fan that runs constantly -- and I noticed that the unit seems to run hot - so a number 4, 5 or 6 seemed all the same. But then I discovered that temperature can be adjusted in settings that make sense so I can control especially the low temperatures which are important to the way I cook. Then I discovered the timer - which turns the whole unit off when time is up. No beeping, or warning to come look at what's cooking. For someone on the forgetful side this works out pretty well and keeps things from getting burned. I got this as a spare unit to keep on my wooden cooktop and it fills the bill really well.
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Excellent Induction Cooktop for hotpot and grilling!
by sfbay55555 (5 out of 5 stars)
January 8, 2018

Bought two Duxtop 8100MC back in March 9, 2016 and still working perfectly as of today January 8, 2018. I use them frequently with induction pot to make mongolian hotpot and cast iron pan for grilling steak. Fans are a little loud but not a big deal. Easy to control heat and high heat is useful when you want to get the water to reach boiling temperature quickly. Once you've got where you want, reduce the heat to medium to prevent burning.
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Excellent portable cooker.
by Forrest Addy (5 out of 5 stars)
August 7, 2018

My Duxtop portable cooker works as advertised. I took it out of the box, set it on the counter, plugged it in, and I was teady to cook. It heats quickly (heated a measured quart of water to boiling in 6 minutes) and all functions work as described. Any cookware used MUST pass the magnet test. Mere conductivity won't trigger the sensor. Try it and you'll get e0 on the display. My excellent 40 year old Farberware pans didn't work. I have to use a 1/8 steel disk between cooker an pan. This limits heat transfer slowing temperature change.

Induction ready cookware is very effective. Even the cheap stuff (Tfal Performa) heats quickly and evenly.

Temperature control is another matter. Just because the display is set for 210 degrees it may take some time for the pot and contents to heat to that setting. It's more of an upper limit setting. I wish there was a 160 -170F setting for soup and stock simmering but that's my picky preference (180 F is traditional.) My solution was to simmer with the lid off adding water to compensate for faster evaporation.

Like any heat source there is a learning curve to induction cooking in general that apply to the Duxtop portable cooker in particular. This cooker is like gas in its speed of response, control, and even-ness of heat. It's superior to electricity in safety and convenience. Other benefits are there is no real need for venting and the smooth glass heated surface ensures ease of cleaning. Induction also offers a time to cook setting and other features not found on low cost gas or electric surface elements plus greater efficiency so that lost heat doesn't spill into the kitchen to make an often warm environment even hotter and it saves on the energy bills.

No negative remarks to make on the Duxtop portable induction cooker so far besides the not-to-effective temperature control.

I'd prefer the cooker sensed temperature directly from the pan bottom and its range was continuously adjustable. Custard for ice cream and egg-based sauces, cheese dip, and some saute dishes require precise control; it would be convenient if an exact setting could be made in confidence.
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This is induction, very nice cooktop induction burner.
by Jeffrey C. (5 out of 5 stars)
April 19, 2018

This is so much better than the "hotplates". Our Electrolux induction range top quit after only 2 years and after one attempted fix, we are not going to fix it anymore until we do a remodel (6 months away). This induction, remember induction means you have to have the right cookware, plate has been super reliable and very close to our range performance. I bought two to use side by side. They clean up extremely well and are easy to use. I would say that they do may a high pitch when you turn them on, but doesn't bother me. They are not able to do a super-low setting say to make a stock overnight, I think it would get too hot.

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