Mini Cotton Candy Machine

Brand: Nostalgia
Manufacturer: Emgee
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Category: Food & Drinks
Price: $67.25  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 12.00 x 11.00 x 11.00 inches
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Product Description

Bring the carnival right into your kitchen by creating fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy. Use your favorite hard candies or flossing sugar To create a fluffy cotton candy cones The whole family will love. The clear rim acts as a protective guard and allows for easy viewing of the cotton candy. The unit includes 2-reusable cones, 1-Sugar scoop, and 1-extractor head.


  • Flossing sugar or hard candies - unique Extractor head allows you to use traditional flossing sugar or your favorite hard candies to make delicious cotton candy
  • Cotton Candy kits - this unit works perfectly with any Nostalgia cotton candy kit - try the cotton candy flossing sugar (Ccfs300), or the hard candy party kit (Hck800)
  • Simple operation - warm up the unit, add your flossing sugar, and enjoy your cotton candy in just a few short minutes
  • Retro design - This unit has retro design and details that will bring you back to the time of record-spinning jukeboxes and American muscle cars
  • Clear rim guard - acts as a protective guard and lets you watch the cotton candy being made
  • Accessories - Includes 2 reusable cones, 1 sugar scoop, and 1 Extractor head
  • Easy cleaning - unit disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Extra stability - suction cup feet keep the unit in place and provide extra stability during use
  • Note: Parts & Assembly directions are listed on Page 5 while directions on How to Operate are listed on Page 6 in the User manual provided Technical Specification

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Top Reviews

by CRAVE (3 out of 5 stars)
May 27, 2015

There are pros and cons to this machine. It's important to remember it was only a $50 item. If you follow the instructions and only put in one scoop of floss sugar it yields a very disappointing and tiny amount of cotton candy. I fill the area with probably 2-3 scoops of floss. I also make sure I hold my funnel right above the machine and rotate it round and round. The cotton candy sticks a lot better this way. Just as the picture shows. Do not have the funnel down inside the plastic dome scrapping the sides and do not hold it upright. The machine is quite loud and it moves around and vibrates on my counter. We had to place it on a towel so it didn't move itself onto the floor. But overall, it does make good cotton candy, the kids are happy, and it's going to be fun for my daughters carnival birthday party. Would I spend $50 for this machine....probably!
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Husband loves it!
by ardntstar (4 out of 5 stars)
November 8, 2018

Bought this machine for my husband for our anniversary. He uses it several nights a week. The top plastic is rather large so it takes up a significant amount of room to store. You have to allow the unit 10min to heat up before adding any candy sugar in to the unit. We haven't used other hard candy pieces yet but it says you can use other hard candy. However, unlike the pictures on the box, you cannot put whole pieces of candy in the machine. The directions specifically say you must crush them up first.
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Arrived Used and Damaged
by mishshel (1 out of 5 stars)
February 15, 2019

This product arrived in terrible shape! It wasn't billed as a used product, but it definitely has been!
- The extraction head is dented, the stem is bent, and it is full of old, burnt candy. We tried boiling the head and some of it came out, but you can still see remnants of candy inside.
- The aqua blue housing was covered in old sticky candy.
- The plastic protectors for the top have clearly been used.
- The Sugar Scoop that was supposed to come with the unit is missing.
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Pretty good
by SAMMSquad (4 out of 5 stars)
January 12, 2017

I have mixed feelings about this and hope it's due to a learning curve. Perhaps I had too high of expectations? The cotton candy is fluffy and yummy, so that's not a problem. To make a decent sized bunch, I have to go through the process at least two times, which is slightly annoying. My biggest issue is that a string might fall off or not stick well, causing it to harden quickly. (The opening doesn't seem wide enough. )

I found it easy to clean, but also realized that if tilted, a sticky goo dripped out onto my counter. Perhaps that's a user fail, lol. Overall, easy to take apart and clean.
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NOT easy to disassemble for cleaning; extractor head will NOT come off
by Tolly,Top Contributor: Cooking (2 out of 5 stars)
April 20, 2019

I bought this because I love cotton candy and thought it would be fun to be able to make it any time I wanted. There are some pluses to this machine, but if I knew before I bought it how hard it was to get the "specialty extractor head" off for cleaning, I would never had bought it.

The pluses:

It's super easy to use, you just assemble it, let it heat up for about 10 mins, turn it off to put in the candy floss sugar (not included), and before long you have cotton candy goodness.

It's easy to clean because you're dealing with sugar. A bit of hot water, and it's all clean.

The cons:

It makes only the teeniest bit of cotton candy at one time. You have to shut it down, clean it, and start over to get a second batch (total time: over 30 minutes).

It is slow: you have to wait for the machine to heat up, then you have wait for it to spit out the cotton candy, then you have to do it all over again (after cleaning) if you want more than a mouthful of cotton candy.

The big CON:

Omg, I have never fought so hard or so long to disassemble anything in my entire life. That "specialty extractor head" gets clogged with sugar during the process (perfectly normal) and needs to be cleaned. You'd think that "easy to disassemble for cleaning" meant . . .well, that it was easy to disassemble. It's easy to take off the two plastic bowls where the cotton candy is spun, but that extractor head is a true and serious nightmare to remove. And it must be removed to clean otherwise you risk getting the whole machine (heat coils, motor) wet.

It took me twenty minutes of spinning and pulling and yanking and pulling and yanking to finally get it off the first time. The second time took longer. I would never ever have bought this machine if I knew this, so I am letting you know. Save your money . . . unless you like to spend twenty to thirty minutes of your life yanking and tugging and pulling on a sticky part that is supposed to be "easy to disassemble." Me, not so much.

I might put up with all the other cons because it's fun to have a way to make cotton candy at home (though I could run to the store and buy it quicker), but this problem getting the extractor head off is a deal-breaker for me.
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Great for the price!
by Mfamily (4 out of 5 stars)
December 27, 2014

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my daughter that loves cotton candy (she's the only one in the house that likes it). I was hesitant to try the hard candy after reading reviews so I ordered floss sugar. I made her first batch and as usual, she liked but I thought it was nasty (only bc I just don't care for it in general). I found it easy to use and easy to clean. I shared a pic of them using it on FB and I had one friend say she had the same machine and loves it and another ask if I used hard candy. This prompted me to do a little more research on the "hard candy" technique. I read one very helpful review that advised using one hard candy (crushed) and placing it in the scooper, then adding regular granulated sugar to fill the rest of the scooper. We decided to send dad out for some lifesavers and jolly ranchers. Turns out, I guess I DO like cotton candy after all. You're not going to get a big fluff ball with this machine but if you add the your first fluff ball on a second go 'round, you should have a decent candy ball. I'm pretty impressed with this machine considering the price. The only downfall would be tiny strands of webs flying around when you are close to finishing all the sugar in the spinner. Other than that, it's GREAT!
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Lots of fun
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
April 12, 2016

My son really wanted this for his birthday so I gave in and let him get it with his birthday money. He loves it and all the neighborhood kids do too! It only uses two candies or 1 tsp of sugar so I don't feel guilty letting them make their own treats. I suggest buying the paper cones and cotton candy sugar to go along with it. The only candy he tried it with so far was sour warheads and they worked great. It looks nice and sturdy and was easy to clean.
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Awesome Sauce!
by Elizabeth Ortiz (4 out of 5 stars)
July 2, 2015

I purchased this to make some favors for a birthday party. Warming up as instructed definitely is key. I used only floss candy and found that it worked perfectly! It is easy to clean although some reviewers have said it was a pain. If you aren't being messy about how you are pouring your floss or where you are putting the candy, you shouldn't have any problems with the sugar getting anywhere that you can't wipe or soak off. I had to make several batches which included a lot of soaking the main holding dish. If you soak it in hot water for about ten minutes, the sugar rinses right off. I looked up some Youtube videos to help with the actual motion that works best for capturing all of the floss. The machine does kind of sprout legs of its own and slowly moves so make sure you don't put it on the edge of the counter or surface. I love this little thing!
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by James Turner (5 out of 5 stars)
July 20, 2019

I have a thing for sweets. Cotton candy was a rarity when I was little. Now they sell it in a bag at the dollar tree. However it is always the same old flavors. When I realized you could use regular hard candy I knew I had to try this for the price. I expecting disappointment, but oh boy was I supprised! It works perfectly! My kids and I went out to get tons of different candy to try while we waited for it to be delivered. When it arrived we gave it a go... Note: make sure the spinner part is fully seated. It can seem like it is on, but it mat not be fully seated, thus further from the heating elements. We didnt make this mistake, so it worked great from the start. We waited the 10 minute warm up time and didnt stop for an hour or so. It was so much fun trying different flavors. Clean up was easy and we look forward to the next family cotton candy night.
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To make one cotton candy it takes 10 minutes
by J DiBlasio (4 out of 5 stars)
January 4, 2019

Makes great cotton candy if you have time.... One large cotton candy takes about 10 minutes to make. That's for one! Not including the 10 minute initial warm up time for the machine.

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