Glow In The Dark Aquarium Kit

Brand: GloFish
Model: 29005
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Dimension: 11.20 x 14.60 x 8.80 inches
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Product Description

Brighten up your room with the GloFish 3-Gallon Aquarium Kit. This 3 Gallon Aquarium kit is large enough to house multiple dazzling GloFish. It includes a Whisper filter that stays quiet while keeping your tank clean and your fish healthy. This kit comes with unique blue and white LED aquarium lights that will give both your GloFish and tropical fish an exciting vibrant and fluorescent look. Turn out all the lights in your room to create an even more visually stunning experience. This Glofish aquarium kit would be ideal for low-level lighting environments. You can even use it as a nightlight in a bedroom. This kit is wonderful for beginner fish owners and veterans alike and also includes a convenient, easy-to-read aquarium kit set-up guide. The Aquarium Kit includes Cover, Frame, LEDs, Internal Filter, Medium Filter Cartridge and TetraCare registration. Bring the underwater world to your home with this Glofish aquarium kit.


  • INCLUDES ALL THE ESSENTIALS This 3-gallon kit includes a seamless crescent-shaped tank energy-efficient blue LED lighting and a motor-driven Tetra Whisper MicroFilter
  • BLUE LED LIGHTS Hidden blue LED lights are incorporated into the hood giving your GloFish fluorescent fish an exciting and uniquely fluorescent look
  • INTERNAL FILTRATION The filter pulls water from the aquarium and pushes it through the filter cartridge where the dense dual-sided mesh catches debris and waste
  • INCLUDES HOOD Sleek black hood reduces evaporation and keeps fish from jumping
  • EXPERIENCE THE GLO GloFish fluorescent fish and products create a complete underwater fluorescent experience

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Top Reviews

We absolutely love it!
by amay1987 (5 out of 5 stars)
July 7, 2016

We have 4 Glosfish in here. We have 3 very small Danios and 1 Tetra. We picked the smallest ones to make sure they had plenty of room. We were able to decorate it with a small submarine ornament and 4 plants. We did have to buy a heater and thermometer. Everything has been working great so far. I wanted to go over a few tips in this review. I am no fish expert, but setting up a tank is not as simple as it seems. You can't just add water and throw some fish in there and expect them to survive.

It comes with almost everything, but you will likely need a heater. Most fish require the water to be a certain temperature. Glofish are tropical fish which require a temperature of 76-80 degrees. The one I purchased was about $10. I put the description below. I also got a small thermometer for about $3 that you can use to monitor the temperature just in case the heater malfunctions.

Test the water before you add fish! This is crucial! This was our first tank so we had no clue. We only added water conditioner. When we went to purchase the fish, there was a woman exchanging her dead fish because they didn't let the tank finish cycling. It can take a few days or longer for the water to be safe for fish if you don't add some sort of stabilizing treatment. I ended up running back home to get a sample of water so they could test it. Good thing I did because it was not ready and our fish would've likely died. We came back three days later and they told us it still wasn't ready. They recommended we add Tetra SafeStart Water Treatment which is basically good bacteria that helps reduce the ammonia and nitrite levels. We followed the directions on there and the tank was ready the next day.

My kids absolutely love it! The fish seem to be doing great. We feed them TetraPro Tropical Color Crisps. It's really not difficult to set up at all. The hardest part was making sure the water was safe. Just wait a week or so after you set it up or go to your pet store and let them recommend what you need. And don't worry, most pet stores have a refund or exchange policy for fish. Ours will refund or replace if they die within 30 days. I hope this review was helpful. I know it's lengthy, but I just want everyone to know what they need beforehand. It would've saved us time if we had known.

Here is what it comes with:
- 3 Gallon Tank with Lid
- Filter housing with suction cup
- Filter cartridge
- LED light

Here is what we bought:
- Tetra 26447 Submersible Aquarium Heater, 50-Watt
- Marina Floating Thermometer with Suction Cup
- GloFish 19666 Water Conditioner, 4-Ounce
- Tetra SafeStart Water Treatment

To decorate:
- uxcell® 6 Pcs Assorted Color Aquarium Plastic Plant Decoration Ceramic Base
- Glofish Aquarium Gravel, Black with Fluorescent Highlights, 5-Pound Bag
- GloFish Ornament, Sub
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by Scott W (3 out of 5 stars)
August 23, 2017

-Super bright light.
-Filter has flow adjustment.
-Good tank for the money.

-Lid is very flimsy.
-Light just clips to the inside of the lid. If the light/lid falls in, will most likely be a shock hazard. A clear plastic lid where the light sits outside and away from the water would be a better design. I'm sure the manufacturer will respond to this possibility.
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You get what you pay for
by Brooke Barton (1 out of 5 stars)
November 15, 2018

The price was better than the pet store, but this tank was much lower quality than expected. The tank itself is made of all plastic, rather than glass. The top/lid is very thin and flimsy containing large openings for air tubes and fish food. (We actually had two fish jump out of the tank and die, due to these large openings.) From start to finish, we have lost seven fish in this tank. As a fairly seasoned fish owner, I know how to use water conditioner and other chemicals to create healthy environments for fish. However, no matter what we tried this tank's ecosystem was never quite right. We also spent quite a large sum of money on things that were NOT included with this tank such as an air pump, air tubing, air stone, gravel, chemicals and water heater. You are basically paying for a plastic tank, flimsy lid, an oversized filter, and some cheap LED lights. At the end of it all, we also found a small leak in the bottom of the tank which was leaking water all over our furniture. Amazon was gracious enough to allow a full refund even though the return date had passed, which I am very grateful for. However, please do not waste your money on this tank. There are much better options out there. Sadly, we experienced a lot of "fish casualties" in order to prove this point.
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I think they're great. I let my kids keep them i their ...
by LisaH. (4 out of 5 stars)
May 1, 2016

This is our second GloFish Aquarium. The first is a 5 gallon tank which we've had for about 3 years. For GloFish tanks in general, I think they're great. I let my kids keep them i their rooms, they get a pet to take care of and a night light all at the same time. The fish are pretty hearty. I find they fish do better with a heater which I am pretty sure is not included in either the 3 or 5 gallon kit.

Comparing the 5 gallon to this 3 gallon, there are pros and cons. This 3 gallon has the light inside the cover, so the entire design is more compact than the 5 gallon.The light is equally bright on both sets. So I like the 3 gallon one better for that reason. Both are acrylic, so sometime we have trouble with algae build up. Many algae tools scratch up the acrylic, so just be mindful when you purchase an algae tool that it is supposed to be used on acrylic rather than glass. Both come with a filter that is quiet. I added a bubbler to both the 3 gallon and 5 gallon because my dad told me I was supposed to. In the 3 gallon tank between the bubbler and the filter, the fish got tossed around too much and I felt like it was going to kill them. So i took out the bubbler and the fish have been doing fine for about a month with just the heater and the filter.

The only drawback I can see from my month experience with this 3 gallon tank is that the lid does not attach at all to the tank. The little grooves are small, so it's just placed on top. This makes me nervous because the light fixture is inside the lid, and it is electric operated rather than battery operated. So one little slip up will cause you to drop the lid that's plugged in into the tank filled with water. This is a problem for me since this tank was intended for a child. My solution was to take duct tape strips and tape along the back to make taped hinges. Now the lid can't fall in the tank but I can still lift the lid as needed. Maybe a careful adult or teen wouldn't have this concern, but I thought it was a strange design. So far since my tape job the lid has not fallen into the tank. Other than that, it's a cool product and the kids love it.
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Dangerous filter design
by Christine L. (3 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2017

I got this as a cheap tank for a betta I'm looking after temporarily as he looked so sad in his little 1 gallon bowl. It's a good size and the design is not terrible - it doesn't look as cheap as it actually is. The guideline of 1 pound of gravel per gallon works well as 3 pounds of gravel was perfect for about an inch depth.

The filter, aside from being poor quality, is actually dangerous if you have smaller fish. The betta I'm looking after is full grown, so he's not tiny, but a few days after transferring him to this tank I found him somehow trapped inside the filter. His fins are shredded and he's very shaken, so I'll have to work hard to make sure that he doesn't get fin rot or some other disease while he recovers. The filter is very, very cheap, even compared to other cheap filters. It's basically an open bucket - there is no top cover - and you just shove a little bag of carbon/whatever else is in the refills inside. The motor at the bottom sucks in water and it pushes it out through the top in an aesthetically pleasing waterfall. The open bucket design at the top makes it possible for a fish to accidentally jump in, which is what I think happened in my case. I didn't overfill the tank and keep at least an inch of space near the top. I recommend throwing this filter straight into the trash if you do get this tank. I have the Penn Plax Cascade 300 filter in my main betta tank, and I would recommend it 100% for a small tank that's over 3 gallons capacity. It's fully submersible, minimizing the disturbance of the water surface so they can make their bubble nests, and it has two stage filtration - mechanical through a sponge and with a carbon cartridge. It's fully enclosed so no accidents like this happen with it.

The lid is also flimsy. There's no hinge or connection to the tank - it just sits on top, so it would be easy to fumble it and dip it in the tank, distressing your fish. I don't use the light but I can't imagine having anything electric attached to such a flimsy piece of plastic. The light seems to just clip on so it's not the most secure thing either.

All in all, this is a cheap tank with cheap accessories.
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Top ruins this tank for me
by Bunt (1 out of 5 stars)
September 28, 2018

I will try to keep this factual. This review is for - GloFish 3 Gallon Aquarium Kit

The top is flat, no lips to hold onto tank. It is about 3/32" thick, with a 1/16" perimeter ridge on bottom that fits inside the fish tank only after adding water. With a slight bump to the back of the lid (or curious cat), it can slide off the top and down into the water. The LED light, which is blue only, not white also as description states, is attached to this lid that falls into the water. Fortunately for us, i did not have the light attached when the lid fell in the water. Not sure if it is water proof or not, but i would assume not. The filter does not hang outside on the back, i know it doesn't state that, but was an assumption on my part. It hangs inside which causes the water level to be below the top of the tank, makes the tank look low on water to me. The tank itself is flexible, using least amount of material as possible. I believe this will hold water just fine, but might not last as long as other plastic tanks i have had. To get the pop in the fish colors like you see in pictures and at store, you will need to paint the back of the tank black, i advise not doing this until you are happy with the tank, or you can't return it. I was hoping for better, back it goes.
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3 gallon GloFish Aquarium
by Ollie (5 out of 5 stars)
September 23, 2017

At first I thought the idea of a neon glowing aquarium is a bit tacky. But once you own one it is fabulous. I dont have glow fish in my tank...I am using it for one of my Betta fishes that I adore. I wanted to upgrade her, Lavendar, from a 1 gallon tank to my current 3 gallon. She does not know what to do with the space but she has room to swim and explore her out of the ordinary space. Love it!
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Awesome concept - terrible design
by Katy J. (2 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2017

I love the Glo Fish tank. It worked, glowed nicely, and has a quiet filter. The problem is the way it's designed. The filter draws in water from the bottom, and at some point my glow fish got stuck in there one by one until they all died. Even the little bottom feeder. I have to add that my husband is a bit of a fish expert. He's had tanks for over 30 years and he manages several tanks in our home. He said it was a bad design. Now we will have to invest in a different filter system. It's too bad because I really liked this product.
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Exactly what we wanted!
by Amber Damour (5 out of 5 stars)
July 20, 2018

We bought this for our little girl's room and it's perfect! Exactly what we were wanting. Easy set up and looks amazing. She's thrilled and we are too. We used AquaSafe and SafeStart and were able to put a fish or two in immediately to start the cycling process. It's great!
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by burgmomma (3 out of 5 stars)
June 19, 2019

Beware...this DOES NOT have the air pump and tubing, despite it being shown in pictures and also specifically being listed in the "...kit comes with:..." section!! I returned the the first one I ordered, advising Amazon that pieces were missing, but ended up getting an identical replacement. I guess it's okay, if you don't require the air pump.

Easy to assemble, all it takes is a little common sense and brain power (There are NO INSTRUCTIONS included).

Marlin & Robert (2 glo fish) seem happy with their new digs!

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