Real Grass Disposable Dog Potty

Brand: Fresh Patch
Model: 001
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Category: Home & Office
Price: $29.00  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 3.00 x 24.00 x 16.00 inches
Shipping Wt: 10.00 pounds
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Average Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

FRESH PATCH is a stylish R-E-A-L GRASS potty box that is fully disposable. The special hydroponically-grown grass is light-weight, long-lasting, and dirt-free. The complex root structure absorbs urine and odors. The wonderful grass scent naturally attracts dogs--unlike plastic potties and diaper-like pee pads that smell bad, turn dogs off, and are disgusting too. With no reusable parts to clean or replace, disposal is EASY. This dog-friendly, people-friendly, Eco-friendly potty can be used anywhere, any time. Ideal for apartment dwelling, busy schedules, and avoidance of early-day, late-night, or bad-weather dog-walks. Now, your dog can get relief when needed, not on a pre-set schedule. Our 16"x24" potty is nice-and-roomy for dogs up to 25 lbs. and easy to discard. Other potties are too bulky and heavy for most dog owners to manage. For larger dogs, FRESH PATCH units can be joined together. For more information and training tips, check out! Fresh Patch ships on Mondays and Thursdays. We ship from CA via FedEx, and transit time can take 2-5 days, depending on destination. Holidays will affect shipping times, and uncontrollable weather or shipping conditions can occasionally cause some delays. For potty emergencies, contact us at 1-888-814-2670 (free) or at, and we'll do our best to accommodate you! We pride ourselves on customer service, and we will strive to give you timely delivery and assist you in any other way we can.


  • PET-TRAINING MADE EASY: Fresh sod mat helps dogs learn faster not to urinate and poop inside.
  • CONVENIENT: Great potty option for indoor or older dogs; perfect for an apartment, balcony or porch.
  • EXTRA-ABSORBENT: Doggy mat soaks up liquids and odors so your space stays clean and smelling nice.
  • STRESS-FREE MAINTENANCE: Sod pad is dirt-free and fully disposable to enable easy cleaning.
  • 100% NATURAL: Made in the USA from real grass, these mats are completely safe to use inside the home.

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Top Reviews

by JustAGirl (1 out of 5 stars)
December 9, 2017

Overpriced. I like the box that it gives but this was pricey. Sis and I figured out a cheaper way to make this ourselves. Go to lowe's Or Home Depot and get a roll of grass and put it on a box cover and voila! Only costs you $6 for 2.5 that will last you 2 months. We reused the box from this and found another box as we redid this
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URGENT SAFETY WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by J Meyer (1 out of 5 stars)
September 16, 2018

First of all I want to say that I very rarely take the time to write a review on anything, good or bad & can't remember if or when I have on or about anything. HOWEVER, I feel the need to warn buyers about the possibility that this product may contain POISONOUS fungal spores & mushrooms that may be too small to see & may be lethal if eaten. In our case, we put the grass patch out for use the day it arrived & an hour later I noticed that one of our dogs had eaten some of the grass as I noticed some of the new grass was grass in his next poop, which was a little loose. Nothing too alarming at first, as dogs often eat grass. Especially if they have an upset stomach for any number of reasons. But within 20 minutes he was vomiting & having diarrhea every 10-20 minutes to the point of dry heaving & purely watery bubbly diarrhea which was non-stop. We rushed him to the vet & were horrified to learn that he had been seriously poisoned by what the vet suspected was a poisonous type of mushroom. The problem was that this type of mushroom is not found where we live. It is however found where the fresh grass potty patch is from. Now, let me be clear that we can not be 100% positive that the grass contained the poisonous type of fungal spores & mushrooms the vet suspected as being the source of the poisoning. But our dogs do not go outside & the ordeal happened when the product arrived & was used & that our puppy became violently ill within an hour of being exposed to & eating the grass. He spent several days in the hospital & nearly died but luckily he pulled through. I only share this experience as a dire warning just in case it was the source & don't want to say very much more since we can't prove with 100% certainty it was the cause. So please be safe & very careful when ordering these products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good product, but no more Prime--May be better to go directly to their website for fresher product
by Cece (4 out of 5 stars)
April 1, 2016

This and other products I've purchased lately (see my reviews) have been a real lifesaver for me and a new puppy. I just moved to a 2nd floor condo and have a 12 week old Basset hound pup I'm trying to housetrain, but I live alone and cannot always be home. It was an absolute nightmare climbing up and down the stairs at 2 and 3AM to let the dog out, and it used to bark a lot all night, have accidents all day... it was exhausting. I needed a better system for sure, especially once I went back to work.

What I ended up doing was installing a balcony pet door (Ideal Pet Products) and ordering these hydroponic grass products (Well, originally, I had him fenced in in the kitchen with a box, and he would still miss the box sometimes; now, he is very clear that the balcony is the place to go because there is a distinct boundary). It took him a while to fully "get it", and to this day, he still prefers to do his business out front on leash, but I do not worry about him when I go out or when I'm away at work anymore. I watch him on my iPhone (Cloud baby monitor app), and he is doing what he's supposed to be now. I have a setup where his bedding area is enclosed by a Regalo playyard fence/baby gate in an arc shape around the pet door, and he can have 24 hr access to his grass, too, whenever he needs to go.

I have now tried both Fresh Patch and DoggieLawn, and can compare them side by side. In the photos, FreshPatch is the slightly smaller box in the front, and DoggieLawn is in the back (keep in mind, I stagger when I order them, so that FreshPatch is a week older). (EDIT: Not sure if Prime is available anymore on either, so taking this out of the review). The DoggieLawn wasn't bad on shipping either, considering it is a live product, but it is not for those who need something right away... took just over a week (earlier than its estimate). The quality of both appears to be comparable; the grass I got with DL appears to be a different variety (slightly coarser, still robust; the dog seems to have no preference aside from whatever is fresher), but both seem to last about the same amt of time (roughly 2 weeks, depending on use). I highly recommend that you spritz your pieces down with water at least once a day, to keep them live longer. The hydroponic mats they grow the grass on appear identical; both are clean and soil-free, similar to that Cocotek mat type of substrate. The main difference is that the DL is *slightly* larger, dimension-wise; they claim 33% (see description). For those who complain that the price is so much higher than lawn sod you can buy at a landscaping store or Home Depot, well, this is NOT sod. It is bug-free, soil-free, cleaner and (EDIT: Now that I've had the experience, the hydroponics do NOT last longer than garden sod, so long as the dirt is packed tightly and the sod is watered daily). I made a summary chart, attaching as a picture.

EDIT: Now that I've had more experience with many options, I've updated the chart and will write more on my experiences. As stated above, I was incorrect to presume that garden sod lasted less time than hydroponic grasses (something I had heard from others). From my experience, if the sod is fresh and packed in tight soil and watered immediately (and daily afterwards), it can outlast the hydroponics. Obviously, the fresher the sod, the better, so a lawn & garden store might be best; for me, Home Depot is still the most convenient, and their sod is fresher than Lowes in our area (the dirt on the Lowes grass was ridiculously dry and loose, plus, the sod is more expensive by almost double). I have gotten this sod to last almost a month on my balcony, when watered frequently (but not drowned in a tray). That is good, because replacing a whole strip of lawn sod on the 2nd floor is a huge, dirty chore--I have to carry it from the car, up stairs, then through a carpeted living room to the balcony, and it is quite heavy. It's all worth it to have the dog use it for this long and not have to take him downstairs constantly to do his business, but it's still not something to look forward to. If you are not able to lift this stuff or don't want to deal with the dirtiness, I still highly recommend hydroponic grass--DL or FP. However, I have to take one star away because neither offer Prime, and with the convenience of fresh sod in the summer, I have to go with HD or Lowes (plus, the realization that hydroponics can't outlast sod; I think this is mostly due to the fact that sod soil retains moisture better and just is larger, so it spreads out the urine better). In the winter, I will likely go back to hydroponic delivery or artificial turf. The fake grass isn't a terrible option when it's cooler, because it doesn't stink as much as in the heat. In the summer, you just smell it too much, no matter how much you spray it down. What I do for artificial turf on the balcony is lay a tarp down underneath first, then layer rubber mulch on top in a slant for drainage, then spray Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer liberally, then lay the fake grass with drainage holes over it. The dog still prefers fresh live grass, obviously, especially if the turf gets too old with urine smells. You really have to spray it down frequently to minimize this, so I have to go with live grass products in the summer.

Tips on getting your dog to use grass:

Reward and praise every time you see your dog go inside the box--I use his favorite salmon treats

Don't move the box too much, it's confusing to puppies

Take him/her to the box on leash right after a nap and give the verbal command you use outside for elimination; be patient if he doesn't go

Spray with pheromone products; I've never tried it, but some say it works--I just catch some of his pee in a poop bag when he goes outside and use as a "reminder" when he hasn't used the box in a while
*Gently* ease the poop off the grass once it's hardened somewhat, to avoid mashing it into the grass; makes it last clean longer

After removing poop in the mornings, spray or mist it down with a spray bottle liberally; this also helps clean off the urine

If your puppy frequently goes near the box but just outside it, limit his fenced in area more (had this problem when I started in the kitchen)

For accidents outside box, use Nature's Miracle to clean up the scent so that he isn't tempted to start a habit
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My dog likes the real grass, but just go to Home Depot
by JessPitt (3 out of 5 stars)
June 8, 2018

I have a small dog who I adopted right before winter. During the winter she literally couldn't go outside due to the snow being 2+ feet for days on end. I originally ordered the fake grass turf and she took to it immediately, which was great!! forward a few months and now she ONLY goes on the turf. I will take her outside and sit with her for 10-15 minutes and nothing. Then when we go in, she immediately goes on the turf 😐...any way, this seemed like a good way to wean her off of the fake grass (which starts to smell after awhile even if you clean it with bleach every couple days!!). I received the fresh patch it and took it out of the cardboard box it comes in, it was falling apart and damp. I placed he real grass on the plastic tray her old fake grass used to sit on. The grass was mostly brown, but I feel like it will green up now that it's out of the box. She took to the real grass surprisingly easy! It was in her normal spot, on her normal liner, so that made it easier. The thing is, you can go to Home Depot and buy a patch of grass for around $5. So this is over priced, most likely because of the shipping. From now on I will just be going to Home Depot to replace the grass.
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We moved temporarily to Philadelphia from Hawaii in December with ...
by Diane Callison (5 out of 5 stars)
January 25, 2017

We moved temporarily to Philadelphia from Hawaii in December with my 15 year old (12 lb, deaf, mostly blind) dog. She spends most of the day on the third floor of a 100 year old house so just getting to her the outside is a challenge. Steep slippery stairs and no yard. And she hates the cold! So Fresh Patch has saved my life. I get a weekly delivery and use puppy pads around the box because sometimes all four feet are on the grass but her bottom hangs over. She uses the box faithfully. One thing I figured out after one week when the shipment was cancelled due to a "rain event," was that the box, although it is waxed cardboard, can get saturated after a while. So I started putting pee pads in the bottom of the box under the sod and I change those every day or two when it starts getting stinky.

The first photo shows a box newly arrived - from Calif to PA takes 5 or 6 days. The second photo shows one after two weeks of constant use, with pee pads under the sod. It's ready to toss now.
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by Amazon Customer (2 out of 5 stars)
February 17, 2017

I ordered this as it seemed like a novel idea to help potty train my new puppy. When I got the package home I opened the lid and a bunch of little flies came out! And the more I moved or touched the grass the more flies came out. Now I have them all over my apartment! That's bad enough but I won't expose my puppy to whatever may be lurking in there. Potential health hazard as he is only 2 months and doesn't have all his shots yet. Returning immediately.
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Excellent Product - Pricey, but saves other costs.
by D in MI (5 out of 5 stars)
October 18, 2015

We are on our 2nd purchase now. I wanted to give it a thorough trial before leaving feedback. I have a 5 pound Chihuahua and a 6.5 pound Papillon who are getting older and having a harder time going longer periods of time waiting to go outside. After seeing all the reviews and trying other "fake grass" options (never worked), I was not totally convinced this would work for us. The dogs stay in a large crate when no one is home to let/take them out and the small size fits perfect in the crate still leaving room for their beds and blankets. There was a full month between deliveries and the grass does get dead and brown, but so does the late summer grass outside and didn't seem to affect my dogs using it. I did notice as it gets drier, it takes longer to absorb the odors and smells a little more when it's wet so I may switch over to 3 week deliveries to prevent that. I've read that female dogs have stronger urine so that may not be an issue for people with male dogs.

My dogs would rather go outside when someone is home to let them out, but that may change as the weather gets colder. The Chihuahua really hates cold weather and the last two winters were really bad which was one of the main reasons for exploring other options. I was actually considering building a wooden box in the garage and growing grass in it for the winter months, but then I happened to see this product on Shark Tank. The deciding factor for me was seeing how, as the dogs are getting older, they were having a harder time when no one is home during the day and they were having problems waiting to go out. Rather than risking health problems and pricey vet bills and having to wash their bedding more due to accidents, I decided to try Fresh Patch and we have had no more problems.

Since I like the product, in spite of the price, I signed up for the automatic order on the vendors website, which saves 5%. I also had a promo code which saved another 5%. I'm not sure yet if that promo code only worked on the initial order or if it will apply to future orders. You can easily change the number of weeks between deliveries (1-4 weeks), which I may need to do over the winter if they use it more to avoid having to bundle up to go outside. However, I can lengthen that time in the summer when they need it less.

I saw some posts mentioning problems with bugs. I have not had any problem like that with either order and both orders showed up nice and green. I do agree with other posts that mention that Fed Ex doesn't pay attention to the box label or the red sticker indicating box should be "this side up" (the top of the box - basically, grass side up). Both times the box was left short side up so I had to straighten the grass patch, but it wasn't a huge deal. I also saw some posts where purchasers were concerned about leakage. I do have small dogs so that may help, but what I do is when I take the lid off I slide the bottom of the box into the lid and essentially have two layers underneath the grass, which may help. I have had absolutely no problems with leaks. I have also had no problems with the box or grass being chewed or dug apart, but my dogs don't tend to be diggers or chewers so that also is not a concern for me.

Overall, I highly recommend the product. I have read they are trying to open a location on the East Coast and hopefully as they expand and increase their business, they will be able to lower their costs a little.

Update: October 2016

We are still happy customers of fresh patch. They now offer different sizes in addition to this one, the "XL" which is advertised for dogs over 25 pounds, and the "mini" which we have tried. It is exactly half the size of their original one in a smaller cardboard tray. The XL does not come with a cardboard tray, but they do offer a custom tray for it on their website.

I also wanted to mention that their customer service is fantastic! I realized my last order was placed when I looked at their website and saw they now offer different sizes. I contacted the company on their website requesting to switch to the mini to try that size. I mentioned in my message to them it may not be able to be taken care of since the current order on my monthly subscription had already been placed. Since the order had not yet been shipped, they refunded me the difference and switched my order from the original size to the mini. I have also had to contact the company on a couple other occasions and they are very quick in their response and, in my experience, have always been willing to keep me happy as a customer. I wish all companies were this easy to deal with :)
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by Naya (1 out of 5 stars)
February 28, 2019

My little puppy, only 4 months old, had a terrible allergic reaction to this grass pad. He started seizuring and using his paws to scratch his eyes like something I have never seen. He was scratching his face until he was bleeding. It was the saddest thing I have ever witnessed, and I wouldn't wish this traumatic experience on any pet owner and especially pet. The grass is clearly full of chemicals that are harmful to his sensitive system, there is no other reason he responded this way. The vet even said so himself. How disappointing is it that the consumer is lied to believe we are doing the "ecological" thing, when in reality this is literally poison for our pups?? Stick to the plastic grass. It will save you a trip to the vet and a whole lot of suffering for you pet. Even if your pet doesn't have the same allergic reaction as mine, do you really feel good about the decision to give something toxic to your animal that is meant to kill insects and other small creatures? Please don't support this product. It's a scam.
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by Jane O'Keefe (1 out of 5 stars)
January 13, 2019

I got this for my bunny. He was completely avoiding it after putting it in his pen. To the point where he would hop over it to get to his food or toys. I couldn't figure out why until a few days later when the room was filled with flies. Flies everywhere! It looked like the Amityville house! I took that thing out of bunny's pen where they were swarming. Bunny was happy but days later I'm still at war with those flies! If the walls start bleeding I'm suing....
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by Cinnabonnie (1 out of 5 stars)
July 31, 2018

I recently adopted a 2 pound Pomeranian puppy. She's extremely small...I didn't want to use puppy pads with her because the fabric and texture of a pad feels like a carpet and would confuse her when it came to her training consistency. That's when I found this product! I was super excited especially after seeing a lot of positive reviews and seeing that she could easily climb into it since it's not very tall.

When it arrived, it arrived early which was nice. I took it outside to my porch to open it just in case it was a mess. It wasn't. It was nicely watered and very moist, tall, green grass...(some people complained about it being watered but the best way to ship plants is to saturate them in water.) I ran my hands through it to see if there were any bugs and nope! No bugs! ...Then I lifted up the grass to see the dirt underneath it and...BUGS...LOTS of bugs!! All kinds of them! It was like a science display of them. At first it was just little ticks or mites that were too small and tan colored to capture on camera. Then a maggot-like worm or maybe a caterpillar...also another larger mite...There was absolutely NO WAY I'd be able to put this in my home let alone her play pen where she also sleeps! I'm not sure if many owners using this indoors lifted their grass mats to see if there were any bugs but I'm glad I did!!

I would rate this TWO stars since the grass is nice and this can still be used on a balcony! BUT since the seller clearly listed this product as a pad that can be used INDOORS, I find that pretty deceiving and therefore am obligated to leave a one star since this item is now completely useless to me.

I'm just extremely glad I checked it before putting it in her crate. Had they listed this as an outdoor product I'd have never bought it and never had to worry about potentially exposing my 10 week old puppy and my home to mites, worms and ticks. I also would never had to worry about figuring out if I should return it or dispose of it.

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