Windi the Gaspasser Gas & Colic Reliever

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Windi the Gaspasser is one of those WTF products I as a childless dude saw and immediately thought was, in this order: a funny joke; a disgusting not-joke; a sad reality. You basically stick this little (un)plug in your... [Read more]

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Congratulations. BUY THIS.
by Trust&Believe (5 out of 5 stars)
December 2, 2016

Dear... sweet... Merciful Lord. It is so rare to stumble upon products in this day and age that aren't mainly intended to gyp you out of your cash. Having a newborn baby is scary. When you see unadulterated suffering streak across your infant's face and their screams reach to the high heaven's to make the angel's cry; as the witching hour approaches and you're already a week in to your sleep debt: The Windi.
First things first, the Windi is off-putting from the get. All our nightmares of rectally inserted thermometers race through our minds... And the idea of putting something up your poor little creature's behind while they are already suffering makes you feel like a monster. When you first receive it you stash it away after looking at it... Thoughts like..."why is it so long? Isn't it a bit girthy!? What am I a medieval TORTURER!!?"... Make you question why you bought it. I have the nose Frida and in short:. BUY IT. But that's a tale for a different day.
My 1 month old son was suffering in agony and after hours of worrying that this was something really serious, I remembered... The Windi. My husband's eyebags were dragging the floor but both of us just wanted to help any way we could. Finally, all inhibitions shot out the window and after some coconut oil, about 5 seconds and a prayer.... Wind... shooting out so fast it made the thing whistle, shortly thereafter green poop came pouring out, filling a diaper used to catch anything that may shoot out, per the warnings of other reviewers (THANK YOU). The best part? Instantly the shrieks subsided... Down to a whimper... Down to silence. Not often in life will you have the power to end someone else's suffering so quickly and efficiently.
The Frida Baby People are geniuses with big golden, philanthropic hearts.
The damn things work and you need them in your life. If you just had a baby and you're being persnickety and skeptical, two things: Congratulations. BUY THIS.
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LIFESAVER for allergies & GI Issues!
by Heather,Top Contributor: Baby (5 out of 5 stars)
April 5, 2018

LET'S TALK POOP, GAS & TUMMY TROUBLES... because, face it, oce you have a baby, talking about poop is no different from talking about the weather. :)
We had an EXTREMELY colicky baby... we thought she was just angry and colicky, but we learned she had a SEVERE allergy to dairy. Her allergy is called CMPA - Cow's Milk Protein Allergy. A rare allergy to CMP that passes through the breastmilk, and causes swelling and tears in the baby's intestines, stomach and bowels. This caused MAJOR GI issues, gas, diarrhea, and belly pain - and SCREAMING. Oh, the screaming!!!!
Ahead of delivery, I ordered this because I'd heard great things about everything by FridaBaby (oh, how I love their booger sucker!). Sure, these were bizarre in concept, but I thought, "well, if I do need it, I'll be happy I have it." And man, were my husband and I happy to have these.
We LIVED by these, and did so with our pediatrician's approval. You don't want to use this too much, because the baby can become reliant on it for BMs. But, her system was so bad off (to the point she had micro-tears in her GI, so we were doing hemoccult tests regularly at the doctor until we knew she was healed), we were desperate at times. Usually around 2 or 4AM every night, she would scream nonstop. The same happened at least 2 other times during the day. We always tried tummy massages (we took a class at the local hospital) and leg crunches. When those failed, along with tummy-time, we used these things. This went on for 3-4 months... so for the first few months, especially the first 2.5-3 months when we didn't know she had the allergy, these were the only thing that would temporarily relieve her gas pain.
Where these get wider, that's what stops it from going too far into the baby's bum. It's exactly the same concept as the well-known thermometer or q-tip method parents & doctors have been using for years. When a baby's constipated or gassy, using one of these things (thermometer or qtip) were often used to 'stimulate' some activity. These are better because not only are they disposable (really - don't try to reuse these), but they go a little deeper than just the edge and really help to relieve (and channel - the MESS!) what's going on in there.
Sorry FridaBaby, but I have to share this with fellow parents.... there is another brand that makes these (though, the invention credit goes to FridaBaby) for a little cheaper. Let's face it, these aren't cheap... but you can save a little bit by Aizara Gas Relief Baby, Gas and Colic Reliever for Babies Doctor-Invented Hollow Tube Natural Solution for Colic 10 pcs
. These work EXACTLY the same as Windi's version. They may even be slightly better made, but it's negligible. Really, there's no functional difference just a few dollars in savings.
As a tip, we used Vaseline, or grape-seed oil as a lubricant when using this and combined these with tummy massages. Remember when you give a baby a belly massage, you MUST go from the baby's left to right... I suggest the "I Love You" massage - google it. Then do some leg crunches to their belly, add a little lubricant, (have a diaper or pad ready for the mess) and use this. Net, this works 99% of the time and worked exactly as well as Windi. If you prefer the name-brand (Windi), I still recommend it and the same tips above. This version is just a little cheaper.
To use, (after you've tried tummy time, massage, etc.), you hold baby's feet in one hand pulling them to their face, (baby's on their back), use a lubricant to ensure you don't create any fissures or damage, insert and wait. You can apply gentle pressure or have your spouse gently rub down and counter-clockwise (from your POV, so counter-clockwise to you while you're facing baby), which often helps. I wouldn't say it really "whistles", not in the sense I think of when someone says whistle. It sounds like what you'd expect gas to sound like... and poop often DOES come out. So be ready to catch it with a diaper.
As some people have commented, these do not work for everyone. In fact, there were times when I thought, "WTH... why isn't this working!?!?!? It always works!" So, don't be discouraged, and don't push it (figuratively)... sometimes the baby's bowels just aren't ready. Use common sense, and don't use this 5 times a day, but when you need it, you'll know. Sorry if TMI - just hoping this helps someone else on their journey.
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Sit down, shut up, it's story time
by Caitlin (5 out of 5 stars)
January 2, 2017

Okay you better sit down because it's story time. I have a 7 week old baby from hell. She is so gassy but can't get anything out and only passes small poops (they're actually sharts). I tried knees to chest, bicycle kicks, warm baths, gas drops, gripe water, thermometer stimulation, tummy massage and had her tested for dairy intolerance. After all of those failed, I was on my 3rd night of her screaming at me and I thought to myself "If there is a god in this world these butt straws will work". The first one didn't...I WAS TICKED. Well, lo and behold I'm an idiot and didn't insert it far enough. Then when I did it was like the gates of heaven opened and the smelliest, most glorious gas passed and then came so much poop. I never thought I'd be so happy to be covered in feces. Her little pot belly was soft and squishy again and the proud smile I saw on her face was one I'll never forget!
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Doc said don't use!
by Kathleen L. Lingo (1 out of 5 stars)
September 28, 2017

I used these a few times. 30% of the time they worked- you hear the whistle and some poop comes out. But when I mentioned to my pediatrician that I used them she told me to stop. She said you could accidently hurt your baby badly using these-- and thinks they should be banned. Babies will learn in time how to poop and fart on their own. Helping by artificial means delays that process.
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by Jennifer (5 out of 5 stars)
September 3, 2017

Every once and a while my son (6weeks) would have gas he can not pass. If bicycle kicks and pushing his legs towards his tummy does not ease the pain we would use a windi as the last resort. Just this morning my son was screaming in pain. His belly was tight and he kept arching his back in pain. As a parent it's heart breaking. My husband and I used the windi (please have something to catch the poop, we used his diaper) and it worked instantly. My son relaxed and fell asleep within minutes. Here is a picture of my son just moments after.
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and after it being in for like 20 seconds it start to whistle
by P&R (5 out of 5 stars)
March 15, 2018

My baby had a hard time pooping while he was sleeping and would SCREAM and SCREAM. I got this and stuck it in, and after it being in for like 20 seconds it start to whistle, then vibrate, then the explosion began. My baby would literally sigh in relief. It was crazy screaming in pain one second than a split second later a sigh and a peaceful face.
I did reuse these. I washed them with soap right after use, and stored them in a cup. When the cup was full I filled it with water and pop it in the microwave for a few mins.
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Genuinely a lifesaver.
by J and PBobs (5 out of 5 stars)
November 27, 2017

Hear me out: if your baby has gas issues, you NEED this.
For about 15 weeks straight, every evening, without fail, my daughter would scream and cry in pain from what we later found out was a massive issue with milk protein. We massaged, we bounced her around, we bicycled her legs, and we almost lost our minds. Nothing helped, making us feel helpless because we couldn't help her.
I remembered hearing about the Windi online, and decided to buy a pack on a whim. They're a bit pricey, but people swear by it, so it couldn't hurt, right? Yeah, they're worth every single cent.
You want to put a puppy pad down, or become very proficient at catching poop (seriously, don't neglect to do this, because there WILL be a mess!). Get some coconut oil, and lubricate the tip of the Windi, but make sure not to clog the hole in the tip. Massage your baby's belly downwards for a bit, then snatch those legs up and hold them back, like you would when changing a diaper. Put the Windi in their butt, and wait for that telltale whistle (it doesn't happen immediately, we used to wait for half a minute of so). Cover your bases, and have something at the ready to catch that poop - people aren't calling it a shit bazooka for nothing. If nothing happens, you can take it out, retry the massage, maybe move the legs up and down a little, and try inserting it again, which should do the trick.
We used them almost daily, on really bad days even twice a day, and she now poops just fine on her own now. Don't overdo it, but before all of you lose your minds, don't hesitate to use a little help.
Yeah, it's not exactly appealing, and slightly gross, but nothing beats watching your baby's expression change from pain to absolute relief. Go and buy a pack. Have one at the ready for when you need it, you won't regret it. The Windi is amazing.
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OK once in awhile?, Consider reading this article
by Drea,Top Contributor: Baby (3 out of 5 stars)
May 19, 2017

One more thing to share - we ended up doing a blood allergy test at ~13 months and found allergic reactions to 5 food products. Of course windi wouldn't help us! Of course eliminating just milk was not going to help us! Because besides milk there was 4 more foods to avoid. Ahh the experience you get...
7/17/2018 update
As I'm studying psychology now, never ever in my life will I put anything in my baby this way unless there is an emergency and no other alternative. This honestly didn't feel right, as a mother, our intuition works best.
6/8/2017 update
Our baby is ~3 months old now and I can tell that tummy time helped the most, it helped develop necessary muscles and therefore helped pass gas without any extra help.
It's probably working for some parents and it's OK to use once in a while. We were desperate for finding a solution to our baby's gas pain and honestly a q-tip with olive oil or petroleum jelly worked better then windi. Using this thing felt weird and really bad and we never used it again.
If I read this article below I wouldn't have gotten it.
"Infant dyschezia is the name for when babies strain, grunt, and cry for at least ten minutes several times a day prior to passing gas or stool. It is affects most babies at some point in the first several weeks of life and is the result of an inability to coordinate relaxation of the pelvic floor musculature and intra-abdominal pressure (valsalva).
Infant dyschezia is nearly always misinterpreted as pain related to gas or constipation. It is neither. Crying and straining is merely the baby's reflexive attempt to valsalva harder against closed anal sphincters. It is not caused by pain or discomfort. When these episodes result in stool, it is normal soft baby poop.
Unfortunately it is common for parents to experience anxiety related to infant dyschezia and to seek out medical care for gas and/or constipation. Many parents have been told, by well-meaning friends and family, and even the occasional medical professional, that using a rectal thermometer (or the Windi) to open up the anus is necessary to relieve their baby's suffering. And this will sometimes result in a rush of gas or poop. The concerning baby behavior will then stop, which reinforces the parental desire for more intervention.
The problem with this is that infant dyschezia is part of normal development. They will eventually reach the milestone of being able to coordinate defecation and passing gas easily. Frequent rectal stimulation will actually delay this process and even potentially result in a baby that is dependent on rectal insertion in order to stool normally. So despite what is cleverly implied on the Windi website, most pediatric professionals specifically recommend against this method." (From Science-based medicine, by Clay Jones)
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Poop in hair, don't care
by Courtney Porter (5 out of 5 stars)
April 15, 2018

God bless the Windi (or as my husband calls it, the fart straw). My baby has been pretty much screaming for the past five hours. I finally decided to put one of the fart straws to the test. Poop blasted out of his little rear. Like, I legit got crap in my hair. He is now sleeping peacefully. So, I'm summary, this product is the reason I almost got poop in my face and I'm praising it because that's how relieved I am that my son is relieved.... Oh the beauty of motherhood.
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by Alison (5 out of 5 stars)
August 7, 2018

Offered so much relief for baby (and me).
At about 6 weeks DS started up with terrible gas pains that his cry made my dog howl for the very first time.. ever (he spent his first 3 years in urban areas w consistent sirens and other dogs howling at said sirens and nothing. But baby gas pains.. so much howling). Bicycle kicks and gripe water we're life savers. After a bit, gripe water wasn't as effective so we added daily nighttime baths, which helped and his gas seemed to not be as frequent.
Fast fwd to 12 weeks where gas ramped up and nothing works anymore. DS stopped w his afternoon naps and stopped w his 7 hr sleep stretch (ugh). First windi use was a HUGE (disgusting) success. I didn't insert it far enough the first 3 attempts bc I was nervous, guilty and scared. But attempt #4 was the ticket. DS then napped for 4 hours! Poor little man. But such a good product. I want to tell everyone about it but also don't want to come off weird

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