DIY Dunk Tank Kit

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Product Description

The Soak 'n' Wet by KO Water Games is a safe new patented portable backyard water dousing game, great for all ages. Considering that a conventional Dunk Tank may cost up to thousands of dollars to buy, the Soak 'n' Wet sells for much less! An amazing return on investment if you decide to use toward fundraisers or rentals considering the price! Toss a light vinyl bean bag at a target causing 5 quarts of water to pour down on the person sitting underneath the apparatus! A fresh fill of water every time. No need to fall in the same water as a conventional Dunk Tank! Indoor use as well using a portable pool to catch water (Pool NOT included). Comes with a new and improved water fill attachment, connect a garden hose to the attachment for a more easy fill. Have sold to a USO base in Kuwait for our service members to cool off from the heat! Perfect for backyard parties, block parties, graduations, fundraisers, rentals, camps, churches, parks districts and special events. A quality product with great customer feedback. No tools necessary for assembly. FIRMLY SECURE pipes when assembling. Fully assembled is 6 ft in height and from the target arm to the side is 4ft 3inches wide. NO trailer hitch needed like a Dunk Tank. It collapses down into a box. Made from durable PVC. Weights about 25 lbs. Very easy to move. Chair not included. Comes with 3 vinyl bean bags. If you have any issues or questions upon delivery please contact KO Water Games since customer service is very important to us. ASSEMBLED IN THE USA


  • The Original less expensive and safe alternative to a Dunk Tank. Water fill attachment included for a more easy fill.
  • Made in the USA. Indoor use as well using a portable pool to catch water (Pool NOT included). Great for all ages! Draws a crowd. Clean fill of water, holds up to 5 quarts of water!
  • Perfect for fundraisers, rentals, churches, schools, park districts, camps, boys & girls club, any party, company picnics, special events and backyard fun.
  • Built to last with furniture grade PVC material, portable, easy to assemble, takes minutes to setup.
  • A Dunk Tank may cost up to thousands of dollars to buy, where the Soak n Wet sells for much less.

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Top Reviews

by J. Parkey (5 out of 5 stars)
October 28, 2017

We were informed by the school district, with 48 hours notice, that we could not have a Dunk Tank at our Fall Festival. Having had a Dunk Tank for 10 years running, we were a little put out. We knew the kids would be looking for this favorite activity, and we didn't want to disappoint them.

Leave it to my amazing sister to find this on Amazon! We wondered if it could get here fast enough and if it would be a cool enough thing to substitute for a full size dunk tank?

The answers are YES and YES!!

I ordered this wonderful item on Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 (from my phone in the carpool line) and it came in the mail on Friday.

The set up took no time at all and the families love it! As a matter of fact, it is so great, I may just keep it instead of getting reimbursement from the PTAO! They may have to just go buy another one next year.

I cannot recommend this enough - bother the product and the delivery were dreamy!
(The pictures are from my driveway today. I was too busy working the event to get pictures last night! Also, at the Festival, we had grown-ups sitting under the bucket and grown-ups monitoring the line.)
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We purchased this for our school field day in June ...
by cmd35 (3 out of 5 stars)
June 20, 2016

We purchased this for our school field day in June. We set it up and were using this with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students. After 30 minutes of use, the target piece broke off the swing arm. This is from little kids throwing soft beanbags from 15' away! Thank goodness for duck tape! We were able to use it for the rest of the day, but also had to put a screw in the pvc that holds the swing arm as it kept falling out. Other than that, it Soak and Wet was a big hit! It is simple to set up and use.
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Great fun and good fundraiser
by B. Sobaski (5 out of 5 stars)
July 6, 2018

Ordered to replace our dunk tank for our Squadron Picnic. All the dunk tanks on base were tagged unserviceable. This is one of our main fundraisers so needed to find a substitute quickly. Read the reviews on this and decided to give it a try. It arrived fast, easy to put together, and the bucket held a lot more water that we thought it would. For an added surprise occasionally added some ice to the water for an extra cold splash.

Fundraiser was a hit and after purchase still cleared $350. We have another fundraiser planned before summer ends and all that one will be profit.

We didn't have any issues with our target or arm breaking like some buyers did, but we did have back-up pvc pipe and duct tape in case it did break. Bought additional bean bags so we wouldn't have to run back and forth as much.
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Great Product, Lots of Fun
by BRUCE M BURK (5 out of 5 stars)
September 17, 2016

Used it twice so far, at two company picnics for (480) and (300). Managers agreed to get splashed to raise money for our charitable foundation. Also purchased two sets of (12) larger bean bags and pitchback net on Amazon to stop the bean bags from going too far. Both helped speed up the game. Doesn't take too much room as thrower needs to stand only about 6 to 10 feet away. Direct connection to hose works well, but you can also fill from a bucket. Assembly was easy, but also good to look at assembly video referenced on the instructions. Not included is a note that if it starts dripping, just tighten the turnbuckle.
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Pretty Fun - Safer and Cleaner than a Dunk Tank
by Destiny (5 out of 5 stars)
June 14, 2018

Used this for a company picnic. Everyone enjoyed it but we decided to use different bean bags since the ones that came with it are pretty light and flimsy. The problem with that is the first time someone hit the target with a heavier bag, the arm with the target fell off. It only happened once though.

Make sure to use a hose with a turn nozzle at the end of it otherwise you will have to run back and forth to the spout to turn water on and off every time you need to fill the bucket. It's not smart contraption, so you have to manually reset the plunger and water level each time the target is hit.
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Great for field day!
by Mel Mel (5 out of 5 stars)
July 13, 2019

Our PTO bought this for our recent field day and it worked out great for us! I wasn't quite smart enough to put it together without a Youtube video and then my husband to tell me what I was still not getting about how it was supposed to work, but should be easy for anyone more mechanically inclined!
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Good alternative to the traditional dunk tank
by PatD (4 out of 5 stars)
November 7, 2015

This was purchased as an alternative to the traditional dunk tank for a charity event. It worked out fantastically! It went together very quickly, and was a lot of fun with the executives getting dumped instead of dunked. It was also fun to be able to add a scoop of ice for an extra couple bucks to hel the fund raising. It packed away very quickly, and we will look forward to having this be a regular event. This is a very good product and connects to any normal garden hose for easy fill. If I have one critique it is that there isn't an auto-shutoff when the tank gets filled.
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Great for parties and friends/family get togethers!
by MATTHEW A KENDALL (5 out of 5 stars)
October 23, 2013

We bought this because we frequently rent bouncers for birthday parties and wanted to try something new. It was a homerun in the fun department! The kids (and adults) loved it!

The Soak 'N' Wet is a great product! It's well constructed with light PVC pipe that's easy to move around, take down and store away and easy to assemble.

We live in AZ so we can use it 7 months out of the year because of the warm climate. I highly recommend this product if you have kids and are looking for a good alternative to bouncers and the same old boring birthday parties. But it's not only fun for kids. Adults will have a great time with it as well.
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Soaked in FUN!!!
by Kayleen Bangura (5 out of 5 stars)
June 5, 2015

"Oh my gosh!!!! The delivery was excellent... the item was packaged well... I love it!! It was easy to set up and I used it exactly 2 days after receiving... everyone had a blast with it... TOTAL FUN! Would I purchase this again? Definitely in a heartbeat... thanks KO Watergames and thanks Amazon for a job well done!"
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Assemble it correctly
by Abigail Romero (4 out of 5 stars)
July 12, 2019

I love the simplicity of it, the instructions were okay only if you read carefully and take your time, my parents assembled it while I was at work and came home and realized they had some of the poles attached backwards, when it's assembled correctly it was fun for the kids to play with and use for fundraising

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