Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Brand: ICS
Model: ICS-191
EAN: 0091037224392
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Product Description

The unprecedented SIX firing power IN A ROW. It is time to upgrade your squad's firepower. Modern warfare requires highly flexible tactical. A multiple grenade launcher is designed to achieve this goal when compared to traditional grenade launcher. Since multiple grenade launcher is a must-have, tactical light weight weapon for a small squad. ICS has design and manufacture the up-to-date multiple grenade launcher for airsoft. You and your squad now are able to simulate the techniques that the modern troops are utilizing in the game. ICS-190 GLM is the airsoft multiple grenade launcher which is 1:1 reproduce MGL. ICS GLM faithfully presents the feature of the MGL doughty looking. ICS GLM imitates the revolver, the tube, the handguard rail and the revolver latch. Besides, the operation of ICS GLM also simulates the real operation. For example, the way to load grenades is same. Operator pushes the revolver latch to release the cylinder and rotate it out to load six grenades; the spring-driven cylinder rotates automatically while firing, the stock angles and lengths can be adjusted...etc. Therefore when you own an ICS GLM multiple grenade launcher, you not only severely increase the suppressive fire for your squad, but also experience the new tactical utilized by modern troops from the new technology. Technical Specifications Industrial Plastic Construction Retractable Stock Quad Handguard Rail Top Rail Safety Lever What's Included One ICS Glm One Tactical Grip


  • Industrial Plastic/Metal Construction
  • Retractable Stock with Quad Handguard Rail/Top Rail
  • Included: Three-point Sling, One Tactical Grip, One ICS Glm, 6x ICS MA-158 Green Gas Shells
  • High Quality Alloy Construction Shells hold up to 80 bb's!!

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