Indoor Basketball Returning Hoop

Brand: Franklin Sports
Model: 14043X
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Product Description

The Franklin Sports Over the Door Mini Hoop with Automatic Rebounder is the premiere mini hoop on the market. Built with a spring-loaded steel rim and a plexiglass backboard, this hoop is durable and constructed for an authentic basketball feel. Plus the automatic rebounder and passer will collect and pass back any made shot so you can stay in rhythm. All these features combined with a digital scoreboard with programmed announcer sounds make this hoop everything you need to turn your bedroom, office, or living room into a professional arena!


  • Adjustable height: Move the hoop up and down along the adjustable frame to raise or lower the rim to your perfect height
  • Scoreboard included: This hoop comes with an electronic scoring system and time clock with authentic announcer sounds for an authentic basketball feel
  • Automatic ball return: The automatic ball return collects made shots and passes them back out to stay in rhythm
  • High quality components: This hoop is constructed with a steel spring loaded rim and a plexiglass backboard for an authentic playing experience
  • Foam basketball: Includes 1 foam mini basketball

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Top Reviews

Do not buy. Doesn't work part of the time/can't hang from most doors without issues.
by Cinnamon1 (1 out of 5 stars)
January 22, 2018

Very finicky and you must have the exact ball, other balls will not work. Sometimes the scoreboard doesn't work accurately either. The other issue with this product is how it hangs from a door. There are no doors in my house that I can hang it on where it will not hit the wall when the door is opened. Trying to hang it from the opposite side of the door (as it is in the picture I posted) the door will not shut completely because the hanging mechanism hits the center wooden door piece. I would not buy this again and I'm pretty sure I can't even return it because I purchased it in September for a Christmas gift. The picture is of the door in our playroom. I can't hang it on the other side of the door because that is our storage room. It wouldn't work on the back of the kids' bedroom door either. We have bifold closet doors and it can't hang on those either. Product could be much better just by changing the hanging mechanism to be able to hang on any door.
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Weak motor - Ball dandruff
by In Wisconsin (1 out of 5 stars)
April 27, 2018

The elcectric motor is so weak the ball often gets stuck in the return. It's not weak batteries-even with brand new batteries this is an issue. Also the ball has a thin plasticky skin that shredded off after a week. And it's not like my son was contantly playing with it. He actually didn't play with it that much because the ball kept getting stuck in the return. It left little orange ball crumbs all over the floor of his room.

Even for Franklin sports which has a reputation for low quality sporting goods/toys this product does not meet minimum expectations for quality.
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Unreliable garbage. Do not buy.
by ERIC S. (1 out of 5 stars)
December 29, 2017

Like so many other reviewers, the ball return mechanism doesn't work most of the time. Garbage. Do not buy. The seller is playing dirty too. Notice all the 5-star reviews with the subject :"Really pretty incredible for the price." Without those 5-star reviews, the average rating would have been low enough to warn me away. Amazon failed this one.
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It would be a great product if it worked
by KG (2 out of 5 stars)
December 24, 2017

It would be a great product if it worked. The return system repeatedly stops working and the ball gets stuck. They sent me a replacement without a problem but it did the same thing
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Almost perfect but...
by Sfabe (4 out of 5 stars)
January 1, 2019

First off I want to say that this is been the most popular Christmas gift of 2018 in my house. So overall I am positive about this product. The scoreboard and the digital read as well as the sound effects and the ball return mechanism are all effective and fun. The only reason I did not give this five stars is because of two oversights. The bracket that holds the net to the door does not adjust for exterior door sizes so you are limited in terms of where you can put it. In my house for two best choices happen to be entry doors but we found a suitable third choice that allowed us to use the basket and have fun anyhow. The second knock is that the product uses four C batteries which were not included with the product. I would rather the makers add five dollars to the cost of the product and include the batteries. So overall I recommend this product but the buyer should know that they need to have a supply of batteries on hand and please make sure that your house has a good area for the basket to go up on a door that is not an entry door.
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Poor Quality. Cheap parts. Won't last.
by Amazonian (2 out of 5 stars)
January 13, 2018

Works as described. But rim is held in place by a plastic pin that has already been worn out and won't go back in place to hold the rim. Son is not happy. Must find some way to repair but not sure how at the moment. Poor quality. Cheap plastic parts. Won't last. Waste of money.
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This is a cool toy and the only thing my son actually asked ...
by Laura Hudson (5 out of 5 stars)
December 27, 2014

This is a cool toy and the only thing my son actually asked for for Christmas. So far its been a lot of fun. We are having trouble hanging over a door though. There's not enough room between the door and the door frame to play it with the door closed. Hopfully we can figure something out.
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the kids love it to shoot hoops
by Gina B. (4 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2017

Purchased 2, the kids love it to shoot hoops, but the ball return doesn't work as well as I hoped it would,
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allows him to play ball and have fun trying to catch the ball after he makes it
by Kelly Cureau (4 out of 5 stars)
August 27, 2016

My son received this for his birthday and loves it! allows him to play ball and have fun trying to catch the ball after he makes it. the only negative is that the return piece is a little difficult to put on and take off and it's a little bulky, but those are minor inconveniences.
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Thumbs down
by Debbie McShane (1 out of 5 stars)
January 10, 2017

This goal is not good quality. The ball is literally falling apart all over my son's room. The goal comes apart after a few shots and the ball rarely falls thru the shootback device. It drops thru the hoop and down to the ground. I am trying to return this item thru amazon and having trouble. Very unhappy with this purchase.

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