Kinetic Spring Toy

Brand: Flowtoys
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Dimension: 1.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 inches
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Product Description

The original toroflux from Flowtoys - don't be fooled by counterfeits! Mesmerizing kinetic spring toy Interactive 4th-dimensional "slinky" Folds flat & pops open like magic Rolls along your arm Meditative Endlessly entertaining Comes with a carrying bag to share the fun. Important: The toroflux is made of a single strand of thin metal. If it's bent or if one or more of the coils is pulled hard or roughly, it can deform and will not handle as designed. Please note we cannot replace torofluxes that have been misused or deformed for free. However our warranty applies and you can send back a kinked toroflux for a half-price replacement. Flow rings and other counterfeit toroflux reproductions are not covered by our lifetime warranty.


  • Mesmerizing, educational kinetic sculpture and interactive "flow toy"
  • Folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone
  • Interactive: Rolls along your arms and can be passed from one arm to another
  • Diameter ~5" when flat. All handmade, exact size may vary
  • Great gift for science and math lovers!

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Top Reviews

Fun for all ages!
by Mommy2eyes (5 out of 5 stars)
August 16, 2017

Oh, my! These are too much fun! I purchased these for my 8 and 11 year old. I find myself picking them up and playing with them all the time! The kids love them and every child who visits my house wants one for themselves. I've already given several away as gifts! They are memorizing, calming and great for kids to interact with each other. They have also held up very well and have no complains with the quality.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Exactly what you expect
by Bree (5 out of 5 stars)
October 15, 2018

Really cool, even better in person than in videos. It's just a fun toy and I ended up getting bored with it after a week or so. It's really fun to show off when you get good at it though
↭ 🍁 ↭

Fun to play with, Everyone likes it.
by C.Q. Young (5 out of 5 stars)
May 17, 2019

Fun to play with, everyone that I handed to is immediately intrigued and enjoys messing with it. I showed them a couple of tips about how to collapse sit back or how to run it from one hand to the other. Everyone enjoys it.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Way too small
by Karen Nelson (1 out of 5 stars)
June 13, 2016

I do a lot of flow arts and when I saw on of these at the baltimore faerie festival I was delighted. However, when I received this item I was very disappointed. It was small, and did not flow nearly as well as the other ones I had handled. I have since then bought one from flow rings, and I am much happier with that one, especially since it was much less expensive. I generally trust flow toys, but in this case I was much happier with flow rings.
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What a hit at Christmas!
by Slynn (5 out of 5 stars)
March 6, 2019

This was a hit with my daughter (and me, and her grandfather, and her grandmother, and her aunt and her uncle). Smooth action. Didn't hang up on anything. The carrying pouch is nice too.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Great short-term entertainment.
by jpro (4 out of 5 stars)
December 10, 2016

I'm a science teacher and use it at school. Kids love it. It's fun watching them get creative with objects to use it with or exchanging it from one person to the next while maintaining motion.
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Very fun and amusing
by Jared M (5 out of 5 stars)
August 9, 2017

Very fun and amusing. Something you can set somewhere and people ask what it is and you throw it on their arm to instantly spring to life. Good material no rust so far. Not super fragile but it is somewhat like a hard slinky so it can be broken. Not really for young children because it can be very difficult to find the center and get it around something again.
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These make the best gifts for any teen, boy or girl!
by Houmalagirl (5 out of 5 stars)
October 5, 2016

These are a blast. They don't last forever if you give them to younger kids (13 and older would probably be better) Kind of like a slinky, they get all kinked up if not properly taken care of.
↭ 🍁 ↭

So much fun to play with
by Erica angell (5 out of 5 stars)
March 11, 2018

So much fun to play with! Great little toy for festivals and concerts, and people love to play with it! Surprisingly many people I have interacted with have never seen one! Also very soothing feeling when it runs up and down your arms.
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So Addicting
by Kylie Madson (5 out of 5 stars)
November 3, 2015

My toroflux is amazing, I've totally been using it significantly more than I thought I would. It's super addicting, and really fun once you learn your flow. I've been playing with it so frequently and with such intensity that I actually woke up a couple of times with achey and sore muscles-- I'm out of shape clearly, but the point is that when using your toroflux while dancing you're definitely moving your body in such ways that the muscles are going be a little stiff from all the stretching. So I guess it's a decent and super fun workout. You can do some fun tricks with it, also. I absolutely love taking my toroflux to events or festivals, concerts or even to work (I like to dance with my toroflux on my lunch). Super addicting and a smart purchase on my part! Keeps me entertained, and all my friends love playing with it.

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