Magnetic Eyeglasses Holder

Brand: Readerest
Model: O1-SS
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Product Description

Ensure your trusty specs are always handy by placing them on this magnetic eyeglasses holder. It easily attaches to any garment so that you can keep your eyeglasses, sunglasses, and even your headphones right by your side at all times. [Read more]


  • KEEP YOUR GLASSES SAFE - No more dropping, scratching or misplacing your glasses. You'll no longer need to waste time looking for them and spend money to fix or replace them. Keep your readers and sunglasses secure and easily accessible with Readerest.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - The title might say "Eyeglass Holder", but Readerest is so much more than that. It can be used to hold your ID badge at work, manage your earbuds, sunglasses when you come inside, safety glasses off the job site, and more.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN - This eyewear holder uses a white clip, clear backplate, along with genuine clear Swarovski crystals for a classy elegant look. We use four high-grade neodymium magnets and stainless steel combined with our patented technology to make sure the clip will stay secure. Not only is it strong, but it's also lightweight!
  • EASY TO USE - Simply remove the front clip from the backplate, place the backplate on the inside of your clothing on the desired area, and then attach the front clip to the outside of your clothing and the magnets will self-attach and self-center. Now you can securely hang your glasses on the front clip on the outside of your clothing.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We take pride in our American made products. We proudly offer a life-time warranty. If there is an issue with your product for any reason, we will send you a new one.

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Top Reviews

Still the best...
by Mark Montminy (4 out of 5 stars)
September 21, 2015

This is my 3rd one. Hopefully this one lasts.

It appears they've re-designed these. The originals had a stainless steel back, instead of the newer one's plastic. I bought a 2 pack of these originally, and after several months, the magnets came unglued from the steel backing.

As a guy with no place to put his glasses, I'd become used to using these, so when I saw in the photos that it appeared to have a new design, I decided to give them one more try.

So far, so good. The plastic seems to be molded around the magnets, so no glue to give out. The plastic is also nice in that it's lighter, and doesn't feel hot or cold against your skin.

My only complaint (other than the original's failing) is that because these use 2 magnets and a horizontal design, it's not always easy to it lined up well. I've rushed out in a hurry a few times only to look in a mirror later in the day and notice that it's crooked.

Between the old and the new, I've been using these for over a year. I've yet to have my glasses fall off my shirt. Even when I have a shirt pocket I could put them in, I put the readerrest right above the pocket, so I know they won't fall out.

I've tried at least one other design, but I've come back to these. The other one was too heavy for light shirts, and my glasses fell off once.
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Great for ID Badges!
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
October 27, 2018

I'd used decorative, single-magnet holders for my ID badge with retractable pull cord for a few years now, but they were never strong enough to handle the abuse of a nurse badging in and out of departments all night. I gave this a shot. It's THEE BEST holder I've had yet! It can hold clip or slide holders. With two magnets, it doesn't budge no matter how many times I use it. Recommending it to coworkers!
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Innovative and unobtrusive
by Andyboff66 (5 out of 5 stars)
October 10, 2016

I remember seeing this innovative, and inexpensive product being pitched to would be investors on the TV show Shark Tank.

Even though they took a 79% share in his company as part of the deal to back him, to date he has made over $2 million!

This is an excellent idea, super strong magnets hold the unobtrusive brackets to most any garment, the glasses slide easily in and don't fall out easily under most circumstances.

Much easier than a long neck chain, and more secure than a pocket, it is simple, but very effective.

I have ordered several, for friends and family who wanted one as soon as they saw mine.

It's also quite fun watching people stare at it and wonder how your glasses are being "magically" held to your shirt or top.

One word of warning, these have extremely strong magnets and will pull off if you're near metal objects.

You also need to remember to remove it at airport security!.

Cheap, and you will wonder how you managed without one! 5 stars
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OK, but does not completely solve the problem I wanted it to solve...
by Walt (3 out of 5 stars)
September 5, 2016

o Looks nicer than hanging your glasses in your collar
o Magnets are strong and secure

o Only very marginally more secure than hanging your glasses in your collar

I was hoping that my reading glasses would stay put in one of these better than hanging them from my collar, when I am wearing a shirt with no pocket. Unfortunately, I find that there is, at best, only a slight improvement in the retention thereof; they dangle and bother and even at times fall out when I bend over, which my job duties require that I do frequently. Trying to conceive of a way to keep them in place when I bend over, .
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Defective glue
by Sherman Shiraishi (1 out of 5 stars)
March 12, 2019

I just received this today. Wonderful concept and idea. However, the glue holding the magnet to the holder failed. I am trying to return this, but receive a message on the Amazon website that this product is not eligible for return. Looks like I will have to re-glue the magnet to the holder myself. I was going to purchase more than 1 of these to use as gifts, but I am glad that I only purchased 1.
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Best invention ever!
by kdl (5 out of 5 stars)
August 29, 2018

Awesome! I had my eyes lasered a couple of years ago. Until then I had to wear glasses all the time and always knew where they were (on my face). So I was constantly struggling with hanging my newly required readers in my collar and then dropping them on public bathroom floors (blech!), or while unloading a shopping cart or into the washing machine when emptying it and what have you. So! This product is wonderful! I can only say that I have still dropped my glasses a couple of times since I got the Readerest, as opposed to the 5 times a day as before. That is because I was using them with a loose v neck t-shirt or on an unbuttoned button up worn over another shirt. The glasses and Readerest were flopping around and what did I expect? So use them with a zipped or buttoned shirt and/or away from the neckline and all problems are solved. How did no one think of this before? Also, I am really discriminating, and almost never give anything a 5 star.
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Perfect solution to an annoying problem
by Kindle Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
September 22, 2018

This really works. I've used the holder for months. It's never fallen off. The magnets are very strong. I also like that the magnets are connected by a plastic piece so it's hard to lose. Now I don't lose my glasses either!

--good value
--works as described
--doesn't damage clothes

--None that I can see
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versatile - glasses, pens, earbuds
by Diane G. (4 out of 5 stars)
December 24, 2017

These are perfect until one attaches itself to something magnetic and disappears. This is the second one I ordered and by the time it got here I had found the first. So buy two. Also gave one to a friend and he loves his because he wears reading glasses and is always taking them off and putting them on. That's been good for me because we no longer have to backtrack looking for his glasses. They're excellent for people who like to use a clip pen but have no way to hang onto it since most shirts no longer have a pocket.
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Worthless For Me
by underdog2904 (1 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2018

Does not work for wire frame readers. The metal frame gets caught and stuck all kinds of ways when your trying to retrieve your readers from this thing. I thought this was a sure bet when I ordered it based on all the reviews but no. I just threw it in the trash.
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Plastic not strong enough to hold magnet in place
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
January 25, 2019

I'm frustrated as this is the 2nd one I've purchased. The 1st & 2nd ones I purchased both lasted 5-8 months before breaking. The thin plastic isn't strong enough to hold the magnet. I've tried taping it to make it work longer after breaking, but tape isn't strong enough either.

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