iPad Stand For Your Baby's Potty

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In news that will make you go :( iPotty is a toilet for kids that has a built in iPad stand. It's so your little munchkin is properly entertained while he's going to the bathroom. Like I dunno check out Facebook peep Instagram play Angry Birds or whatever. One thing's for true is if that expensive piece of equipment falls into the doo-doo pit you know what you're gonna have? Angry Turds. Jk jk Angry Parents. Poops don't got feelings ya big silly! [Read more]

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Unexpected Condition(ing)
by Kristen Lowery (2 out of 5 stars)
December 3, 2013

I really thought it worked great until I handed little Pavlov the iPad to keep him quiet in church. Yikes!
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You can have my iPotty when you pry it from my cold dead hands
by Brian Miller (5 out of 5 stars)
November 11, 2015

Once in a while something comes along way ahead of its time and people don't understand it. For clarity, this thing should be called "Tablet Workstation for Toddlers with Potty Training Feature" Granted, that's not as catchy as iPotty but is indeed more descriptive.

Used to be, back when I was a toddler, they would say that television was bad for kids. Turns out, we watched Sesame Street and 3-2-1-contact and instead of being something bad it was an effective educational tool. Same with the iPad and tablet devices that toddlers and children use. Parents these days don't have time to spend every waking moment teaching and educating small children. So long as you limit your child's time using them they can be a productive distraction as well as educational and interactive in a way TV could never match.

This thing fills a niche in a toddler's world. Instead of putting it on the floor or on a sofa or chair where it can fall, the iPad is safe and accessible on a sturdy, tiltable and rotatable platform and is protected by a plastic cover, perfect for messy toddlers who never have clean hands. In addition, the seat provides a great alternative to kneeling in the crib or on the floor. In fact, it can be used simply as a stand for the iPad with a separate chair if you just reverse the ipad platform on the stand.

I'll add some gripes that won't effect the review but could be improved in a future version if they ever make one. With these mostly satirical reviews I have my doubts.
1. Seat is a little hard for toddlers to mount and dismount. Not sure how exactly I'd improve this but Sylvia has to take care not to fall when dismounting it.
2. In order to tilt the platform you (the parent) have to undo a cute little plastic bolt and disengage the platform mount, tilt it, then redo the bolt. Not something a toddler could pull off. What would be cool is if the platform could tilt without undoing the bolt. Also, in order to tilt the platform away from the potty chair (for use with another chair!) you have to remove the platform and platform mount and reverse install it (super easy but not toddler easy).
3. The plastic cover is awesome, should have thought of this a long time ago, however it needs some holes for the power cord. The platform does have slots for power cords and iPad buttons.

Anyway, its a great investment in toddler furniture even if you don't use it as a potty training device, which we will and I'm sure it will be a success.


She uses this potty every day now and is fully potty trained on it, but does not use the iPad stand any more as her potties are pretty short and she gets back to playing very quickly. Can I say she wouldn't be potty trained without the iPotty? No, of course not, but it was helpful at a certain time in her development. Still highly recommend this as it is sturdy AF and has been used heavily for 2 years now.
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It's good, but I should have made a different choice.
by Amazon Mama (3 out of 5 stars)
July 15, 2015

The up side is that little one is entertained with a book or tablet and will sit for a while. However, I should have bought a potty that my little one can back up to and sit on without taking the diaper completely off. The pedestal at the front makes children have to straddle the seat in order to sit down as opposed to just sitting on the seat. When we are trying to hurry, those few extra seconds to pull bottoms off completely make a difference. I know that's obvious, but as a first time mom, I did not think of that until it was too late.
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Love how high they made that attachment
by MommaBear (5 out of 5 stars)
October 29, 2015

Son can stay on for a long time without complaining of his butt hurting. I don't have to play pee pee guard to keep his pee from splashing onto the floor. Love how high they made that attachment. Even when he tried to pee on the floor he couldn't.
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Toy or Toliet??
by Raine (4 out of 5 stars)
August 28, 2014

This Potty Chair is definately an original. My 2 year old grandaughter loves it - enjoys taking it apart more than using it for its original purpose. Novelty item, but for training purposes not so successful. Technology has its limitations. Our "potty" training has returned to the "old fashion commode"....... This is a toy!
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Too small and not comfortable
by Kmom (2 out of 5 stars)
October 7, 2014

I really liked the concept of the ipad potty and hence bought it since it was very hard to get my kid to sit on the potty seat or do anything with potty training. The seat itself is very small if you are looking to train a kid older than 2.5yrs old. I didnt like that the only way you can sit on the seat is by putting your feet across and its not the way you would sit on the regular potty seat. The ipad is too close so it interferes with the knees and makes it difficult to sit longer. Overall this seat needs a lot more improvement!
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It's eh.
by Steven Campbell (3 out of 5 stars)
February 20, 2014

I love the concept just wish it was t so cheaply made. The splash guard is junk and the seat is too lightweight, scoots when child sits down. Also, not suitable for taller toddlers. My daughter's knees are squished.
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CTA Digital 2-in-1 Potty chair
by Epiffany (5 out of 5 stars)
May 27, 2017

The CTA Potty chair is the perfect size and It was easy to assemble. By placing a tablet or other device under the protective cover on the desk, little toddlers can entertain themselves while waiting to do "their business ".
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Nice comfortable seat and interest-getting potty since toddlers don't read ...
by 21114Mo (4 out of 5 stars)
November 17, 2016

We are still waiting for 2 year old to take to doing his business in it. Nice comfortable seat and interest-getting potty since toddlers don't read newspapers like dad they will at least spend time contemplating on ipad games. :-)
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our soon like to pull it out while he is seating
by Oleg (5 out of 5 stars)
February 27, 2017

I would change few things, need to be slightly longer, thing witch prevents titi (boys) need to by fixed, our soon like to pull it out while he is seating, we still will recommended it to everyone.

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