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Product Description

The Formaticum cheese bag is manufactured in France for the sole purpose of making cheese last longer. Proper storage of cheese preserves the purity of its flavor while extending its shelf life. These premium cheese bags simulate the environment of a cheese cave, where cheeses are traditionally aged. While conventional plastic wrap suffocates cheese, this unique material allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity with the simplicity of an easy to use bag. The result is cheese that stays fresh, longer. Box contains 15 cheese storage bags. Storage bags have goat, sheep and cow icons to be circled for easy identification of enclosed cheese.


  • CHEESE STORAGE: Don't let your cheese spoil by using sandwich bags, produce bags or plastic bags that are made with non porous materials. Ensure that your cheese maintains freshness and flavor for longer with a freshness extender bag from Formaticum that is porous and ideal for any cheese lover.
  • SAVE YOUR CHEESE: There is nothing worse than seeing your brie, manchego, camembert or mozzarella dry out because you've used the wrong food storage bags. Our reusable storage bags are the ideal cheese saver that are similar to a cheesecloth bag in that they let the cheese breath for prolonged freshness.
  • KEEPS YOUR CHEESE FRESH: Unlike some paper bags or plastic wrap, the porous design of our cheese paper storage bags allow your cheese to breathe while retaining ample humidity to keep moisture in, keep fresh, and prevent it from drying out.
  • LET CHEESE BREATH: These reusable food storage bags are ready to be replaced when butterfat stains begin to appear prominently on the wax paper sheets. When that happens, just switch out the wax bag for a new one. There are 15 wax paper bags in total and each one is printed with "Cheese" and "Date" so labeling the contents is easy and clear.
  • VIVE LE FROMAGE: Each paper bag is professional grade and manufactured in France specifically for cheese storage. Good cheese needs premium cheese bags. Keep your cheese fresh with a wax paper bag that regulates humidity and ensures it is neither too moist or too dry. Our small paper bags for cheese are 6.25” x 11”.

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Top Reviews

So your cheese won't prematurely RIP
by Ella Kwint (5 out of 5 stars)
April 28, 2013

I'm fortunate enough to live in a city that sells this brand in-store. But it's awesome that Amazon offers this Prime-able because it is, IMO, an imperative item for cheese lovers; competitively priced here, anyone whose local market/cheese shop doesn't offer it is no longer out of luck.

I'm seriously trying not to grow into the insufferable cheese snob I fear I may become. Lecturing strangers that they may be suffocating their cheese is not a quality I want to pocess. However, anyone who appreciates value--getting the most for your dollar--will eventually admit that to be a resourceful consumer, ya just got protect your cheese; the stuff is too pricey to throw out prematurely. Even mass produced cheese from the big box store will get a major lifeline from correct storage.

I have both the Formaticum cheese paper and bags. The bags win...

You just mark the bag by circling the cheese type, write the date on the provided line, pop your cheese in and fold. Painless and time saving. The stickers provided with the paper roll version are indeed fun, but the bags are ultimately more convenient.

Though I personally don't double up cheeses in each bag unless they're the same general type, these are large enough for double, even triple duty. I'm solely a soft stinky stank cheese girl--and those are usually the types that need a bit more babying--but these are roomy enough for large parm blocks and your typically more generously sized hard cheeses. Each bag is 6-2.5" x 11"; 15 bags per box.

Tho perhaps considered a novelty to the less enthused or a luxury to others, I merely believe in the right tool for the job. These bags store and perserve your blocks of mold better than anything else I've tried. Well worth the investment.

The humidity stabilizing materials really do work. Sleep peacefully knowing there's no homicide occurring in the deep, dark unknown of your refrigerator.

They're made in France but don't hold that against them. It's a place that knows a thing or two about CHEESE.
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Better Than Plastic
by htm (4 out of 5 stars)
December 7, 2016

I bought these because I was sick of cheese tasting like plastic from ziploc bags, etc. These bags have kept the cheese from going stale in the fridge, so that's one test passed! They do seem a little pricey - I think next time I'm just going to go with some kind of wax paper instead, but I have found that these bags are durable enough for many uses. So for some, the price may be justified in being able to use one bag over the course of many weeks. I will probably continue to use the same bag until it rips or something, then move on to another. They just seem to be a slightly glorified piece of wax paper made into a bag; that's my only reservation on buying another pack.
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Amazing Product for Any Cheese Fan!
by Clothes Hog (5 out of 5 stars)
February 9, 2016

I. LOVE. THESE. These cheese bags are worth every penny. They actually work! The bags really do extend the life of your cheese slices/bricks. I purchased a second box just so I don't run out. My Costco packs of pre sliced havarti love living in these cheese bags...we have no cheese waste anymore! No hard edges on our opened bricks. No hardened slices of pre sliced cheeses. We've even stored opened cheeses, gone on vacation, or have forgotten about the cheese for multiple weeks and the cheese is still like it was the day we opened the package. These are my pantry staple now.
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by Clapton Fan (2 out of 5 stars)
March 20, 2019

I am a great cheese eater and use the Formaticum storage sheets which I love. So, I eagerly tried the bags as I was so pleased with the sheets; they are durable and the cheese stays fresher longer. The bags are easy to use but tear VERY easily. Corners of medium sized cheddar bricks soon poke thru. Just taking the bag from the fridge, and opening/closing will do this. I am staying with the sheets which last and protect the cheese.
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These bags work better with medium to hard cheeses
by Carolyn22 (4 out of 5 stars)
April 24, 2016

These bags work better with medium to hard cheeses. I've had Parmigiana stored for almost 2 months and it is still fresh! Other cheeses also stayed fresh for up to a few weeks. This is definitely a money saver. The only down side is that it keeps soft cheeses like brie fresh for up to about 2 weeks if you are careful as there seemed to be some moisture build up in the bag with softer cheese. I would buy them again once my bags are used up, noting that a bag can be used more than once.
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Best invention since... ever!
by BacchusGal (5 out of 5 stars)
March 17, 2015

I honestly don't know how I lived without these bags for so many years. We eat a lot of cheese in our household, and we enjoy having several varieties on hand at any given time. Invariably, one or more of the cheeses would start to mold before we ate it all, and this was especially true of the larger blocks of cheese that are so affordable at Costco. With these bags, I have "lost" a hunk of Jarlsberg in the back of the cheesebox for 4 months and when I pulled it out, there was not a spot of mold to be found and the cheese wasn't dried out in the least. It tasted every bit as good as the day I put it in the bag. I have had equal success with of all the cheeses I've stored in them so far - cheddars, jacks, goudas, Parmigiano Reggiano, havarti, Swiss - you name it and these bags protect your cheese investments. They are generous enough in size to easily hold the large blocks sold at the bulk stores or the two-pound bricks sold at your local grocery. I am a fan of Formaticum bags for life, and my pantry will never again be without them as part of my storage arsenal.
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Almost the longest-lasting cheese storage
by Peter DeGroot (4 out of 5 stars)
August 17, 2015

These keep hard and semi-soft cheeses for quite a few weeks in the refrigerator. They don't work well for very soft high-moisture cheeses like fresh mozzarella, though. The bags are easy to use and can be re-used. One minor drawback is that you can't see what's inside.

The only method I've used that keeps cheese longer than these bags is vacuum-sealing, which can keep cheese for months in the refrigerator. However, you have to cut open the package when you want to use it which makes it a bit impractical when you don't need all of the cheese, but of course you could then transfer it to a Formaticum bag.
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a good thing to have
by Dragonlady (4 out of 5 stars)
August 29, 2019

I've used this product for a couple of years now and cheese keeps much better and longer than in plastic bags or wraps. I have to say, however, that it does not keep cheese (including sliced cheese) for an inordinately long time, the cheese can mold inside these bags and then the bag should not be used anymore but needs to be discarded. The paper bags are easy to use, though, just stick the cheese inside, fold the bag over to cover everything inside, and refrigerate. They are also fairly strong, more so than the brown cheese bags I have used in the past. I bought several sets of these cheese bags to give to my grown children. The cheese does not sweat in the bags when refrigerated and no moisture has developed like it does in plastic bags. I am happy with them.
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Cheese please
by SASHA SABALVARO (4 out of 5 stars)
March 12, 2019

Great for those cheeses you dont want molding or expiring but want to last a while. Ive kept a hunk of parmmin one of these bag simply rolled up in the bottom basket of my fridge for about 2 months

And no mold or green spots, it does make

It a but dry but i dont mind since its parm. Overall i would prob re use and dont see myself using all the storage bags any time soon, will prob share w/ friends and fam.
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Very handy cheese bags!
by swakba (5 out of 5 stars)
August 29, 2019

I found these Formaticum Cheese Storage bags by accident on Amazon - looking for alternatives to plastic wrap. We've only used 2 bags thus far - this week - so we don't know yet how they hold up & how the cheese does inside them. But they are SO easy to use! We eat a lot of cheese so we've decided to label each bag with a kind of cheese & use them over & over as long as we can. As recommended, we just folded the top of the bag over once & put it under the cheese in the frig. Easy peasy! After we've used these a while, I'll update this review...

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