Smart Automatic Lawn Mower

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Step into The Future of lawn care by getting yourself one of these smart automatic lawn mowers. It works in rain or shine, on smooth or rough terrain, on ... [Read more]

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Hammock time!
by J. Youngblood (5 out of 5 stars)
August 16, 2016

We spent a couple of hours for several evenings, probably a total of 8 hours, setting up the perimeter wire. The wire is already disappearing into the lawn a week in to having it running. But it runs just great! Ran in the rain with no issues. Runs at night and no one hears it - super quiet!
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Great Purchase! Reading the manual and planning well are keys to success.
by Kindle Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
June 29, 2018

Great purchase! Read the whole manual (and it's great manual) and plan your layout as best you can. The time consuming part is installing the wire but my 5 year old son who loves to hammer helped me. It took about two hours for us to install a 367 ft run of line. The key is to do a trial run of wire where you install stakes about every 3 feet hammered in well but not to full depth. Then when you're sure you have the cable and charging station in the optimal spot go back and put more stakes in every 20 in. or so and hammer all the stakes full into the ground. The trial run of the wire makes it easier to modify the layout as you go through the process. We just moved to the house and some outdoor outlets worked but some didn't so I had to make changes to the layout. It was a lot easier to do with fewer stakes to pull. We've had no problems with the wire getting caught on mower blades, weed wackers, or our dog's feet. The programming part seems complicated but that's only because they give you so many options. It allows me to program the mower to go to each side yard 15% of the time and the large back yard 70% of the time. This works well because my side yards are in shade and don't grow as well. They say to place the charging station in the shade for best performance. We have no shade in a wide open area so I just put a patio umbrella in it's base and put it next to the charging station behind the guide wire. Looks a little silly but it will do until I can put together an A-frame "house" for the mower. Also, the transformer needs to be in a well-ventilated place out of direct sun. I placed it near the outlet, on the cement pad for the shed and leaned a plank of wood against the shed above it to give it shade. Be sure to cut your lawn and bag your clippings with a regular mower before letting the Husqvarna to its job. We didn't at first and the mower ran very slowly. Later we went back and did it the way the manual said to and the mower is noticably faster. It's only stopped 3x. Once when in the rain when couldn't get enough traction to get out of a deep dip in the lawn, and once when it ran over a whiffle ball my son left in the yard. Even then it kept running then but it's wheels were in the air (with no blades were running). It ran out of charge once before it made it back to the station but that was on a hot day and didn't have it's shade umbrella up when it was charging. We are very pleased with our little Husqvarna. It gets the job done and it's fun to w
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... to not use any punctuation marks in mine just like he did He said he "F***ing loved" this lawnmo
by Robert Alderman (1 out of 5 stars)
October 8, 2016

I can't believe this thing I read a review from a guy who gave it 5 stars and was so ispired by his review that I decided to not use any punctuation marks in mine just like he did He said he "F***ing loved" this lawnmower and at first I was worried maybe he didn't read the instruction manual because the last thing you want to do is f*** a lawnmower I have a big problem with this thing How am I supposed to put my earphones on and get away from my nagging wife and seven kids for a few hours on Saturday Seriously And how the hell do you even say Husquavara Next thing youre going to tell me this thing is made in Albuhquerkey Pray for my soul because now I have to go inside and make up a lame excuse for why I can't go to three soccer games today Thanks Huzqwavarnish You guys really suck

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