The Radiation Shielding Brain Helmet

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Product Description

Stretchy anti-radiation Silver-coated nylon skull cap with ear flaps is lightweight and breathes nicely. Comfortable enough to wear year-round while sleeping, thin enough to be worn under a conventional hat or all on its own. Stretchy, so it conforms to your head. Microwave Shielding Effect: >35 dB at 1-10 GHz. Surface resistivity: <0.5 Ohm/sq. Shielding performance decreases over time. Sound quality is not affected. Ear flaps can be tucked under to make a beanie shape if you prefer. Ok, it's not a Royal wedding "Fascinator" but if you prefer comfortable, practical, effective RF shielding over fashion, this is the hat for you. Research links RF radiation with behavioral and cellular disturbances. Many people can actually sense the differences in the levels of "mind noise" from RF radiation. Provide your brain a quiet place without interference to your mental processes from RF radiation. NOTE: This product is made of silver based fabric and should not be used by customers with history of silver triggered allergies. NO RETURN WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 30DAYS OF PURCHASE DATE - even if the product has been shipped by a customer! NO INTERNATIONAL RETURN AT ALL!


  • Stretchy anti-radiation Silver-coated nylon skull cap with ear flaps
  • Lightweight, breathable, comfortable & effective
  • Microwave Shielding Effect: >35 dB at 1-10 GHz
  • Surface resistivity: <0.5 Ohm/sq
  • Thin enough to be worn under a conventional hat or all on its own

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Top Reviews

Seems to be the real deal!
by Spirit Girl (5 out of 5 stars)
November 29, 2018

Like many who are looking into purchasing this braincoat, I am very sensitive to EMF's. I've already been using several devices for years: Orgonite, earthing mats and bracelets, shungite, earth calm system, Q-Link system, blue light glasses, orgone meditation pyramid as well as crystals. I am also a reiki energy healer. As you can see I am pretty serious about this stuff. I get headaches and pains in my body from wi-fi, computers, cell phones, etc. I set out to find a new device to protect my head because I was getting preparing to take a trip to see my parents. My dad in particular is against turning off the wi-fi in his apartment. The last time I visited i was having difficulty sleeping and getting a headache from the wi-fi and had to turn it off every night. With the upcoming trip I got nervous and decided i needed to invest in more protection. I haven't experimented with silver for EMF blocking yet. so I decided to give this hat a try. What I initially noticed was that I actually felt little pains (electrical currents or something) in my head when i first started using this hat. These little pains lasted for at least a few seconds to a minute or so after putting the hat on. So i wondered if it was actually attracting more EMF's to my head and I was concerned. However, after wearing the hat for a while I've concluded that the pains I was feeling in my head was perhaps an energetic shift/ healing that was taking place? I do tend to get headaches and so my head is very sensitive to any changes. I started out sleeping with the hat on. I wear a doo-rag underneath the hat because i don't want to get it dirty/ oily. I'm planning not to wash the hat if possible. I don't want it to lose it's strength. As others have mentioned, the hat does fall off while sleeping. I've awakened a few times to put it back on my head. Doesn't seem to be a big deal. I'm not sure if i will try to create a closure for it. I'm not too keen on sleeping with anything tied by my neck... a little claustrophobic. I also want to mention that I sleep with earthing bands attached to both of my legs by my ankles that are plugged into the grounding port of my outlet. So i was sleeping grounded with the hat on. Doesn't seem to be an issue. After sleeping with the hat on, I decided that I needed to use the hat while on my cell phone and on my computer as well. The results have been quite interesting. I have actually become more sensitive to the EMF's since wearing the hat. If i don't wear the hat while using my phone or computer, I start to get pains in my head or in my ears...or I just get this strange energetic feeling on my head (on the computer). This didn't happen before...well, perhaps sometimes it did. But now I am really noticing it...all the time without the hat on. Keep in mind, I use an earthing mat at the computer. Without the earthing mat I will get a headache. I also use bluelight glasses. But now, without the braincoat on I can really feel the EMF's from the computer and the cell phone. Is this a good thing? Well, it does prove that the braincoat is working! But now I must continue using it! I also want to mention that the brain coat doesn't stop my hands from hurting when using the cell phone or computer. I think i need some silver gloves for that! But it's great for the head! As others have also mentioned, the braincoat doesn't stop ear ringing! I get that too sometimes. My friend is telling me I should wear the braincoat when i go outside too. But I'm a little nervous to do this. What if i become too sensitive to go outside without the braincoat on? I also don't want to get it dirty. So my trip is coming up in a few days. i do plan to wear the braincoat throughout my 5 hour flight. That should be interesting. But since i look like an alien in the hat, and i don't want to scare the other passengers on the plane I will be wearing a normal looking hat over the braincoat to hide it! I hear there's a ton of EMF's on flights... so i'm happy I will have my brain coat on to protect me. I realize that other people have all kind of devices to test and see if the silver really works. i don't have these devices. They don't seem necessary when you're a person like myself who can feel everything. So that's the story! Braincoat seems to be for real!
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Turn off the noise in your brain
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
February 16, 2019

All I know is it works. They say, ''mind over matter" , but in today's world it's difficult to do with all the frequencies bombarding your brain! The biggest culprit is your cell phone. I have come to the conclusion that I have to limit my exposure to it. At night when laying in bed I put this on to sleep to protect my head from any unwanted frequencies. Sometimes I wear at home when I feel I'm having trouble focusing on a specific task. It works to keep my brain focused. Sometimes it's not a matter of focusing your concentration on a specific task. The communication and tech companies are using theses frequencies to control the masses. Put down your cell phone, get rid of it if possible, turn off the news, and listen to mediation music. Get rid of WiFi in your house and hard wire all internet connections. Protect your brain and your home, it's your last safe space, or at least it should be. Don't let Big Brother win!
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I will add my own chin strap so it doesn't fall off as easily.
by Marst Rioak (4 out of 5 stars)
October 24, 2017

I use it at night. Finally slept through the 2:30 AM to 4AM time slot. It is stretchy so if your head is a little larger it should work. I will add my own chin strap so it doesn't fall off as easily.
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Better off buy that Fabric and make a hat out ...
by Lauren (2 out of 5 stars)
June 17, 2015

cannot block off cell signal compared to the ArgenMesh Conductive/Shielding Silver Fabric. Better off buy that Fabric and make a hat out of it.
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Five Stars
by John L. Jackson (5 out of 5 stars)
May 18, 2018

Really cool if you have a severe radiation hazard in your neighborhood.
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Read my mind. I dare you.
by Doogerexpress (4 out of 5 stars)
December 26, 2015

Comfortable to wear,but slides off at night were I primarily where it. Feel it is providing shielding as I need it. Family has good laugh, but feel strongly about that which is unseen. and physically notice better sleep pattern. Recommend. Price point slightly higher than should be.
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Five Stars
by David Rowe (5 out of 5 stars)
March 12, 2016

This brain coat is super good
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Five Stars
by A. MORALES (5 out of 5 stars)
May 27, 2017

I use this at bedtime. And it really protects my head
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Cant figure out the silver lining . looks like a simple cap.
by Mother_Daughter (3 out of 5 stars)
January 23, 2017

I got this cap easily and am still trying to understand the silver lining. it looks like a simple cap that can't be used outside. The plan is to use it while asleep. will update the results in few days.
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Cute hat and headache is gone!
by Tatiana (5 out of 5 stars)
September 10, 2014

was delivered quick and quality is excellent -have a headache -nothing helping to me ( did try everything :clean liver,detox,parasites, doctors, pain pills -nothing working for me) with this hat feel like my poor head first time got relief . silver helping fight with headache -I knew it before -used silver neckless around head in "bad days"-did work but weak-this brain coat doing good work. I do recommend to buy a specially for people who working around computers a lot-actualy all people need to buy this hat-every where WiFi-iPhone.....our brain getting a lot of unnecessary radiation -and I like how it looks on me-cute. I will buy like gift for my friend in future.

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