Bump Proof Deadbolt Door Locker

Brand: The Lock Locker
Manufacturer: Life Simply Inc.
Model: The Lock Locker- Clear
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Product Description

Are you SURE you are safe behind locked doors? The Lock Locker is designed to prevent ANYONE from unlocking your deadbolt EVEN if they have a legitimate key, bump key, 3D printed key or lock picks. Did you know that 95% of the homes in America are not protected even when their doors are locked? That’s because intruders know how ineffective deadbolts really are. The Lock Locker provides an extra layer of security for you and your family. Go to bed at night feeling more secure knowing that your deadbolts are locked and will stay locked!


  • Keeps door lock secure from intruders from entering your home
  • Stops: bump keys, 3D printed keys, lock picks, stolen keys, copied keys, manager/maintenance
  • Powerful magnets keep two parts together, yet allow for easy removal and reconfiguring
  • Super high impact material breaks key before unlocking door
  • Configures to any locking angle

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Top Reviews

Like it and Use it, in my own way
by Arcturus (4 out of 5 stars)
October 29, 2014

Learning about key bumping was an eye opener. I currently live in a rental unit, so adding hardware like a hotel-style swing lock or other modification is out of the question. I saw the Lock Locker and purchased two. The units installs and functions as advertised. The only issue I have is the way it hangs when engaged. The magnets do a good job of holding the "round" piece in place with the "flat" piece but do nothing to hold the unit against the dead bolt lever plate (at least on my door). Maybe it's just me but I foresee the possibility of the unit being jostled off of the dead bolt lever, rendering it useless. I understand the need to be able to quickly remove the unit for egress but as is it just doesn't seem secure. So what I did is this (see photo, rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise). My solution is a 3M Command damage-free micro hook and a rubber band. It works great! This does not significantly impede removal of the Lock Locker, and I store the rubber band on the door knob. I know that the manufacturer will probably not endorse my solution for liability reasons, but I now feel better knowing that the unit will not be accidentally or purposely bumped off. Regarding the plastic material, I Know from years of experience as a mechanical designer that poly-carbonate is an excellent choice for this product.

Know that this product and others like it will not prevent forced entry. I also employ a security system. The best we can do is discourage a burglar, slow him down and make a potential intrusion as noisy as possible.
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... house and the Lock Locker seemed to be the perfect solution to my problem
by E Hall (3 out of 5 stars)
March 2, 2015

I have Schlage dead bolts on my house and the Lock Locker seemed to be the perfect solution to my problem. I ordered 2 of these certain they would work on my dead bolts, but when they arrived and I placed it over the top of my thumb turn it barely stayed in place flopping back and forth. I quickly realized that the reason it wasn't sticking was because the escutcheon plate under the thumb turn is made out of brass and magnets don't stick to brass. I thought back to all of the years I was in the building supply business and the hundreds of thousands of dead bolts we sold and how most of them were brass and then I began to wonder just how many dead bolts this device would actually work on. As I started to repackage them so I could return them I began to wonder if I could make them work using some small rare earth magnets I had bought from Amazon months earlier for another project of mine and within 30 minutes both Lock Lockers were attached to my doors and probably working better than they are supposed to. I ended up making 2 stacks of 6 magnets directly behind the bottom 2 magnets on the ring of the Lock Locker and the stacks are firmly stuck to my metal doors and placed so they will make the LL stick to the door in the perfect spot every time. This application would work on a wooden door with a brass lock too, but you would have to glue the bottom magnets to the door to start the stack. Would I recommend this modification for the average person? Definitely not, but I was sure glad that I was able to make them work because they are an ingenious design as long as you don't have solid brass dead bolts.
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Does as advertised! Unwelcomed visitors are kept out!
by mmedina (5 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2014

Works great! I live in a small apartment in a "gated community" (with the gates always open...great). So just about anyone could show up at my front door and bump key into my apartment without any trouble.

That's where this great little device comes in. I love to sleep at night, but was having trouble knowing that the front door could be opened from the outside at any time. I had resorted to locking my inner bedroom door for additional safety and comfort. Now I just place this onto the front door before bed and I can sleep peacefully knowing that no one will be able to barge in even with a bump key.

I have tested this device out personally, and while the lock still jiggles, the deadbolt holds and you cannot open the door. The lock would have to break before this locker gives way!

Some concerns I would like to address:

Placing and removing this locker takes milliseconds. In case of an emergency, I just have to move the locker to unlock the door and run out. You can even leave it hanging on your handle if you are in a rush or would like to leave it there for convenience. I personally keep mine hanging on some small hooks I have by my door for easy access.

Also, this locker is customizable! When first opening and testing out this lock I was horrified to see that the locker was adjusted to a horizontal locking position, while my actual lock is locked in a vertical position. Turns out that this locker is customizable and even comes with 2 different sized slots for your lock. One is the standard oval you see in the images, and one that is a perfect rectangle. Once I found that you could adjust the actual lock I switched out for the oval and placed it in a vertical position to fit my door. Problem solved.

Jiggling and shaking the door will not prevent the locker from falling off. Some reviewers mentioned this, but this is not a problem with the current locker I have. There is a little ledge around the edge of the insert that holds onto your lock, so any amount of shaking is not going to get anyone anywhere.

Overall this is an amazing product for a great price! I sleep soundly now.
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Two days since my home invasion and I feel secure again.
by maxmom (5 out of 5 stars)
November 15, 2015

On Friday the 13th, at 8:12 AM, I had an attempted home invasion/burglary. I am sure the thief was expecting an empty home. He opened my entry door and not hearing an alarm, went to stash his bike from view on a busy street.

Although my alarm system was not armed, it announced that a monitored door was opened. My system is in a back hallway and I could hear when "Front Door" was announced. (Someone outside probably could not hear the alarm voice, maybe just the two beeps that also sound.) I went to check; I have a small open house so I could see that no one was in view inside or outside my opened front door. Totally perplexed, husband out of town and teen gone to school an hour before, I was just standing and staring at the open door when the would-be thief comes into view, attempting to stash his bike out of sight, head down. My advancing at him and yelling at full volume made the coward turn and run away, scrambling to get on his bike.

Okay In hindsight. I should have just closed the door when the thief had his head down, got my camera, opened the speakeasy and taken a picture of his perplexed face for the police files. Charging out, doing my best white-haired crazy lady routine, probably wasn't the best idea.

I am fairly sure I had my deadbolt engaged; I am a bit OCD about making sure the deadbolt is turned at night. Three of my four part locking-up routine were still in place. 1. Sliding door locked. 2. Exterior entry light on. 3. Interior light off. 4. Throw deadbolt on entry door. But rarely, the entry doesn't get locked. Insert husband's name here. So I am assuming the deadbolt was "bumped." I didn't even know about this practice until the police told me and more I did internet research, the more disturbed I became.

An internet search led me to this product. I have a new Emtek deadbolt on a plate, so a Flip Guard or a Lock Jaw would not work. This product works perfectly. Reviewer E Hall, mentioned using neodymium magnets since my interior thumb-turn lever is mounted on a brass plate. The Lock Locker would work on the brass fixture without the extra magnet but it seems securer with it. The Lock Locker is clear, so not too obnoxious on black/bronze hardware. It was important that I didn't need to permanently attach or drill into my nice new Jeld-Wen door. While the Lock Locker was in place, we thumped that door, Lock Locker stayed firmly in place. We tried turning our key almost to the point of damaging the key,

Since 99% of the time we leave through a backdoor, the Lock Locker will now be engaged while we are away and at night. An effective visual reminder that NO ONE can use a key to enter. Add Step 5, rotate Lock Locker and feel it snap into place.

I really don't want to feel that rush of adrenaline again.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I purchased these magnets: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UCVARK?refRID=NGTBKG20HCJHQ4E1YW9W&ref_=pd_ybh_a_2 . I only needed one magnet to literally pull the Lock Locker from my fingers and stick on a BRASS plate. Without this magnet, product may not stick very well. See photo.
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This Really Does Work Despite Some Frustrations
by IBuyALot OnAmazon,Top Contributor: Pets (5 out of 5 stars)
July 30, 2016

Bottom line: It really does work (in spite of things that frustrated me).

Oh how I wanted to give this product 1 Star to get the owner's attention. But it truly deserves 5 Stars because it really does work, and because it is original and quite clever in its invention. Bravo to the inventor for thinking this up.

The Negative First: To the owner of this product, what were you thinking when it comes to the following:

The instructions! I give the instructions 1 Star! The print is way too small. I needed magnifying reading glasses to see the print...and the sheet of paper is way too small, with the text having to be crammed in. What makes matters worse, the owner is selling a product where if one puts it onto the deadbolt the wrong way, which is way too easy to do, it won't work correctly, and people will think they were sold a defective product!

Knowing that this item must be placed on the correct side, why wouldn't THIS INFO be placed first in big letters on a big sheet of paper? Or, why did they not mark the product itself with arrows or colored pieces or something that clearly indicates which way it goes on, without the user having to do any thinking at all? It would have been so easy for the inventor to do this. (And think about it: This is an original design no one has ever had any experience with whatsoever. They must make this as easy and as idiot-proof as possible. Heck, those cheap HVAC intake filters have arrows on all sides letting people know which way the airflow goes so they won't put in in with the wrong side facing out.)

The Good: Like I said, this product really does work. Sadly, there might be some confusion regarding how it installs. The circular piece does not go around the circular edge of the round deadbolt plate, flush against it. (I first thought it did.)

On the inside of the round part of the Lock Locker is what some are calling a lip. It is an edge, if you will. This lip hangs onto the inside of the top part of the deadbolt turn knob, by just a little bit. It feels loose, but you will see that you cannot pull it exactly straight off towards you. (This will give you confidence it cannot be bumped off.)

Once in place correctly, no matter how loose the Lock Locker feels, the deadbolt cannot be turned, either with a key on the outside or with your fingers on the deadbolt turn knob on the inside.

You will easily be able to test it and be confident this product does work, again assuming you have put it on correctly. (It is easy to put on correctly once you figure out which side has the lip. It is just really sad and unnecessary that one has to go through the figuring out which side faces the door when the owner could have easily marked it better...with something. Anything!)

This Lock Locker, which of course is used to make you safer while you are home, is perfect for someone who has others who have a spare key, or to protect from someone using a Bump Key or lock pick to break in. The Lock Locker can be removed so easily in a second by you at any time.

I like that this does not need to be screwed behind the deadbolt plate like that other alternative.

I hope this product is a huge success for the owner, as it should be, since it is so original and it works. I also hope perhaps the owner will consider making modifications to the instructions and the device itself so it is much easier to immediately know which side goes towards the deadbolt! Thank you.
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Easy fix for apartment dwellers
by Amazon Customer (4 out of 5 stars)
September 7, 2016

Living in an apartment building w/ a super who has developed a reputation for breaking into apartments, I thought I'd add another hindrance to his activities. This looked like it might work, and w/ a slight addition it did. The issue, as you can tell from the pictures, is that the deadbolt knob is too short/narrow to be restricted by the slot, and it will turn w/ the device in place. I thought about glueing something into the slot to make it narrower, but while searching for something to use, I came across bullnose clips. The 2in clip is the best fit; holding onto the skinny knob and filling the slot. Lock will not turn w/ the key.

Very simple to use/install. I deducted a star because I added a clip, This would be a simple fix for the mfg who would only have to include additional inner circles with smaller slots.

ps. The super has been fired
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Not a good security product for deadbolts.
by HobbesInVA (1 out of 5 stars)
December 2, 2018

This product doesn't not secure itself on the deadbolt itself but rests on the handle. The concept is that the handle will not turn as long as the product rest on the deadbolt. For this to be a true security product, it needs to be re-engineered to secure to the deadbolt housing so the handle does not turn. One good bump to the door and this product will come off the deadbolt.
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Great invention!
by Happy Shopper (5 out of 5 stars)
August 3, 2017

I'm still giving this product a 5 star even though it didn't work on my Schlage BE469 and Schlage BE469 locks, which was a disappointment. However, when I called customer service regarding my problems with it not being compatible with my locks, I was surprised that Greg Davis, the inventor was the one who responded. He said he wanted to make sure that all his customers were satisfied with his product. He also stated that he will look into ways of improving the future model to accommodate the Schlage BE468 and BE489 also. It's hard to find a Company that cares about its products and their customers - and this Company DOES CARE! THANK YOU GREG!
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Don't buy-easy to dislodge
by S. Azwar (1 out of 5 stars)
July 7, 2018

Someone tried to force the deadbolt on my backdoor around 3 am this morning. Knocked this lightweight plastic device off, *easily*. It made a racket though, and as I'd fallen asleep on the couch, I heard it and was able to reseat it. The Addalock I also have installed on that door was still there though. Going back to the Supergrip Lock as backup to the Addalock on my doors.
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Definitely works and worth every penny!
by Maggie's Mom (5 out of 5 stars)
November 21, 2015

Just what I needed for an extra boost of security in my new apartment. Landlord does not allow additional locks to be added by tenants. At least I now feel secure at night when asleep. Bought 2, 1 for front door and 1 for deck door.

Has paid for itself. About week ago, I was home working and maintenance tried to get in for some unknown reason. Door did not open. Poor maintenance guy had go back to main office because he thought he had the wrong key!

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