Instant Ice Cream Maker

Brand: Zoku
Model: ZK120-GN
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Product Description

Make your favorite frozen dessert in as little as 10 minutes on any countertop-no electricity needed. Enjoy ice cream, frozen custard, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, and sherbet, from classic flavors to ones invented by you. Soft serve ice cream freezes before your eyes in just 10 minutes and hard ice cream is ready with another 10 minutes in the freezer.

Zoku's single-serving bowls means everyone in your family can make their own personalized flavor with mix-ins and toppings. And if you have multiple ice cream makers, the stainless steel bowls stack and store easily in your freezer, so it's ready whenever you are.

Pour the chilled ice cream mixture into the bowl, churn with the provided spoon, scrape, and enjoy. Each Zoku Ice Cream Maker includes 1 stainless steel bowl, 1 protective sleeve, and 1 spoon. It is BPA and phthalate free and cleanup is simple, just hand-wash in warm water with mild soap. Do not wash in dishwasher.


  • CREATE A VARIETY OF FRESH FROZEN TREATS: Hard ice cream, soft serve, healthy frozen yogurt, gelato and refreshing granitas are all possible with the Zoku Ice Cream Maker; confidently avoid allergens and make custom creations for different dietary needs - ketogenic, paleo, vegan and more
  • FAST AND CONVENIENT: Makes a perfect portion of soft serve ice cream in as little as 10 minutes and hard ice cream in 20 minutes; no electricity needed—use on any countertop; make and serve your frozen creation out of the same bowl
  • EASY TO USE: Just pour in up-to 5-fluid ounces of your chilled ice cream mixture, churn and scrape the stainless steel bowl, and watch as the ice cream freezes before your eyes; hand wash with warm water
  • ENDLESS RECIPE IDEAS: Use with recipes from Zoku’s Endless Summer cookbook or create your own flavors—the possibilities are as endless as summer itself; will not freeze sugar-free recipes
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 6-ounce stainless steel bowl, 1 protective sleeve, and 1 spoon; comes in your choice of three colors; BPA and phthalate free

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Top Reviews

Great for a keto or low carb diet!! 😋
by Rosa (5 out of 5 stars)
May 17, 2018

Like most here I wanted low carb ice cream without needing to make a gallon. I'm on a keto / low carb diet and can only have 20 grams a day. This is perfect! Ice cream came out great! And I can enjoy a treat with my kids. It was ready in less than 10 minutes and fun to make. My ice cream came out to 8 grams of carbs for 1 serving. I made Caramel Cheesecake Ice Cream. 😋

Here are my ingredients - this makes 2-3 servings, so I put about half away in the fridge to make ice cream again tomorrow:

Caramel Cheesecake Ice Cream
8oz Cream Cheese (softened to room temp)
1/2 cup of heavy cream
1/4 cup water

Torani sugar free caramel syrup

pinch of salt
1tsp vanilla extract

Whip the heavy cream with a mixer until you get soft peaks. Throw in the softened cream cheese. Add in the water, Torani, salt and vanilla as you mix. Mix on high until smooth. Done! Stick it in the fridge for like an hour or more to get cold.

Then grab your Zoku and put 1/3 to half of it in the bowl and mix mix. Ice cream in less than 10 mins.

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Lots of fun and delicious too
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
June 10, 2016

This is my second Zoku ice cream maker -- had to get a second one because my husband is enjoying what I made with the first one too much, so now he can make his own serving. I like making small batches and not having leftovers getting lost in the freezer, plus it encourages experimentation and using new ingredients.
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Not as easy as it looks!
by Holly (3 out of 5 stars)
April 22, 2017

It does make ice cream and sorbet. But you need to stir and scrape and stir and scrape the freezing material off of the bottoms and sides constantly for about 20 minutes. If you don't, what ever liquid you put in freezes solid to the bottom and sides and is almost impossible to get out. Also, do not fill the bowl past 1/2 full, because the vigorous stirring splashs liquid everywhere. However if you are careful and diligently stir and scrape for ~20 minutes, about 2/3 cup of ice cream can be made every 6 or so hours (bowl needs to completely freeze in the freezer for about that long between uses).
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Koo-Coo for ice ceam? Zoku is for you!!!
by karlene vickers (5 out of 5 stars)
March 12, 2017

Very cool product! I ordered the Zoku icecream book to get the frozen yogurt recipe! Yogurt is yummy! Looking forward to doing ice cream! I halved the recipe and put it in a mason jar in the fridge! So I can have 3 servings ready to go! It's fun! It's fast! If you have kids! I'd recommend getting each kid one ( great Easter gift) , otherwise , you will have craziness in your house! On a final note, you can make make ice cream with organic milk and really cut down on a lot of nasty ingredients in your diet!
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... tried ice cream and it works but not that great. I tried doing frozen Yogurt and it works ...
by Charles M. (3 out of 5 stars)
September 29, 2015

it's OK I have tried ice cream and it works but not that great. I tried doing frozen Yogurt and it works better. I find if you ad some sweeten condensed Milk to the yogurt at about 1 part milk to about 4 parts yogurt it makes a pretty good frozen yogurt. I sill have to try some other ice cream recipes to see if it works better. I think the stirring Patel needs a better design to fit the bowl.
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Works like a charm
by Zenephi (5 out of 5 stars)
October 21, 2015

Makes a healthy ice cream without having to use the cream. Pour a protein shake in it and it'll turn it into protein ice cream.
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Kinda, sorta worked
by TFP (2 out of 5 stars)
June 23, 2018

I had the bowl in the freezer for 48 hours before first attempting to use it. I used a mixture of coconut and almond milks plus a few other ingredients, and stirred for 10 minutes. The liquid showed barely any signs of freezing. I put the bowl in the freezer for 40 minutes, periodically stirring. The liquid eventually took on the consistency of a slushie. I imagine in another 40 minutes, I would have had something close to the hardness of ice cream. I don't mind that it took significantly longer than expected, but I think I could have had the same results using a regular bowl.

I was annoyed to realize, after the fact, that I could have (and eventually did) purchase the SiLER 1.5 Quart Ice Cream Machine for less than $10 more. That's a REAL ice cream maker that works great.
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Really wanted to love this
by Rene M. (2 out of 5 stars)
June 19, 2018

Just bought this a week ago but will likely return. The first three nights it made great ice cream as promised. Then the next three nights I only got a solid layer of thick ice on surface of bowl, leaving liquid puddle in middle. Not doing anything different,and stirring/scraping the entire time. Very disappointed, as I was about to order the slushy maker, and now will not take a chance. A lot of money for only three good uses. I'm giving it two stars only because I like the fun colors and it's easy to assemble. Another thing that's not so great is you can't clean it right after use. You have to wait hours for it to get back to room temperature, otherwise it forms ice from the water. Twice I forgot about it and discovered next morning on counter ... so no ice cream that night, as it wasn't enough time to refreeze. Bummer.
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I can enjoy tasting. My hubby and I each have one ...
by Cynthia J. (5 out of 5 stars)
July 1, 2018

I have been looking for a stainless steel ice cream maker for quite a while. Aluminum is just too concerning. This bowl makes ice cream quite quickly, and while freezing it, I can enjoy tasting. My hubby and I each have one and mix it while we watch tv. I love Ice cream and always ate it up rather quickly. I seem to enjoy it more now as I am taking the time to do so while it freezes. I can't wait to have my grandchildren make theirs when they visit. more plus, the ice cream doesn't melt in the bowl!
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Super easy once you get the hang of it & works with stevia & monk fruit etc.
by Darlene Dixon (5 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2019

I got this for my grandchildren, five and three years old, but they're too young to really stick with it and to understand that you have to keep scraping the sides and bottom. No problem because I can have a nice soft serve in just a matter of minutes and if I keep adding a little of my ice cream mix to the bowl I get enough for them and me as they don't generally eat a lot of sweets so a little is all they really want.

I find the mixture really starts hardening up on the sides as soon as you pour it in. I pour in about a quarter cup and immediately start scraping the sides and bottom with a small stainless steel children's spoon and not with the plastic spoon thing that came with it as overall we don't use plastic items. The spoon hasn't scratched the surface and works great. Once the ice cream starts to thicken I then add more mixture and go at the sides and bottom again and it all combines and helps the new mixture to freeze up fast. I do this about two to four more times as I usually get a nice soft serve to dish up to the kids right away. Right away is less than ten minutes.

I'd read that this won't work with different sweeteners but it works great for me with Pyrue sweetener which is an organic blend of erythritol and stevia and it works with monk fruit powder. I haven't tried sugar as I don't buy sugar. I usually have just plain vanilla ice cream but I've added cocoa for really good chocolate ice cream and cherries for cherry ice cream. It's easy to make up a mixture and to add anything you want once it starts getting a little hard. I haven't tried a sorbet yet or frozen yogurt.

I liked this enough to buy another one even though the kids aren't really into it as young as they are. It's nice to have one in the freezer ready to go while the other one dries. It's also nice to have a stainless steel method to make your homemade ice cream that can match up to many store-bought brands. A little organic cream, organic milk, organic sweetener, a dash of Himalayan salt and a little bit of scraping and mixing and I'm a happy organic grandmother.

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