Tablift Tablet and iPad Stand for Bed

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Product Description

The Tablift is an one of a kind universal tablet and iPad stand made for all the places ordinary tablet stands won't work: the bed, lounge chair, or any uneven surf... [Read more]

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Very Creative and Handy Product!
by JW (5 out of 5 stars)
May 26, 2016

Great little product! I actually reversed the legs and mounted a small cutting board to the bottom with velcro so that I could use as a small desk for my tablet in its folding case or use my small Chromebook on it.
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Damaged my new iPad
by Phil (1 out of 5 stars)
April 22, 2018

I like the stand, but it damaged my iPad. The stand did come with an insert that says if you have an iPad Pro, then you need to get a hard case - so I thought I would be fine, because I have the new 2018 9.7" iPad. but I think if you have *ANY* new iPad, you need to get a hard case to use in addition to the tablet stand. It's kind of a shame that my new iPad has a big ugly dent and scratches on the back of it now, I was *kind of* warned, but... just to clear things up... you basically need to buy a hard case in order to be able to use this tablet stand without damaging your ipad. It's kind of a flawed design that in my opinion should be addressed...
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Leaves BLACK marks on bedding!!!
by J. Ekdahl (1 out of 5 stars)
January 24, 2018

Great idea, but black marks on bedspread and/or sheets make this useless. Even if you are using it on colored bedding, be aware that it is leaving skid marks! I almost never give a one-star review, but his has to go to Goodwill because by the time it was time to give it as a gift, the return period was over. If you get it, get it in white!
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Damaged my iPad
by Heather (3 out of 5 stars)
December 18, 2016

While I love the functionality of this product, in full disclosure I must tell you that it damaged my iPad where it sits in the holder. The iPad is now bent from use. That is the only reason why I am giving this three stars because aside from this it is an amazing design.
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Great legs, terrible string.
by Niania (1 out of 5 stars)
November 28, 2017

The legs are perfect The little string that holds the ipad is too weak; it stretched out and my ipad started falling off. I had to chuck the whole thing in about 4 weeks. What a waste.
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Phenomenal design!
by Design diva (5 out of 5 stars)
November 8, 2016

This is exzactly what I needed! And apparently everyone else in my home now too! All the other tablet stands we have purchased were so rigid, cheap or were only good in one or two positions! This one can form to any position I'd like it too it's so flexible, yet very stable, it will stay where you finally get it perfectly adjusted to be! The base that holds the tablet can be angled along with the legs as well that was when I started to proclaim its true awesomeness. It does take a few tries to "mold" it right where u want it though due to so many moving parts to adjust. And I thought I should add that I did buy this with my own money for full price
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Works as advertised
by Brooke (5 out of 5 stars)
January 3, 2015

I'm bedbound with a progressive illness, and needed a stand that would allow me to use my tablet (a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014) comfortably in bed. I previously used one of the clamp based stands that clamps onto something by the bed and then bends over at whatever angle you like. It worked well for awhile, but parts of it kept breaking, and it was simply too expensive to replace.

The Tablift works almost perfectly for my needs. In particular, I love the ability to have the tablet held securely at a downward-facing angle. While the holder part has three pre-set angles to choose from, by angling/spreading the legs differently you can choose any angle you like. The stand is fairly stable as long as you're careful to keep the legs spread far enough apart. Since I need mine to stand on a pillow on my lap, I have occasionally not had the legs far enough apart and fallen asleep, only to be rudely awakened by the tablet falling on my face, but that's at least partially my own fault. The clip does hold the tablet fairly well, although it will slide out the side if it gets tilted too far that direction. But as long as you position things correctly and keep the stand upright, there's really no chance of the tablet falling out.

This will not work with most - if any - cases, so you will need to take your tablet out of any case it may be in before use. For me I simply leave it that way now and it works out fine. I do wish the tablet could be switched between landscape and portrait mode without having to unclip and reclip the cord, but oh well. It's not too big of a hassle.

Overall, this product is well worth the cost. I tried several other stands prior to this, and this is the one I will use for a long time to come.
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Most helpful tablet stand
by skookamoid (5 out of 5 stars)
January 20, 2017

Each leg can be adjusted independently with a goose neck mechanism. Useful sitting, lying down, adjustable to any position. The legs looked fragile in the picture, but are solid, about half an inch in diameter, and independently adustable. The main weak point is the elastic holder. It is attached to the tablet holder and ends in a simple bracket to hold the tablet in place. The weakness is in the loss of tension if the elastic is stretched. Fortunately, it is possible to install a new elastic holder by looping around the base. There are three slots set at different angles to hold the tablet. They are not wide enough to hold an otterbox defender. I use it constantly at home. On the heavy side to carry in a pack. Most important is the adjustability.
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This is a no-brainer buy!!!!
by JaneOPks (5 out of 5 stars)
December 1, 2016

Ok- WOW!! I purchased this from Amazon for my 8 and 11 year olds for their iPad Air's which are incased in a Beetle Defense case. They fit PERFECTLY with (I don't believe) a lot of pressure on the actual iPad. I've seen reviews where people have commented that their iPads have shattered from this product, and it makes me think that if you have to really force the bungi cord over the iPad/case, that yes, you are going to compromise the iPad inside, which is not so good. Our combination seems to fit perfectly. I layed on the couch and was even able to play Minecraft comfortably with no hand discomfort (I'm 50. LOL!) Really well made and packaged nicely too. You really should get one. :-D
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Only works if you take the I pad out of the case
by Amazonas Monroe (1 out of 5 stars)
April 11, 2018

Only works if you take the Ipad out of the case every time. I find it impractical and could result in a broken iPad!

They could have made a wider groove fo fit an Ipad with its case.

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