Crown Bees Mason Bee Accessories Mud Mixture

Brand: Crown Bees
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Dimension: 1.5 x 6.0 x 3.0 inches
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Product Description

Why Mason Bee Mud. No mud means no mason bees. The female mason bee is very picky when selecting a home location. She won't build a nest in your yard without the all-important mud. She seals each egg chamber with mud to protect her developing babes. If there's no mud, she'll leave. She is also picky about the type of mud she uses. Her small mandibles must be able to grasp small grains, and then fly to the nest. This mason bee mud mixture ensure your bees have the correct mud balance for your location.


  • Clayey-Mud mixture is easy for the female mason bee to carry to the nest
  • Packs well and retains water for stickiness
  • Ships dry with mixing instructions to reduce shipping costs
  • Solves the problem of not having clayey-mud in the backyard
  • Easy instructions to increase success with mason bees

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