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The inflatable pool pizza raft is a great addition of fun for the pool, lounge in the pool on one these fun and colorful Pizza Pool Slices! The realistic print of the piz... [Read more]

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... I blogged about this pizza float as being my best purchase of 2016
by Caitlin Mullett (1 out of 5 stars)
July 14, 2016


I blogged about this pizza float as being my best purchase of 2016, but after using it 3 times this summer it is in the trash. It didn't hold air for more than a day when I used it the first time, but it wasn't that big of a deal. I brought it this weekend to use for a girls trip and it didn't hold air for more than 15 minutes. I was so disappointed! I have kept it folded in the box when not in use, rinsed off and fully dried before putting it away and only used it in water. I have not found a hole at this point and am convinced it is the thin plastic it is made out of. I was extremely happy with this purchase originally, but now I've got the summer blues because my awesome float turned out to be a dud. Bummer.

I was so excited for this item to arrive and be used on my vacation. It exceeded expectations in size, style and comfort (TWO CUPHOLDERS?!) but did not seem to hold all of its air for more than a day. It was never completely flat by the end of the day, just noticeably squishier. I checked for holes and did not find anything. Still a great product, I got so many compliments and all of my family members plan to purchase it so we have the full pizza next year.
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It's an alright slice of pie, kind of like a hit or miss hot and ready
by HanR (3 out of 5 stars)
July 10, 2017

Quality of the raft itself is a bit questionable. While filling it up it was very finicky on holding air at first but then it proceeded to hold just fine. Took it to the river for a camping trip. Cosmetically this thing is hilarious and the whole purpose of it. For some reason I needed a pizza slice raft/float. I weigh about 150 and it supports me just fine for floating, anyone heavier can expect pretty poor results. While I was off the raft it held a mid size cooler very well and it has attachments to link more slices or you can anchor it to something so it doesn't float away. This was $28 for me at the time of purchase, for what you get quality wise it's a bit high but we'll see how long it lasts. I was hesitant at first as this had pretty poor reviews regarding life span, I didn't need to refill it on my trip which was a 3 day trip. Overall if you're purchasing it for the intent of someone light weight and as a fun gag gift I couldn't agree more, but in regards to quality i'm sure you could also find something just as fun for either cheaper or at least expectant of better materials/craftsmanship.
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Best pool raft that we have!
by Chelsie Cochran (5 out of 5 stars)
June 7, 2017

My entire family and everyone who comes swimming in our pool loves the pizza raft! It is very large and you can easily fit two average sized adults on it. This raft arrived as described and it is very vibrant and colorful. The 'crust' portion of the raft is slightly elevated and perfect for resting your head on. It also has two cup holders which keep your drink stable even during periods of movement. It has also remained adequately inflated and comfortable after repeated use. I also liked that it came with a patch in order to repair any potential tears or holes. This is definitely a very unique and fun pool raft for all ages!
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Super super comfortable and huge
by Margarita (5 out of 5 stars)
July 19, 2017

So, I will start with the good. It is a huge and very durable floatie that is EXTREMELY comfortable. My whole family used it at the lake from the smallest in our family weighing about 60 pounds and the largest weighing almost 290 pounds with absolutely no issues. It did not lose air or anything.

We had pumped it up days before using an air mattress pump and it kept its shape even after I used it to float down the Deschutes River in Bend, OR for a few hours (I also got stuck on a rock right below the water in the river and stayed there on the pizza float as I listened to the Slightly Stoopid concert going on at the Amphitheater for about an hour) and still did not feel the floatie lost any air.

The crust on the pizza makes an excellent head pillow whilst floating and the toppings look cute as heck.

The only real complaint I have is that it was very hard to try to paddle if you float in a river or lake and need to redirect yourself. This is just due to the size and general shape--with the top crust area being the biggest end. Also for some reason, the little plastic part that pops out to inflate the greater part of the pizza was defective and sticks out from the float itself. It looked half-way open when we got back home, and although it did not lose any air, it looks like it could fail at any time by opening up. The other issue I had with the floatie is that the pepperoni could be more red LOL. It currently has a burgundy/brown color.

I would buy more if they weren't so expensive. It would be cool to connect them together since the bungee cords are quite durable.
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Punctures easily. Save your money.
by AnĂ³nima (2 out of 5 stars)
May 8, 2017

I bought 2, with the intention of hooking them up together and doing the 4-hour Tubing down the river. But I wanted to test it in the pool first. I inflated it in the living room and noticed after an hour or 2 it was going to need refilling before taking it to the pool. I didn't notice any punctures so it must have been leaking from the valve itself. So we take it to the pool. I weigh 125lbsand I get on it, everything is fine. When my boyfriend gets on it (189lbs) it starts looking like it needa more air after being on it for about 20minutes. When I brought it inside I noticed 2 teeny tiny punctures. It does come with a patch for those who didn't realize it the yellow note that says it comes with the patch is the actual patch. You peel it apart like tape and seal. I saw everyone's reviews about the holes and punctures and took my risk and ordered it anyway. Never again! Yes it fits someone who is 6ft tall just fine. No, I would not recommend for 2 people to get on 1 of these unless its two small people.
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I need more of these!!!
by Jane (5 out of 5 stars)
June 22, 2016

I've got two crazy kids and two crazy dogs on this float constantly and I'm not worried one bit about it popping. It's like having a bed in your pool - with cup holders. I'm being nice and sharing for now but I'll be buying a few more for sure!

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