Kid's Inflatable T-Rex Costume

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This Halloween, make your pint-sized dinosaur enthusiast the center of attention with this hilarious kid's inflatable T-Rex costume. This officially licensed Jurassic World costume comes with a small fan for easy inflation and is designed to fit children up to 54" tall. [Read more]

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She won't. Stop. Laughing.
by Biffcheese (5 out of 5 stars)
April 18, 2016

I dunno, I may need to return it. My girlfriend won't take it off now, and it's weird because we're trying to have a baby.
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Best. Costumes. Ever.
by Familyof6 (5 out of 5 stars)
December 30, 2018

Did I need to buy 3 of these for my kids? Could I have found cheaper costumes? No, and yes. BUT, let's just have a candid moment of absolute honesty. This was seriously the very best and most fun I have EVER had as an adult on Halloween. My kids love dinosaurs, and they were thrilled with these costumes. They were relatively easy to get on and off, quite warm for our cold Halloween, and a major hit with friends, family, and neighbors! No joke, they got extra candy at almost every house just because they made people laugh. My husband and I wore the adult costumes, and it was hilarious. My kids still enjoy wearing these around the house, having battles, sliding all over the floor, and general hilarity ensues. For sizing- the costumes were big on my 3 year old, perfect for my 5 year old, and ALMOST starting to be too small for my gigantic almost 8 year old. They are very forgiving because of the way they're made, so they can accommodate a variety of sizes. If my kids weren't stair stepped in size and age like they are, I might've ordered an adult costume for biggest boy. It worked fine though, honestly. My only recommendation is to bring backup batteries if you plan on wearing them for awhile, or put fresh batteries right before you go, but they last a few hours.
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Super Cute but Runs VERY Small!
by Mom of Boys (3 out of 5 stars)
September 30, 2017

This product indicated that the size range for this costume is from 8 - 10 years old, so I ordered it for my 9 year-old son. He is 4'5" which is the average height for a 9 year-old but the costume was WAY too small. The feet of the costume came all the way up to his knees and he could not even pull it up far enough to slide it over his shoulders. In my opinion, this costume would most likely fit a 7 year-old at the most. I only gave it 3 stars due to size but it is a REALLY cute costume and the sound effects are really cool!
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like I said not even my 9 year olds head ...
by queenofheels (4 out of 5 stars)
April 2, 2016

I'm five feet tall about 130lbs. I was able to squeeze my body into this. It fit below my knees but I made some dinosaur feet to extend it. My head did not fit through the head hole and neither did my 9 year olds head. The head hole is really tiny. I used that hole to see out of. I wore the costume for several hours. Overall I don't regret buying it. Wish I could find an adult size or a bigger kids size than an 8-10. Head hole needs to be bigger, like I said not even my 9 year olds head fit in it. I ran around in costume and I looked like s t-Rex with a goiter on my neck. It served its purpose. I still want the adult size one.
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Best dinosaur costume ever!!!
by S. Schmitt (5 out of 5 stars)
October 10, 2017

This costume is Fantastic! Purchased for a 3 year old boy who is about 3 feet 9inches tall, and 50 pounds - this costume fit him perfectly, and he will have lots of room to grow length wise I can see this fitting him until 5 for sure maybe 6. I would say he has about 5 more inches in height and 3 more inches in arm length for costume to fit at its best. The costume itself says for ages 5-7 which is the standard child's size I would say if your child is 9 or older get the Adult size forsure. As for the "sound" I don't know what I was hoping for ... but I was thinking it was motion activated like when it can sense motion it would roar and what not, but you actually have to push a button to activate it, and it's a tiny square sound box that has a compartment that fits right into the glove area, I paid an extra $10 just for that feature so was hoping for a little more wow factor but it's fine. He enjoys pushing the button and making his own mouth dino sounds. Overall if I could rebuy it I would prefer this sound option over no sound option because it's fun for my 3 year old to push the button and do the dino noises. But as an adult I would just use my phone to be hands free, this would be too hard for a toddler to think of to do. The most confusing part about putting the costume on was figuring out how the head fits through the hole, so there's 2 openings, the first opening is super stretchy and tight, that part actually goes over the head completely and hugs the neck, my toddler was a little freaked because he was feeling like he couldn't breathe or see, until we figured that out, the part where you see the actual face is just a draw string opening, I would recommend tying a knot once getting it adjusted right on the face or else it will loosen with movement. The neck part was also very hard kind of to get over my toddlers head, if your kid has a really big head I would recommend trying to stretch the neck part out over a basketball or something, and if your child's head is larger then a basketball it's more then likely not going to fit with out cutting the costume and you risk deflation, so just get the adult size. My final thoughts is that the costume is amazingly adorable, funny and quarky! You will not regret this buy if it fits perfectly for your dino lover hoped this review helped! ❤️
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Huge Laughs!
by tessa (5 out of 5 stars)
September 14, 2017

My twins are small and not even 4 yet but I bought this anyway. My little one is 32 lbs and probably 36 inches. The costume fits him well enough for him to want to wear it. Sure, he looks like he might be a little stubby, but it's hilarious. He didn't want to take it off and I've ordered a second costume now since he and his brother were fighting over it. This will fit my boys for several years and it will provide so many laughs! We haven't yet worn it for trick or treating so I can't attest to the durability of my little guys dragging the tail. Many people have complained about the fit of the headpiece, but once we figured out how to do it it makes total sense. The first piece we put on is the head. The inner elasticized opening should go over the head and fit sort of like a collar around the neck. The kid's face just pokes out of the face opening. The kid's face should not protrude all the way out of the dinosaur's neck. If you think of the inner part of the headpiece as a collar and the face opening as a winter hood (you wouldn't want your head sticking all the way out of that) you should be good. After we got the head situated we then put my boys' arms in the sleeves and legs in the bottom. Voila!

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