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Product Description

In case coffee doesn’t pump you up enough, how about coffee paired with one of the most energy-supporting mushrooms on the planet? Cordyceps! Coffee is energizing because it stimulates the central nervous system and adrenal glands. Combining this with the more balanced cellular energy support of cordyceps mushroom can result in balanced stimulation while using only half of the amount of caffeine normally found in coffee!

The energizing effects of our Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee and Cordyceps are stabilized with our extracted Chaga mushrooms wich can also help support your daily immune functions. Aside from supporting energy, stamina and athletic performance, cordyceps have been studied for their strong antioxidant properties.

Our shade-grown, organic coffee is cultivated in the volcanic soil of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas highlands in Mexico. After carefully roasting and brewing the beans, we concentrate the coffee by evaporation, and finish it off by spray-drying it into a pure instant powder. As a final step, we run each coffee batch through a third-party laboratory to ensure the absence of mycotoxins.


  • GET GOING WITH CORDYCEPS: Kickstart daily stamina; Mushroom coffee mix with organic instant coffee & 500mg of organic Cordyceps + Chaga mushroom powder; plus organic eleuthero root, a superfood powder to help support endurance and stamina
  • YOUR DAILY WARM-UP: Organic cordyceps militaris extract supports performance for the long haul; Turn on energy and performance with cordyceps mushsroom plus 50mg caffeine from organic instant coffee
  • ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES: Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee has organic chaga mushroom powder, with antioxidant properties to support immune function & well-being; 100% organic instant coffee also provides antioxidant properties
  • PERFECT FOR ALL DIETS: Perfect for our vegan, paleo, keto, dairy free or gluten-free friends; Only natural organic ingredients; No carriers, fillers, natural flavors or artificial flavors; All ingredients are naturally farmed or wild harvested
  • DISSOLVES INSTANTLY Tastes like coffee, not like mushrooms; Ready to drink in 8 fluid ounces of hot water; Add a splash of coconut milk, almond cream, raw dairy, or whisk a chunk of butter to really power up energy
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Top Reviews

Coffee + Mushrooms = Powerful placebo. Oh, and it tastes pretty good.
by Paul Wagner (4 out of 5 stars)
January 31, 2018

This is a Bay Area as Bay Area gets. Well, unless you're a company that makes $500 smoothie machines powered by overpriced squeezable packets.

So here's the deal: In a city where microdosing is the new hotness, it makes sense that people would start drinking shroom laced Folgers in convenient individual serving packets.

Though I'm a life long Oregonian, Portland is now a suburb of San Francisco. It was only a matter of time before someone on the Neutropics subreddit suggested these as a way to boost your Elysium subscription.

So did we try it? Oh, did we. For two weeks, the entire office was in a euphoric state of enlightenment. The taste...that...taste...actually starts to grow on you. It's just smooth.

Then we burned out. Too. Many. Shrooms. So now I might have one...maybe two packets a week.

So here's the deal: Buy it because the price has dropped. Buy it because it's W A Y better than whatever that instant starbucks stuff is. Buy it because it tastes good and is 100% compatible with your heated Arrowhead office water dispenser.

But don't buy it for your brain. Don't buy it because it's going to take you from failed startup to unicorn.
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Worth a try if you're already a black coffee drinker but don't have high expectations
by Brandon (4 out of 5 stars)
January 2, 2018

Great comments here and I will elaborate on them to wrap this up.
1. If you enjoy black coffee and you also like mushrooms, I think you will enjoy the flavor. It is not a coffee taste but a very smooth sort of mushroom flavor. It does not turn bitter or intensify but is a very mild flavor that I am surprised to enjoy but I'm am positive it is not something everyone will like. That is a guarantee. If you like new things and would consider yourself a person who enjoys black coffee then I think you might warm up to this. Only took me 1 sip to know what I was getting in to and I like it.
2. It is definitely pricey. I suppose you are saving some money on getting this in bulk but I'm not sure of the real benefits yet other than the ingredients having some health benefits to justify the price. And don't expect this to "light you up like a Christmas tree" as Tim Ferris has coined. I will say though, I have instead bumped up to 2 packets in my morning cup and it gives much more pep. Be sure to already be drinking coffee regularly before doing that or your Xmas tree might blow up haha!
3. It is worth a try but I will confirm as others have stated here, that it is well marketed product and the Tim Ferris bump is HUGE for this company. I can only hope to make a product that is endorsed by Tim Ferris in the future because wow, does he have reach and influence. This product is an example of that. But again, I think it's worth a try because I do enjoy it. It's hard to justify the bottom line.
4. I want to wrap this up by saying I notice more pep from opening up 2 packets for my morning Joe. However, that is just working through the product a lot faster than I intended and will eventually cause me to either need more to get this feeling I initially had in the beginning or I stay at a constant and need 2 packets every time I want some of this coffee. So, be aware of all this but try it out. It's not going to break your bank on the first purchase and I think it's worth a try if you like to try new things that might give you some pep in the morning.
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While a great concept blending the herbs with this instant coffee
by Wendy & John Corcoran (1 out of 5 stars)
October 20, 2017

While a great concept blending the herbs with this instant coffee, it tastes like the 1960's coffee alternative that we all tried - Postum Instant Coffee. In the foil-lined bag (which I had to use scissors to open; I could not rip with my fingers) there was LESS than one teaspoon of blended powders. No wonder no one felt that this was too strong! Way too pricey for this item. I would not buy this again. I rarely do reviews, so you know that I did not like this. I would like my money back as I am tossing this crap in the garbage! I am a holistic person, but this product is false advertizing. I put cinnamon, stevia and coconut milk in it to mask the taste. It did not help!
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Too expensive; mostly marketing speak
by Sdiggly (2 out of 5 stars)
August 28, 2016

I bought this because I heard about it from Tim Ferriss, but was actually pretty disappointed.
1) The way people talk about it, and also the marketing materials (box, website, etc) kinda make you think it's mostly made of mushrooms, but the number one ingredient is coffee. For example, the box says "Believe it or not, this tastes like coffee". Of course it's mostly coffee (80% coffee, 20% mushrooms)
-Also what does "wild-crafted" in the phrase "wild-crafted chaga mushroom" mean? It sounds like marketing-speak.
2) I didn't experience any noticeable "cognitive benefit" beyond what I'd get from a small amount of coffee. Maybe the mushrooms have more effect on other people..I dunno.
3) It's pretty darn expensive for what you're getting. I bought the $15 pack of 10. Instant coffee is really cheap. Lion's Mane can be purchased for pretty cheap (especially if you only need 250mg per serving as is advertised to be in each packet). Chaga is also really cheap when purchased by itself.

Bottomline: this is impressive marketing and of course the Tim Ferriss connection ensures a lot sales, but I think this is a good example of simply packaging existing ingredients together, marketing the heck out of it, and charging a big premium for it (like bulletproof coffee for another example)
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All Natural Energy & Brain Power to Give You That Mental Edge
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
July 24, 2017

Been a big fan of these 'shroom coffees for almost a year now. First heard about them on the Tim Ferris podcast, and I've big been hooked ever since! The Lion's Mane mushroom is where it's at - it really acts as nootropic brain candy and never fails to give me a mental edge. It's also great because I've recently been trying to wane myself off of coffee, mainly because of acid reflux problems. And throughout that transition, the mushroom coffee has been fantastic because it only has the caffeine of 1/3 cup of coffee and I experience no reflux symptoms that I get from regular coffee. Triple win! Aside from the Lion's Mane, the coffee mix also has Chaga in it which is great for immunity and skin clarity.

The coffee tastes a tad "earthy", but mix in a lil almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla, chai spice, etc and you'll know that you're not drinking your normal cup o' joe.

I also highly recommend their other products including the Cordyceps elixir (energy & vitality), Reishi elixir (I love drinking this before bed. It's great for relaxation and breathing) and the Lion's Mane elixir (brain power - and more of it than what you get with the coffee)
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Very, Very Weak....
by G.M. Eades (1 out of 5 stars)
October 3, 2018

I was pretty excited when the product arrived today, expecting a noticeable enhancement of focus and concentration, as advertised, but I've got to say I was very disappointed in the product instead.

Realizing it was far below the amount of caffeine I normally ingest at only 50mg per packet, with the energy drinks I normally drink ranging from 160-200mg of caffeine, and caffeine tablets being 200mg each, I took 2 packets initially prior to eating anything for the day.

I had expected that the Lions Mane Mushroom and the Rhodiola themselves might produce additional effects that I would notice, and that with 2 packets equaling 100mg of caffeine, at least some energy would be noticed. Sorry to say this, but after 1/2 hour I didn't notice anything at all, so, I made up some more with 2 more packets. This additional serving would give me a total of 200mg of caffeine, in addition to 4x the amount of Lion's Mane and Rhodiola, which I thought surely would give me some additional energy and a boost in focus and concentration.

It's been an hour now, and I'm sorry to say I'm not really noticing anything at all here as far as energy goes, and the little slightest effect, if any at all, as far as focus and concentration goes.

I'm seriously considering mixing up 2 more packets, or drinking some other energy drink as the effect from this is so weak as to be virtually nonexistent.

I've read a lot of good things about the nootropic effects of Lions Mane Mushrooms and energizing and nootropic effects of Rhodiola, and have just ordered some with high ratings separately to see what they might actually do to improve a sense of focus and concentration. But as far as this product goes, it is far too underpowered to be considered by anyone who is looking to increase their mental abilities in the area of focus, concentration, or memory from what I've experienced here after taking 4 servings on an empty stomach, and so lacking in caffeine as to be about equal to drinking a couple of cups of water with perhaps some sugar in it in my estimation.

Although it is all natural and healthy, and contains good items in it that should produce the benefits it promises, it is just too weak to really make any difference at all, and one of those products that unfortunately goes in the waste of money column for me, despite my wanting to like this product quite badly when I ordered it and while waiting for it to arrive. It fell far short of any expectations I had and I certainly won't be recommending it to anyone else or ordering it myself again.
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I'm a fan
by GuyInTheRedHat (5 out of 5 stars)
July 27, 2017

ok.... I didn't expect to like this as much as I did... but I friggin LOVE it.

The reviews were discouraging so I decided to buy only a small pack like this one from amazon just to try it out before investing in a greater bulk order from their ... I also took the advice of buying my own chaga and lion's main powders to add to regular coffee and compare. I like this coffee mix WAY better for several reasons. All I have to do is boil half a water bottle's worth of water, rip the packet open, and pour the hot water in. Mixes completely and tastes great. My ONLY complaint about it is the packets open easy, but often times hole is a little smaller so you have to tear it bigger, tap on the packet, etc, basically a little bit of the powder gets on the kitchen counter. No big deal, just saying.

I pretty much prefer the taste of this over all my ground coffee that I was subscribed and saved to so now I basically have a french press and coffee I'm going to probably throw out because I bought about 150 days worth of this stuff from their site in bulk for cheaper.

pro tip: buy those premade sweet iced starbucks coffees like vanilla or whatever for the fridge, and after making a cup, top it off with that after mixing if you prefer not to drink black. It basically takes me about 5 minutes to make it and gulp it down. It's delicious and I feel awake but not bad-wired. Nothing magical, it's basically everything I love about coffee, but just a little bit better.
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this did not "light me up like a Christmas tree"
by Ken Paulson (3 out of 5 stars)
July 24, 2017

Despite Tim Ferris's claims, this did not "light me up like a Christmas tree". He cautions that you start with half a pack because it's so powerful. I tried 2 packets and had no great surge of energy, focus, or anything else.

I think Tim Ferris has done Four Sigmatic a disservice. If he didn't make such overblown claims, maybe people would buy this with more reasonable expectations.

It tasted pretty good, especially for instant coffee, but otherwise it just seems like hype to me. You can get decent coffee for a lot less than this.
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Not worth it.
by AK (1 out of 5 stars)
April 10, 2018

If you are a regular coffee drinker (black coffee in particular), this stuff is a major disappointment. Don't drink it black - it does indeed taste like mushrooms and not coffee. It is marginally better with a cream or almond milk of the sorts - but unimpressive. Secondly, the benefits are a joke. I actually found myself getting more tired during the day after drinking a cup of this. As soon as I switched back to regular coffee, I was back to normal. And finally- if those two reasons aren't enough - its pretty expensive. $1.50 for a cup of coffee whereas I can buy a bag of good coffee that actually keeps me awake for less than $.20 per cup.
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Not impressed...
by SS (1 out of 5 stars)
November 17, 2017

I am on keto and bought this premium product,aft falling for "extra energy,focus" etc advertising. No such effect. Zilch. It is just like any other regular coffee, thankfully with no hint of mushrooms. Wish it had the effects that were promised on the packaging. I now wonder if lions mane and chaga work only on some.

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