kisslink Plug & Play Smart Router

Brand: Keewifi
Manufacturer: Nanbao Technology
Model: NB1210
EAN: 6935283712101
Category: Gadgets & Tools
Price: $15.97  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 4.26 x 3.98 x 2.58 inches
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Average Rating: 2.9 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

kisslink is unlike any router you've experienced. It authenticates devices for WiFi through KISS proximity technology - a simple and secure alternative to cumbersome WiFi passwords. It doesn't require a frustrating and tedious installation process either. It's just plug and play so anyone can set it up. Elegantly designed and easy-to-use, kisslink provides a simple and complete WiFi solution to solve all your WiFi issues from configration, signal and password.


  • No passwords required
  • Simple 30-second setup (no configuration)
  • Proximity authentication as alternative to passwords
  • Enterprise-grade technology for reliable signal
  • App support for iPhone and android devices

Top Reviews

Device, App and Customer Service quit responding
by Greg L. Carter (1 out of 5 stars)
January 20, 2018

I bought the Kisslink in Dec 2016 and it worked great for a few months. Now I am unable to access the iPhone App to manage the device or get the device to upgrade firmware. I have sent numerous messages to customer service and they generally respond in a few days. I have been told they would update the unit remotely but could not because my router was off line. Well my router is online 24/7. I have reset the device several times, re-installed the App, all to no avail. So basically I now have a useless door stop. Too bad because the device was initially very easy to set up. This one goes to the trash and I will look for a better wi-fi extender.
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Will not connect
by Gary (1 out of 5 stars)
March 18, 2016

I have two other cheaper routers that work, but needed one more. Can't get this thing to work for the life of me, will not connect. Works with my iphone but nothing else. I see other reviews saying it's easy but I've done this before with other routers, no problem. Spent hours on this,, sending it back.
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Great idea, poor instructions, poorer functions.
by chrwhe (1 out of 5 stars)
November 5, 2017

The idea sounds fantastic, but what I'm seeing isn't practical. It's taken over an hour for the device to register I am an 'admin' and it keeps stating: "network is unstable, please try again" It's synced to my N900 wifi router and my plan was to use this device as a boost and so my NAS hard drive can connect to the internet via it's 1x ethernet port. My NAS is kinda showing up under an alternative subnet but that didn't happen until I found a website suggesting netbridge mode, since then I can't access the internal setup any longer.

Update 12/10/18. I got this out again, reset it, and connected it properly... I only had to reset it 4 times to get admin functions and connect to the network. Now it works... and it beeps very frequently. I checked the settings, can't turn off the notification what-ever it is for. Crappy product. Will probably throw it away if customer service doesn't offer support. I've been waiting a week.

Update 12/28/18 No response from customer support.
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by Carolyn J (2 out of 5 stars)
February 4, 2018

After having this for a little over 2 years I'm sad to say it didn't help us much at all. We kept moving it around, read the manual, looked online and called their tech support. It's too bad because so many other people seemed to have good luck when we first purchased it. It, maybe, increased our Wi-Fi by one bar and that is being generous.

We had to go to best buy and spend around $100 for a big Wi-Fi boost. Seems if you have an open space the Kisslink is for you. If you have an older home with more walls then I don't recommend.
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Cool proximity authentication and good signal range
by JC (5 out of 5 stars)
January 14, 2016

I have purchased this router because my cisco linksys EA4500 is getting old, and after a few year use, the wifi signal of my old linksys router become weak in my 2 story townhome.

I have installed the router first as an extender to the EA4500 at downstairs. The configuration is very simple and the steps listed in the router is well written. It took me less than 5 mins to get the extender configured. The proximity authentication is a cool feature and it worked very well with my Mi-Box and my android phone. No password is required anymore and security is also guaranteed via locality.

Later, while I went upstairs, I forgot to change the wifi to the linksys router and kept using it as my wifi. I didn't noticed any wifi signal degradation and it seems performs even better than cisco linksys EA4500.

I am supper happy with this router and extender overall.
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this items should be removed and discontinued for sale by Amazon
by tracy s (1 out of 5 stars)
September 19, 2018

I purchased this item a while back, downloaded the app. this item was very simple and easy to use (UNTIL)

one day last week I had noticed that I was no longer able to log into the app ( which is the central control for the device)

I deleted the app and went to reinstall it simply thinking an upgrade had taken place or something along those lines had occurred, what I found out was that every link associated with this device was no longer working the support number associated with this device no longer worked.

The device still works but you're operating without security...

so if you want a nice looking book stop or door holder then this is an item for you.
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Nothing but a paperweight
by Monica Rasso (1 out of 5 stars)
September 9, 2018

I was excited to try this system after seeing some of the good reviews. I guess the company must have died since then as they seem to be completely nonexistent now. The system did not work for me as a wi-fi extender or router. I tried to call the customer support and the line no longer works. I tried several e-mails to customer support and got no answer. What a shame! If you're conflicted by the good and bad reviews for this product then I recommend trying to call (1-888-881-8818) or e-mail the customer support ( and see if you get a response. When you don't get a response I think your conflict will be resolved! Please avoid this product (and company)!
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Does not work as a range extender
by Kat D (1 out of 5 stars)
January 8, 2016

I wanted to use this as a range extender, especially because it had such good reviews and it seemed so simple--but it doesn't work. I have typed in the password to my Wifi multiple times, and the 9 times out of ten, the kisslink won't even acknowledge it. Once, it started the "count down" process to indicate it was linking, but then it failed. I had several techie friends fiddle with it, and they couldn't get it to work either.

I'm sure it's nice as a router, but it doesn't work as a range extender.
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Okay, but not quite. Advertising is a little misleading.
by S. Moss (3 out of 5 stars)
May 7, 2016

I wanted something for guests to be able to use my wifi without having to give them my internet password. My router is upstairs in my private office. In order for a guest to be authenticated, they have to go up to my office and use the Kisslink. Not really what I wanted. The description was a little misleading. It did not say the kisslink had to connected to your router, only that you would not have to reveal your password. Pictures of the Kisslink in action did not show physical connection to a router. It says you have to connect it to your router to authenticate it. Then it shows moving it to another location. But you can only use it as a range extender. You can connect to the internet in this mode, but you will need your password.
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Too much trouble for a range extender
by AmznJunkieX (2 out of 5 stars)
January 16, 2017

The only reason I am not giving this item 1 star is that it is a great idea and innovation that I hope they continue to improve. I am in IT and generally have no trouble setting up anything computer related. I currently have two Netgrear wifi range extenders in my home that paired with my Netgear router within seconds. The only reason I even decided to try this device was at the recommendation of a family member who had success with it.

I am not overall impressed with the setup. After reading online reviews and warnings my roadblocks appear to be widespread of users of this device. When entering your wifi password for your network it times out, which then requires a reset of the kisslink to have it even allow you to try again. After trying this about 15 times or so I gave up and moved on to trying to install the app to update the firmware as I believe the manual tells you to try. This became an entirely separate issue all together. The app continually tells me that I am not the administrator. I have kissed my phone to it about a thousand times and held it up to it to get me added as the admin and it just does not work. I am unable to update the firmware as the manual and website say I should need to in order to get the page to enter my wifi password to not time out. If you don't support most routers then you really should update your product before releasing it to the mass public.

I will be returning this item as I do not have the time or energy to deal with it any longer. Hope others have more success than I have.

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