Smooth Baby Soft Foot Exfoliation Mask

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Product Description

Your search for the Perfect Pedicure Product is finally over. Dr. Pedicure Foot Peel Mask is an innovative foot care product that will unbelievably shed the old, dead, callused skin right off your feet. Tired of having rough, dull feet, then reveal your feet's youth with Dr. Pedicure. Our Pedicure Mask is crafted with love by our small family owned business. We have designed it to be an easy three-step process: apply, soak, then wash away. Results vary among individuals. In some cases, it may take approximately two weeks Results Like You've never seen before. Really, the Before and After results might surprise you - So please take Before and After images of your feet. What separates Grace and Stella from ordinary feet products: It's simple really. It starts with using the Highest Quality Vegetable Extracts, oils, herbs and acids which are carefully picked to give you the best results. FDA Approved Highest grade quality GMPC and ISO certifications. Tested by Independent 3rd party It's because of this that we're able to make a guarantee unlike any other you've seen. If you don't see the results or if you don't feel it was worth every penny of your investment today, you'll get a full refund. That's how confident we are you'll be happy and keep coming back for more. So order now and when you do consider getting 2, one for yourself and one for your best friend.


  • 🐍 Experience how it feels to be a snake shedding it's skin. In 5-7 days after your foot mask, have fun peeling away all the old layers of dead skin from your feet and reveal baby soft, smooth skin underneath (see photos below). New skin, new you - truly.
  • 🧦 Each foot mask pouch comes with 1 pair foot peel booties, 2 sets of adhesive tape, and instructions. Order a multipack for you and some friends for double the fun and for quantity discount savings. Cha-ching!
  • 👟 SIZES: Regular sizes fit up to US men's size 13. If you have bigger feet than that, we recommend size "XL" which can fit up to US men's size 16. 👃 SCENTS: Original, Lavender, Lemon, Coconut, Peach, Rose.
  • 🐰 Vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben free. Grace & Stella's feet peeling masks are made with 17 types of natural fruit and vegetable extracts to help slough away the coarse, rough, dead skin on your feet.
  • 🚨 Please read tips & tricks below and follow directions for best results.

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Top Reviews

by Megan Shewmaker (5 out of 5 stars)
June 3, 2016

I never write reviews, but these things are amazing! It takes about four days for the process to start, but then your feet peel like crazy. The skin that's left is new, soft, and amazing. I recommend these to anyone
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Works well but only if you follow these tips!
by sidra (4 out of 5 stars)
August 27, 2017

Initially I bought this product because I've been using a space heater and I think that dried out and damaged my feet a lot over this summer. I've read a lot of reviews saying this product did not work, but I've found that the people that had the most success with this product followed these tips:
1. Soak your feet in warm water for 1 hour
2. Don't be skimpy and use 1 boot at a time like some have recommended, you'll get mixed results. Put on the booties and socks over top and sit for 1.5 hours and let them really soak in. Don't walk around because it's quite easy to fall, and be weary of any leaking on bed sheets or clothes because it does stain (I learned from experience)
3. Take off after 1.5 hours and rinse with a gentle soap, dry them and go about your day as normal. I recommend wearing socks because my feet felt very slippery after and I actually fell because of this.
4. Every day following, soak your feet in hot water and Epsom salt for at least 30-60 minutes then apply a moisturizer and saran wrap or warm socks and go to bed like this (I found the key to the best results is keeping the skin extremely MOIST but CLEAN to prevent any skin rash or infection)
5. After 4-5 days you will notice peeling, resist the urge to pull the skin off yourself. Apply anti-septic cream once the skin starts peeling and wear clean socks during this time
6. Once skin starts coming off, trim whatever is falling off but DON'T PEEL, apply anti-septic cream regularly to keep the fresh skin protected
7. Keep in mind the new fresh skin underneath should be protected with lots of sun screen if you're going to be at the pool or in the sun!

For me personally, it took about 1 week from when I did the treatment to see any peeling, I had begun to think it didn't work, but once I did start to peel, It was about 5 days for all the skin sloughed off. I noticed the areas which had the thickest callous (heels and ball of foot) could probably use 1 more treatment, but the company recommends waiting a few weeks before trying it again. Overall I am happy with the results and I'd purchase this again. ***This is not a fake review, I purchased this with my own money***
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These are especially useful during the winter to keep your feet taken care ...
by SI801 (5 out of 5 stars)
May 8, 2018

I am honestly obsessed with peeling the heck off my feet after applying these foot masks (gross, I know). These work just as well as the Baby Foot brand, but are quite a bit cheaper. These are especially useful during the winter to keep your feet taken care of and ready for the pedicure season. Word of caution: DO NOT apply these if you're planning any sort of running in the next couple of weeks, even a 5K, and ESPECIALLY downhill. I made this mistake, and the blisters I suffered felt horrendous for weeks.
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Feet feels so soft!
by PjR (5 out of 5 stars)
June 10, 2017

I'm giving 5 stars because the product did exactly what it said it would. It did take a week for my feet to start peeling. The skin that peeled off the bottom wasn't like sunburn skin, it was MUCH thicker. It looked like it would hurt it was that thick. Almost 3 weeks later, I'm still pulling skin off mainly the sides, top & much thinner skin. It didn't peel all at once as is implied in the reviews, at least for me so be prepared if your doing this in summer & plan on sandals. My feet do feel really soft & looks better.

I love to be barefooted & live in the HOT desert, also am 65 years old so my feet are tough, dry & require tons of lotion & oils. My poor old feet didn't look bad but were very dry & calloused, lotions really didn't penetrate the skin on my feet. First time on the patio after the skin peeled off the bottom, it burned my feet. Of course it's 100 degrees here.

Even though I hated the way my feet felt after the treatment & before it peeled, I will buy & do it again. I had to wear socks & put lots of lotion on because they felt so dry.

The foot bags are very large if you have a large foot. I have no complaints! Enjoying my soft feeling feet.
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GREAT product. Here are a few tips
by Sharis White (5 out of 5 stars)
July 8, 2017

Wooooo did it do its job and then some! GREAT product. Here are a few tips:
1) Soak your feet in warm water or a bath for at least 20-45 minutes prior.
2) Do NOT use right after a pedicure. It will ruin the polish. In fact, maybe just save the pedi until it's finished sloughing off all the dead skin. (There will be a LOT.)
3) Soak your feet at least 20 minutes every night to help it along.
4) Be patient. Mine didn't start until about day 3 or 4, but then holy moly did it start.
5) Don't pick at it. You'll pull off healthy skin with the dead stuff and might hurt yourself.

I'm on day 7 right now and it's going great. I plan to do a full pedi next week, complete with parrafin treatment to help my new baby skin stay baby soft.
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by Trudy Ellett (5 out of 5 stars)
February 13, 2018

So I bought this with no thought that it would actually work!! Well I was wrong!! Now I know that a few reviews have stated that it didn't work for them but then for a few it did, so with that thought I bit the bullet and bought this,tried it on Super Bowl Sunday( cause I had nothing better to do) and then I waited......... and hallelujah it worked for me!! Even the skin on my toes are peeling off!!! I'm still peeling! It took about a week to start so please be patient and I did make sure that I moisturized ever night so that might help also!! Good luck everyone!!!
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Worked for me!
by Jaime K. (5 out of 5 stars)
October 11, 2017

Totally weird process, but successful. So I followed the directions to the letter. That night, my feet felt weird, but no pain or tingling or anything. A few days later I noticed some peeling around my toes (and at this point my feet itched a bit, probably due to the peeling dry skin). The day after that, huge chunks of skin came off of my foot. It was easy and my feet do feel smoother and look better. If you've got a week where you don't need your feet to be out, this is worth it.
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Peeling within day 3
by Cassandra (5 out of 5 stars)
April 3, 2019

I've been wanting something to "clean" my watressing feet and I kept seeing reviews on Instagram about this stuff from influencers. I told my mom about it because she has pretty rough feet (and she could be the guinea pig).

After she used it, I figured I'd give it a shot. I let my feet sit for an hour in the booties and washed thoroughly on Sunday March 31st and I soaked my feet in the shower every day for about fifteen minutes. I noticed peeling on Tuesday April 2nd before bed. When I went to CrossFit today (April 3rd) I noticed a ton of peeling. After I showered I was able to clean off my right heel and the majority of my left.

My mom didn't see results as fast as I did. She saw them in about a full week. I think it varies on the thickness of the calluses and dead skin. I did notice the peeling was thinner on the middle and sides of my feet more than the middles of my heel. Depending on how long it takes to get to the ball of my foot, I'll update.

Sorry for my ugly toes 😅
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One kit not enough!!
by Isa Anderson (3 out of 5 stars)
June 14, 2018

Use only at the beginning of winter please! Your feet peel for months after application. I did not leave like the fact that it peels the entire foot even parts with soft skin. It was not that effective to completely get rid of my hard skin on heels and they were not even that bad. I guess a second kit is needed for that, However I don't have the time to hide my feet for that long in case I decided to use a second kit. It was also problematic for me because I do Pilates and barre which are exercise classes where I can't wear shoes so my feet looked disgusting.
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Not the BEST
by Born Cajun (3 out of 5 stars)
March 5, 2018

I have now completed two of these foot exfoliation peels, and although I have had "dead" skin coming off my feet, it's from the areas that are not as damaged as my heels or where I have calluses from years of wearing high heels. I was hopeful after the first one that the second one would be more effective. Rather disappointed . . . but the seller was very responsive to emails, and shipping was quick. Just expected more based upon description.

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