Occlusion Training Blood Flow Restriction Bands

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Occlusion training, and the bands that facilitate it, is for all the lightweights out there. As in the plates, bars, dumbbells, and kettlebells that are physically on the lighter side. Originally termed KAATSU training... [Read more]

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Ok for beginners. Not pro.
by Seabiscuit (3 out of 5 stars)
September 16, 2018

I was asked to write a review b by the owner of this company. They did the typical amazon thing where they write you a few emails asking how you like their stuff and if you have any questions etc and then asked me for a review. I told them I was having issues with the product and I still wanted more time to be familiar with it before I did. He said cool, but sent me out their upgraded version and leg bands at no extra charge. Super cool dude, right. So these blue basic ones are kinda lame. Great idea, but poor execution. I get it. They are the beginner ones. They aren't very strong and the buckle is kind of cumbersome. With some practice and a little setup beforehand, you can get a good seal and get you bfrt on in no time. Save yourself the trouble. Get the red ones. The buckle system is super easy to use and it seems like the band itself is thicker? At any rate. The band and clasp are money. Money well spent. Sick pumps. Get some. Oh. The leg bands are ok too. Not super great, just ok. They need to be slightly longer and slightly wider maybe. I use a cheap pair of knee sleeves cut in half and I get a better seal and pump from them. Great company.

The best customer service in fitness on amazon in my book.
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For Blood Flow Restriction, save your money and buy these.
by Jason (5 out of 5 stars)
January 24, 2018

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your bands. That said, I have incredible buyer's remorse. After enjoying the pump of your BFR Bands, I decided that I would buy the pressure cuff style bands. I'm sure you know that they're not cheap. I was giddy with excitement when my 400 plus dollar set came in and I slapped them on right away. The first hint of remorse was getting the things on in the first place. It's really involved compared to the BFR bands. I had just wrapped up a heavy workout and the last thing that I wanted to do was mess around with something that required fine motor skills. The pressure cuff style bands have tiny little connector that are difficult to get to when you're fresh off heavy sets. I didn't realize that hooking the pump up would be such a pain at the end of my usual workout. Then, once I managed to get them hooked, I pumped them to the same 7 out of 10 perceived pressure that I had used with the BFR bands. I went through the same pump routine and discovered that I got the same pump as the BFR bands with what felt like 3 times the hassle. Then, at the end, I hooked the pressure gauge up to discover that the bands had lost pressure during the workout to the tune of 20 pounds. The BFR bands are, in my opinion, the best value for the money this side of the 2000 dollar KAATSU machines.
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BFR Bands! Blood Occlusion Training! Check it out!
by Matthew Cahalane (5 out of 5 stars)
March 24, 2018

The BFR Bands are absolutely incredible!!! I have not experienced pumps like this ever! I have taken every pre workout supplement under the sun, this is a while other level! I did a little research on the bands and gained some understanding as to what they do and how it can benefit my training routine. They work to restrict the venous blood flow from the muscle. This creates a hold of blood to the muscle. We all know, more blood and greater sense of hypertrophy, equals size and strength gains. Not only do these bands work to restrict the blood flow out and create the incredible pump effect; they also play a neurological role in what they do. These bands essentially trick ur brain into thinking that your muscles are lifting heavier and harder and experiencing a greater work load. Hence forcing that hypertrophy without the heavy lifting.

I have trained using these bands several times now, having warn them on my arms for chest, back and arms/shoulder workouts. I have also recently tried them on leg day. I must say that the quad pump I had, was like feeling cement in my legs!

The quality of the bands are sturdy, strong and durable. Adjusting the tension is easy, applying them is easy too. As far as comfort goes; The material is strong and tough, comfort is not a 10, but def not uncomfortable. They stay in place and don't shift. As far as the excess

Of the strap once tightened down, it can be tucked into the strap. It again isn't the most comfortable method, but does work and they do stay in place. I didn't purchase these for looks and comfort, I purchased them for the application. The BFR Bands have definitely exceeded my expectations as far as use is concerned! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase strength and or size, looking to change up their routine, or beginners who cannot lift heavy weight. They're application can benefit a plethora of fitness levels.
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by William simmons (5 out of 5 stars)
July 9, 2018

Literally stopped my gym sesh to write this review!

Seriously, I'm a pretty cheap guy (trust me, ask my wife) so these BFR bands sat in my amazon cart for a while. Finally when I did decide to pull the trigger, I thought about getting the cheapo ones in case I didn't like it. But along with being cheap, I also believe that you get what you pay for, so I opted for these because of the higher alleged quality.

And then they came in the mail. I'm deployed right now so they took a while to get here, but I was stoked for them to arrive. They finally got here and damn was I disappointed. Thought I'd been ripped off. Took them to the gym that night, put em on, thru a 5 pound weight on each side of a curl bar and OH BOY DO THESE THINGS WORK. Seriously, 3 to 4 sets with a 10 second rest between and my arms were about to pop. Trust me, spend the money, buy the bands.
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by B. Berry (5 out of 5 stars)
January 5, 2019

I bought these as a supplement to my routine. I injured myself some time ago and had completely stopped my weightlifting training. They are great for the arms and chest. I am able to lift less but still get the same burning and soreness of a solid workout. However, I bought this after watching the video that showed both the upper body and lower body routine. Sadly, these straps do not work for my lower routine, they are not long enough, so I rate a 3. As a student and single dad, I do not have the money to buy a set for my arms and my legs. Nonetheless, I would recommend these straps for the arms without hesitation. The material is premium and the Ebook routine is great for those needing something of an introduction to a good productive and effective routine.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I opened my mailbox today and found a package. I opened it, BFR sent me another set but a different style that works for my leg routine! I am baffled. I have never had a company do this. BFR team, you guys rock and trust me, I will be recommending you wherever possible.
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seems to work but only got recently
by StoneMountain (5 out of 5 stars)
August 6, 2017

I have always had a hard time getting a workout on my biceps. As I got older, the elbow joint got some arthritis so my muscle is stronger than the joint, making it even harder to work out the muscle. I got this about 1 month ago after reading about blood flow restriction exercise. Initially I had a hard time getting on. However, after seeing the recommended video in the email I got, I tried using the hand on which the band is being placed to pull the loose end and the free hand to adjust the buckle. I can get the band on so tight now, it is sometimes to tight and uncomfortable, so I have to loosen it some. With this, I seem to be getting a better muscle workout with some immediate postmuscle edema and arm circumference at the end of workouts, but I have not noticed any DOMS yet or increased arm circumference on days between workouts (still only 14 inches flexed, but I only used a month so so far). Definitely only use light weights with these on. You don't want to damage your body. I do like the thickness and resistance of the elastic bands. I tried buying 2 inch elastic from Amazon to try to make my own, but they are not as elastic.
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First impressions - Edit for Follow Up
by J. Pierce (5 out of 5 stars)
January 14, 2019

Right off the bat, these are BARELY big enough for my legs, and I don't have very big legs. Edit: The numbers are there, just small and hard to see in a dimly lit room. For arms, I put them on and got them tight enough to a level I was comfortable with and was experiencing occlusion (basilic vein was firm). Did a quick routine of dumbbell curls and overhead triceps press and burned out pretty quick. Once I incorporate these into my regular workouts, we'll see if they hold up and work for my arms at least. For legs, I'm not very confident.

Ok, after having these for a few weeks and getting used to them, I'm finding it easier to get the correct restriction on my biceps and you are going to get a serious pump and feel the burn with lighter weight. For me personally, I've also noticed less delayed onset muscle soreness even after a 2-3 hour workout session. I have used these on my legs, takes a little fussing but they do work. I'm going to be trying out a pair of leg specific BFR bands from the same company and I'll review those at a later date. Oh, and good customer service and bonus workout materials you can download.
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Product and Customer Service top notch.
by K. Smith (5 out of 5 stars)
August 5, 2018

After much research into occlusion training, I chose to buy some bfr bands and settled on these and a different pair for my arms. The company checked in with me to see how I was doing with the products. I expressed that I liked them but was not too thrilled about the arm bands. They sent me a different pair free of charge. Needless to say, I was extremely satisfied about the customer service and satisfied with the new product as well.

I use these bands along with the bands they replaced for my arms to compliment my weight training. I have had the bands long enough where I took a time period away from using them. I just recently started back up with them and can tell a difference. They work.

I wanted to try occlusion training to help with some joint problems and try to regain some strength I had lost due to a busy life taking me away from the gym. I have no issues with my knees under normal weight now, and my strength and muscle endurance is returning. I cannot say enough good things about this type of training, the ease of use of these bands, and the customer service from this company. They have a lifelong customer with me!
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Not for me.
by ShannonDaly (3 out of 5 stars)
June 5, 2019

These are durable. But, not for us leg day girls. I have 26 inch thighs, and the width, and grip are lacking. I'm not the girl to wear booty shorts to the gym. I like my Virus leggings. They slip and slide all over and lose compression rather easily. These need to be thicker and longer, and a way to have them grip on legging material way better. While they do wrap with room to spare, they just don't hold their compression enough for me, because of the slipping around.
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Wasn't sure they'd work but they DO
by Clyde (5 out of 5 stars)
February 13, 2019

I have a set of the Pro bands and this is my second set of the Pro X bands. I left my first set of Pro X bands at the gym and they walked off.

Pro X versus Pro:

The Pro X bands are so much easier to use when you're working your arms. Adjusting the tension is as simple as pulling on the strap to add a bit more or just lifting the strap to pop the buckle for less.

The Pro bands are great for training legs.

Results: The pump you get while using these is scary the first time you try them but it won't take you long to get use to it.

I have rotator cuff issues in both arms, so lifting enough to get a pump in my arms was just not possible or

something I'd regret doing for the next few days.

Bottom line: The damn things work great for me. Not just for the pump, but in actually putting on some muscle.

The manufacturer is always quick to reply to any questions or concerns.

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