Iron Throne Room Playset

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Product Description

Considered the ultimate symbol of power in the land of Westeros, the Iron Throne is the seat of kings in the Seven Kingdoms. His Grace, Joffrey of House Baratheon and Lannister, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm sits with smug satisfaction as he torments over all of his subjects while being protected by an extremely loyal and skilled Kingsguard.


  • Buildable Iron Throne Room scene environment inspired by HBO's Game of Thrones television series
  • Construction set features Iron Throne, two candelabras, stone backdrop, an ornate stain glass window, sconces, buildable columns and wall
  • Contains Joffrey Baratheon and a Kingsguard figures
  • Figures feature articulation at main joints and have foot clamps to lock into construction set bricks
  • Total piece count for set is 314 pieces. Pieces are compatible with other construction brands

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Top Reviews

Nice end result, but don't expect Lego quality!
by Kathy Cunningham (3 out of 5 stars)
January 29, 2016

I actually bought this set for my son for Christmas and then completely forgot about it! So I found it in my closet yesterday and decided to go ahead and try putting it together. I've always been a big Lego fan, so I figured this would be fun. Well, not so much!

Unfortunately, the quality of the pieces isn't on a par with Lego. The pieces don't fit together easily, and they're sharp enough to cause seriously sore fingers after an hour of working on this thing. By the end I did manage to get everything together as it is meant to be, with the exception of the Iron Throne itself (which I couldn't quite get to fit properly). Even so, the end result is very attractive (and the slightly off-kilter Throne doesn't show unless you look closely).

The little figurines that are included with this set (Geoffrey, who sits on the Iron Throne, and a King's Guard, who stands alongside him) are also difficult to put together. The parts are so tiny, and some of them have to be stretched out a bit (I used a small pair of scissors) to get them to fit. I was never able to get the King's Guard's sword to fit into the slot at the side of his outfit -- I'll probably use a bit of Super Glue and leave it at that.

Bottom line, the end result is really nice, and if you're a GOT collector it will look great on display. But if you're buying this thinking it will work like Lego sets do, think again. This isn't designed to be a fun construction project, but rather an attractive collectible.

I'd give it 5 stars for the final product, and 2 stars for the quality of the pieces -- 3 is fair.
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Amazing diorama
by Over (5 out of 5 stars)
February 20, 2017

These aren't Lego. They don't fit as nicely together and it can be tough on your fingers at times. The instructions aren't as clear either so you have to be careful as you put it together. With these issues, I normally wouldn't give it many stars, but the end result is amazing. McFarlane is using building blocks as a way to make some incredible dioramas. This throne room is stunning. I really wish they would make kits for other movies/shows beyond just GOT and TWD. One warning, don't put the flat piece that the throne connects to in when the directions say. Leave it off until the end. Attach the throne to it first, then put it in. Otherwise the throne won't stay connected.
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Pieces Don't Fit Together Well
by KF (2 out of 5 stars)
April 29, 2017

I read all the reviews before I purchased it but was optimistic that I wouldn't have the same problems as everyone else: ooh the narcissism. This was WAY more difficult than it needed to be. The instructions were great, the packaging was great and I had no problems with the delivery. My issue the actual pieces themselves: they didn't always fit properly (like Legos pieces that DO fit perfectly). Pushing down too hard on one piece would make the whole thing collapse. I ended up just free-balling it about 2 hours in because I was getting frustrated and it wasn't worth the headache. I managed to get the base, throne/figurines/candles, and part of the wall up. I had a lot of free pieces in the end, which I expected after a certain point. My finished product looks close enough to the box cover so I really don't care about the spare parts. I definitely wouldn't make this purchase again nor would I recommend this product to any other GOT fans. Save your money, don't waste your time.
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Beautiful model, not such a good building set.
by Baroness Del Taco (4 out of 5 stars)
December 7, 2015

Once it's together this is a beautiful set and a lot of fun since it's perfectly sized for all sorts of small figures. The details are great and I'm really impressed with how McFarlane takes lego-style bricks and designs the models to look so realistic.

My favorite part of this model are the stone-face wall pieces. Pretty ingenious how they fit together and the end result is great!

The downside is that these are definitely NOT up to lego quality in terms of the plastic or QC. Pieces do not fit together or nest easily. They feel both fragile AND sharp, so expect some sore fingers after everything is put together. The color on the marble parts is very nice, but the texture is thin and sandy? Like there's particulate coming off the pieces as you handle them. Be careful of the candle pieces- they're made of a really brittle rubber that will stress and break when forced even a little. That's a big problem since they don't snap or push into their display clips very easily.

The figures have a lot of detail but, again, feel very cheap and are VERY sharp, so you may have to shed a little blood for the Iron Throne!

Speaking of which, while everything else is pretty secure once it's in place, the Iron Throne itself doesn't want to remain plugged into its spot. It's made of a hard rubber and it doesn't seem to grip the studs very securely. I'm probably going to just go ahead and glue it in place.

When all is said and done, I LOVE having this set as a display piece, it's a wonderful toy in itself. But unlike with lego, assembling it isn't much fun at all and for a building set that's disappointing.
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Gret fun, great results, hands in pain
by Bar Tube (4 out of 5 stars)
June 12, 2016

This building set is highly recommended for game of thrones/a song of ice & fire fans.

It really does look great on my display & I'm very happy I bought it.

That being said, it wasn't easy to do: the pieces don't slide into place easily and my fingers got all red & sore.

They do have quite a few spare parts in case you lose some, which is great.

You can watch my full review and time lapse on my channel, Bar Pop: [...]
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by Nithious (5 out of 5 stars)
June 30, 2016

I build mostly by skiming the instructions it took me about 1 hour, it looks awesome I dont know if I build it wrong but I had lots extra parts but mines looks just like the picture so I am "assuming" there just extra parts.
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Not as easy as it looks
by Mrs. Lopez (3 out of 5 stars)
February 12, 2018

Took a little over an hour for me to put together, and that's with a 4 year old hovering around me. The detail is real nice and it's a must have for any game of thrones fan. I will say that my hands hurt really bad after putting it together. They might look like legos but you have to push hard to lock them in. Also the characters' bodies were real hard to put together. This is why I have 3 stars.
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Huge hit!!
by Jenna Dunn (5 out of 5 stars)
December 27, 2016

I bought this for my husband as one of his Christmas gifts. We are both huge GoT fans and he is a huge fan of Legos. This gift was a hit. He called it "The best Lego set EVER!". I don't believe Lego actually makes this but the pieces are similar to Legos in construction design. He put it together right away and it took about 2 "interrupted" hours. He loves it so much that he plans on getting any other sets available so that he can put them on a shelf to look at.
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GoT fun!
by Anna (3 out of 5 stars)
June 21, 2019

I loved this little setup. I used the iron throne and sunspear on top of a red velvet wedding cake for the series finale viewing party and it was a hit. I didn't like that the parts were hard to dissassemble if you made a mistake, but we had a tool used for taking apart Legos that worked well. Also, my fingers hurt the next day, after snapping together everything the night before.
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Patience is key.
by Jared Mogavero (5 out of 5 stars)
July 22, 2017

So I ordered this because the great sale price but was worried about the reviews saying it is hard and confusing. I am very bad at wrapping presents etc but built Legos a lot growing up. Anyways two hours and a couple of beers and it was done! The directions do not tell you to mirror things but it's obvious and I had to redo some holes with a knife.

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