Children's Indoor Playground

Brand: Romana
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Pegasus Gym is the best of the best! It is also the largest model in our store and also the most favorite with absolutely every kid who tried it. Kids literary spend countless hours exploring this home gym and they, as well as their parents can come up with lots of different exercises that will benefit their health, as well as lots of different games that they can play with their friends. Best of all, no phones or video games. Guaranteed to take their minds off of the games for hours and hours. Maximum Weight Capacity: 220 lbs Components: Ladder, curved ladder, rope ladder, monkey bars, horizontal bar, basketball ring, gymnastics rings, trapeze, climbing rope Rungs: Metal Based/Covered in plastic for a better grip Dimensions: Regular Model Fits the Following Ceiling Height: 7' 9" to 9' 11" Short Model Fits the Following Ceiling Height: 6' 10" to 8' 11" Package Dimensions for the Regular Size Model: Box 1 - 46"L x 24"W x 5.5"H Box 2 - 46"L x 24"W x 5.5"H Weight of Packages: Box 1 - 70 lbs Box 2 - 64 lbs Package Dimensions for the Short Size Model: Box 1 - 46"L x 24"W x 5.5"H Box 2 - 46"L x 24"W x 5.5"H Weight of Packages: Box 1 - 72 lbs Box 2 - 64 lbs Please choose which color you prefer: Standard Model Fits in the rooms with the ceiling height of 7' 9" - 9' 11" and comes in Orange, Blue or Green. Also, please note that the swing was recently replaced with trapeze. This model no longer includes the swing. Gyms are not shipped with mats. Please make sure to pick up safety mats. You can find these under our store "Fitness Kid Corp"

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