Mini Chair Lounger For Kids

Brand: KidKraft
Manufacturer: KIDKRAFT (DropShip)
Model: 00534
UPC: 706943005347
Category: #14032 in Toy (Chaise Lounges)
Price: $120.33  (116 customer reviews)
Dimension: 35.1 x 36.5 x 33.4 inches
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Average Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

When the weather gets warm, children love to "chill" under the KidKraft double chaise lounge's three-sided canopy. A pair of cupholders are perfect for cold drinks on warm days. The high-quality, weather-resistant construction will keep this cute lounger looking good through all the seasons. Features: Finish: Espresso and oatmealmaterials: sanmu wood, fabric3-sided canopymesh windowsmade of weather-resistant wood and sturdy canvaspackaged with detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions Specifications: overall product Dimensions: 35" H x 36. 5" W x 33. 4" Product weight: 25. 3 lbs age range: 3-8


  • 3-Sided canopy
  • Mesh windows
  • Made of weather-resistant wood and sturdy canvas
  • Packaged with detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions

Top Reviews

Puppy cabana bed!
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
July 31, 2018

We don't have children, bought this for my dogs so they could enjoy summer pool days with us. They love it and use all the time!
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Skip it, it's junk
by Oliviasmom (1 out of 5 stars)
August 14, 2018

This looks adorable in pictures, but it's complete junk. I purchased both this and the coordinating picnic table and umbrella. This item didn't come in as bad shape as the table and benches that were covered in mold but it's really garbage. After only 3 weeks it's splintering, there appears to be weird stain and black drip marks from whatever finish had been done to it, but it doesn't seem to be water resistant at all so I purchased a water sealant that has to be applied to it. At this price point I don't want to have to do additional work!!! Putting the entire thing together was already a task. I don't even think this will last another season, the manufacturers should be ashamed of selling this product at this price. The cushions are the best part of the entire purchase...
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Def buy this
by JD (5 out of 5 stars)
May 12, 2017

Use a drill and get the 5/32 allen wrench bit for your drill. If you do this without a drill you will hate your life. With a drill, and you'll have a relaxing and straight forward 1-hour install.

PS when I opened the box it smelled like a really expensive steak. I don't know why, but this wood smells like the wood fancy restaurants cook their super overpriced aged steaks with and the whole time I was assembling it all I could think about was meat. That definitely made the install more enjoyable.

As for the functionality, my 3-year-old loves it, but my 6-year-old is much too big. It's nice though, while we're all swimming the 3-year-old will put himself down for a nap on this thing. Super cute.

Update: it's been a year so far and it's held up great! I painted the wood this summer because the color was starting to change. It only took a few minutes. Also, the cushions cleaned up well in the washer. I have no idea if you're supposed to throw the cushions in the wash, but I did, and they're sparkling new again.
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Simply adorable!
by Rynkydynk (5 out of 5 stars)
November 6, 2017

My 6 and 4 year old grandsons felt like little kings when they saw this and found out it was for them! They take their beverages and their kindles and hang out in there when taking a pool break and feel so high class. It's so endearing! It is well constructed and will last for years so I wish I had found this when the older one was 2 because it is quite small. The 6 year old is tiny for his age (they're both the same size) so I will be able to get one more summer of use before I pass it on to smaller tykes ... but this summer and next, it's making 2 little boys very happy. For under $100, I'm a super happy Grandma
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toddler patio furniture
by Mark B. (4 out of 5 stars)
September 20, 2018

We ordered this and the patio table with the bench. This one took over 3 hours and instructions were hard to follow they need to be labeled top left panel 1, we had one piece of wood split and one stripped piece unable to get the screw into it I was done after 3 hours and still requiring wood glue and other tools to make it sturdy enough for toddlers to sit on it and move. Needless to say with my increased frustration that day I called about my problems and the person I talked to completely understood my frustration and offered to send another one or refund us. I gave 4 stars because of the quick, understanding and kind customer service. without added hassle and because I easier to put up still took a little less then an hour but some of the strips of wood were together making it much easier to assemble. The
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Stay Away
by Katherine S (1 out of 5 stars)
May 19, 2018

Wood splitting on a new product-really soft, poor quality of wood use. Awful having a kids product where the wood is going to give my kid splinters. We had to drill new holes in a section that didn't line up properly. The pieces were uneven and the final product isn't level. The seat cushions are a little squished from side to side to get it to fit. One cushions Velcro straps on the back is actually too big so the cushion is moving, the other cushion Velcro strap fit perfectly. Really awful quality of a product and I will NOT recommend this to anyone. (Having issues uploading more photos:sorry)
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The CUTEST *Pup* Cabana you'll ever see! So worth it!!
by Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)
August 16, 2019

Love Love Love it!! I got this lounge for my pup for his 2nd birthday and it was by far the best decision! As you can see I modified it a little and left out the center cup holder simply because a dog has no use for it and wouldn't be able to fully lay down with it there. If you opt to do that make sure you use support wood down the middle of the underneath just to keep it sturdy.

The instructions were pretty clear, just beware that some pieces look a little different in person versus what is shown in the manual, and also certain steps require pieces to be facing certain directions and you won't realize until it stops you from doing the following step. But it is easy to fix if you do end up having this issue!

My only complaint would be the rust! The fasteners that are used to hold the fabric part of the cabana into place rust very easily and leave marks on the fabric. Unfortunately it is unavoidable unless they manufactured with a different material. Also not necessarily a complaint but if you leave the cabana out in all weather, when it rains water will pool into the top of the cabana and you want to catch it and empty it quick because it does stretch the fabric if left sitting there.

Overall this lounge is absolutely adorable, it will gain you many compliments, and it really is worth every penny!!!
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Cute and easy to assemble
by Heather Mills (5 out of 5 stars)
June 23, 2019

This is the cutest thing ever. It is worth the price. It's sturdy and the cushions wipe clean easily, which is important with furniture made for little ones. I have 2 grand babies that are about a year and a half and they can sit on it easily and there's enough room to nap on the flat part. The cup holders are perfect for supply cups or juice boxes and the table top lifts to place items inside. The sun shades can be tied back as well. Easy to put together.
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Cute but smaller than expected
by Mynda (3 out of 5 stars)
July 2, 2019

Even after carefully reading the dimensions it seems much smaller than I expected. It wasn't that hard to assemble but it's also not made from the strongest wood either. I splintered a couple of pieces just by screwing down to tightly. It's really cute and everyone has asked where I got it but probably not worth the price.
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Great Quality, Excellent customer service.
by Patricia Yingling (5 out of 5 stars)
June 11, 2017

I purchased two of these for my grandchildren They are well made and so fun for children 6 and under. Had an issue with one of the curtains, the company responded immediately and fixed the situation. I have purchased other KidKraft products and have always been impressed with the quality.

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