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Product Description

Dline - Overbed Table is an real cross bed table which you can work with your laptop or simply enjoy your breakfast in bed. Unlike other side table, you could use it any where in your bed as you like,
1.LARGE SURFACE AREA:Our table has a much larger surface(55.1inLx 17.7inW) than just about any other table on the market to conveniently accommodate activities from working on a laptop to serving meals.
2,LENGHTH & HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: length: 51 inches, can be extended to 82inches,height (bottom to top): 21.6 inches to 33.4 inches. Fit mattress size from Twin 39*75 inches to California King 72*84 inches
3,IMPROVED DURABILITY&RELIABILITY - Heavy-gauge, CHROME-plated welded tubular STEEL construction on a H-style base with 4" swivel casters. Provides long lasting stability and easy maneuverability. support 330lbs
4,ROLLING DESIGN: With 4 high quality wheels, it's very easy to push away on bed to make comfortable distance if you prefer to watch moves with your laptop on bed, or you could pull it close enough to use it as an workstation
5,PRODUCT DIMENSION : Weight: 51 pounds(23KG) Product Dimensions:Product Dimensions: 47.2 in L * 17.7 in W * 21.6 inH(120cm*45cm*55cm) Package Dimensions: 51.2 in L * 19.7 in W * 5.9 in H (130cm*55cm*15cm)(150cm*55cm*15cm)

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  • LARGE SURFACE AREA:Our table has a much larger surface(55.1inLx 17.7inW) than just about any other table on the market to conveniently accommodate activities from working on a laptop to serving meals.
  • LENGTH&HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE:Length&Height adjustable, length: 51 inches,can be extended to 82 inches, height (bottom to top): 21.6 inches to 33.4 inches
  • IMPROVED DURABILITY&RELIABILITY - Heavy-gauge, CHROME-plated welded tubular STEEL construction on a H-style base with 4" swivel casters. Provides long lasting stability and easy maneuverability. support 330lbs
  • ROLLING DESIGN: With 4 high quality wheels, it's very easy to push away on bed to make comfortable distance if you prefer to watch moves with your laptop on bed, or you could pull it close enough to use it as an workstation
  • PRODUCT DIMENSION : Weight:51ponds (23kg) Product Dimensions: 47.2 in L * 17.7 in W * 21.6 in H(120cm*45cm*55cm)¬† Package Dimensions: 51.2 in L * 19.7 in W * 5.9 in H (130cm*55cm*15cm)

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Top Reviews

Very satisfied
by A. King (3 out of 5 stars)
September 1, 2016

If I could give 5 stars just for beauty I would, but if you get up real close the flaws are very apparent, including the quality of the wood.

My husband got this for me once I found out I had to be on bedrest for the next 4 months of my pregnancy so that I can do video editing, writing, work, etc. from my room. I have a 5k Mac and therefore needed something that would support about 20lbs of weight. This did the job, but not without its qualms:

-not very sturdy for King size bed. Any wider and this would have bowed and rendered unusable. I have a king size bed and it BARELY made it. The desk shakes when I write. And the weight of my Mac dips the desk down
-because this is not hardwood, up close, the grain looks very cheap and there are a few Knicks in the edges, that can easily be peeled if not too careful.
-the metal legs came with unsightly orange scuffs on it, that might not happen with yours, but I can't seem to get it off for the life of me.
-the top piece that goes on the table does not screw in, flush with the table and looks as though it's a mistake.
-the wheels don't work at all on my Berber carpet so I always need help to move the desk down to the end of the bed when I sleep at night or take a nap during the day
-it's the only thing on the market that completely goes over the bed and therefore you have no buying options--trust me I looked at every overbed table on the market! IKEA occasional table is the only one that comes close, but unfortunately they no longer make it And this desk tends to go out of stock very quick. I waited almost 2 weeks before I saw it available again on Amazon and I ended up taking the last one--so, sorry about that!

-visually at first glance, it's stunning. ALMOST a statement piece in the room
-it's under $100 and FREE shipping!! Amazing!!
-love the grain color since it matches with my decor in my room and doesn't make me feel like I'm in a "hospital bed"
-ample table space--even after putting books, flower decor, and a huge computer on it, I still have room to write notes in a binder or on a notepad
-shipping took a week--I wish it was prime
-build time was just under an hour--for my husband. For me it would've taken days prolly, lol
-has outlet cord holes to fish anything you don't want seen through the back or sides
-can be turned into a regular desk for my daughter's room once I'm done using it over the bed.

Overall, I'm satisfied with this product, and if it made those simple adjustments in the cons I would have happily pay more for this product.
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Very functional and sturdy, but arrived in disappointing condition
by N. (4 out of 5 stars)
July 2, 2016

5 for price
4 1/2 for functionality
3 for overall style/appearance
3 for the condition it arrived in

Average: 3.875, which I rounded up to four stars

- Reasonable price.
- Widely adjustable in width and (to a lesser degree) height, making it both ergonomic and future-proof.
- "Tray" surface is a nice quality laminate that even has a bit of a wood grain feel to the touch.
- Work surface is generously sized at 16.5" deep (including the white metal support rail in front) by 54" wide.
- VERY sturdy.
- Metal parts would be easy enough to spray paint to another color if desired.

- Poor packaging meant the table arrived with LOTS of cosmetic damage and some very minor physical damage; there were also several stains on the white metal frame. The styrofoam packing material also creates a huge mess.
- The black plastic inserts (where the round metal tube is inserted into the square metal frame) don't have screw holes, so I had to create them myself using a screwdriver as an awl.
- The "chrome" rings for use in the cable holes on the tray section are too tack - and chipped - to use (the ones that weren't missing!).
- The wheels are just horrible. They don't roll at all on my bare floors, so they're completely pointless.
- I sent an e-mail with photos to the seller/manufacturer, but they never bothered to respond - which means customer service is lacking.
- Style-wise, the frame with its white metal tubing and black plastic knobs is very utilitarian.


This is fantastic not just for people that are bed-bound, but for students or adults that choose to spend leisure or work/study time in bed. Note that the tray top is about the size of a full-sized mattress, so it would overhang a twin bed by several inches on the sides.

If you're willing to overlook its utilitarian style for its function and affordability, there seems to be nothing else like it without either making it yourself, or paying someone else to do so - and at a higher price.

This table doesn't coordinate with my decor, so the plan is to eventually either paint the white metal parts and the black plastic screw knobs, or hide them by upholstering them in fabric and polyester batting. I'm also going to look into replacing the laminate with a real wood surface.

The tray top dimensions are static, but the frame width is adjustable to anything within the max/min parameters. This makes it great for accommodating beds and bed frames of various widths. The height is adjustable in set increments as dictated by the space between screw holes in the table legs. I have a fairly low platform bed, and this table was able to go low enough to accommodate it.

Damage Details:

Arrived with a couple of small, cosmetic dents, red (ink?) smeared on the white metal frame, black (oil?) smears on the white metal frame in several places. It took a Magic Eraser to remove the black stains, but the red stain is permanent. There are scratches in the white paint down to the bare metal in dozens of places.

The table arrived missing the two larger side "metal" (cheap plastic) inserts shown in the photo, and the smaller "metal" inserts (shiny chrome paint over black plastic) had very rough mold marks, in addition to the missing paint in several places. They looked so awful that I didn't use them. The exposed cross section of melamine isn't laminated, but it looks fine to the casual eye. Some of the black plastic end caps were also damaged/defective on arrival. I contacted the manufacturer, but they never got back to me. It would have been nice to get a a replacement for the broken black plastic piece that gets inserted into the metal frame.
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So unique!
by Skye (5 out of 5 stars)
March 29, 2016

I agree with the previous reviewer, this is a wonderful table! The laminate wood (I got the light) is very much like the creamy white of an antique dresser in my room. as well as another dresser that is Ethan Allen. In other words, looks surprisingly nice. I was afraid the metal legs would look too "institutional" but they blended fine. I had thought I would upholster them if the look of the metal bothered me, but I don't think it will.

We did have a problem getting one of the wheels to go on, the leg itself that has a threaded hole for the wheel to screw into did not fit the grooves on the bolt/stud part of the wheel, so the wheel could not be attached., The company who makes it, Dline, has been more than accommodating, and at first offered to send out two more wheels, but when I explained that it was not the wheel, but rather the leg itself was not tapped to fit the stud (or bolt? whatever the terminology is) it seemed my best option was to start over with a completely different table.

I have not yet reordered another one, as the color option for the table does not seem to be available. Therefore,this review is somewhat incomplete, as I cannot assure other consumers that my second try at getting all the wheels to fit, etc was successful.

I honestly have not found anything else like this on the market that is ready-made. I have seen wheeled over the bed tables that are made by individuals and sold for several hundred dollars on Etsy, I've also seen where some people have converted an occasional table (the MALM which is no longer made) by IKEA by adding wheels to the legs. (It is a parsons table shape) But, as for something in this price range, this is the only one I've found.
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Nice - Plenty of space!
by C. W. Johnson (5 out of 5 stars)
October 8, 2017

Ordered this after car accident - broken neck - have to wear a neck brace for 10 weeks. This table is wonderful - I can adjust the height so I can use my laptop, read, or even knit without looking down. I am a teacher and am able to grade papers as this table keeps everything at the correct height. I may keep using it after my recovery - it is so handy - I just roll it down to the foot of the bed when I'm finished working. Much better than the hospital type trays that only cover a small area. This functions just like a desk. Easy to put together (my son did it in 15 minutes).
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Most amazing table... EVER!!
by S. Young (5 out of 5 stars)
October 29, 2018

This is by far, my most favorite purchase of all of the items I bought for my dorm room.

I initially started looking for a small over the bed table that I could bring to college with me that would allow me to work productively from my bed. As someone who is extremely introverted and would most likely not be venturing out to study in more public areas, a comfortable and functional table that would be space effective in my room was very important to me. I started by looking at hospital style over bed tables, but found that because they are all exclusively bracket shaped ( ] ) the wheels would need to be able to move freely under my bed. Knowing in a dorm, my underbed space would be more important for storage, I continued my search for something that would perhaps, straddle the bed if you will.

Then I found this table. It was everything I had been looking for and it was adjustable, so after college, it will continue to be a functional piece of furniture wherever I go. I bought the table, but I waited to open the box or put it together until my move in day at college.

Fast forward to move in day, we are assembling all sorts of things and it comes to our attention that the main piece of the table is slightly damaged and missing a piece. Disappointed, I sent the whole assembly back with my parents and decided to tackle the problem on the following weekend. Well, I emailed the seller, and immediately they sent the full desk piece replacement, free of charge, with tracking. The piece arrived before I even made it back the next weekend. We assembled the table and I brought it back with me.

AND OH MY GOODNESS... If this isn't the best thing since sliced cheese. I am obsessed!!!!
1.The table is extremely sturdy. The underside even has a middle metal support bar to add to the sturdy-ness of the table.
2.The sides and back have raised edges that are nearly 4 inches tall. Nothing falls off - EVER. Both sides also have large circular holes to allow cords to run conveniently through without ruining them.
3.The wheels roll super smooth even over my rug. All 4 wheels also lock in place very securely if you ever needed that feature.
4.The height adjusted over the top of my partially lofted bed. I can easily sit on my bed, under all of my covers and the table fits over my lap without any issue (and I wear size 20 - 22 in jeans). The width shortens down to fit over the twin size but the legs are definitely long enough to stretch to at least a queen.
5.The table is a beautiful color and the surface is so easy to wipe down if necessary along with being water resistant. No cup rings here.

I cannot say enough about how much I love this table and how much I appreciate the swift response from the seller in regards to getting a replacement piece so quickly. Overall I would purchase this product again and recommend it to anyone looking for any type of over bed table, be it for medical reasons or personal. GET THIS ONE!!
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Good design. Crap materials. It works.
by G. Hoffman (3 out of 5 stars)
January 31, 2018

So far, I like it, but there are some issues.

The design is very good. It does what it is supposed to, and is quite flexible. It can deal with many heights and widths, and it's quite useful. I plan on using it every day, both in bed and with a recliner.

I also put quite a bit of weight on it. After I built it, I put most of my body weight on it - well over 200 pounds and it held up well. I keep two full-sized monitors, a notebook, books, and speakers on it.

The problem isn't the design - it's the materials. They are crap. The steel came with surface rust on it. Two of the phillips head screws had bad screw heads. The particle board with laminate had damaged corners and seemed generally low quality. The good news is that it was shipped with extra screws and knobs, so I think the manufacturer is trying to mitigate some problems.

Assembly is pretty easy, but requires a bit of force to get things to go together well. Plan on an hour if you have a knack for these things. A rubber mallet might be useful. It's easier with two people working together, but one can get it done.

In the end, for the price, it's good value.
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Great table - A must-have for long term recoveries
by tgilmer2 (5 out of 5 stars)
November 29, 2017

This table is exactly what I needed for my hip replacement surgery! Being stuck in a chair for the most-part of the day, this table was indispensable. I only used it over my chair, but it's a recliner so wide. I attached a couple of $6 LED clamp lights from WalMart to it and was able to work on crafts, read, or whatever with plenty of space. Only recommendations I have are to have better casters that do not lock so easily and decrease the spacing of the height adjustment so it can be more precise. But after using for almost two months with one more to go, I am very satisfied!
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The most horrible and useless casters ever!
by Marti Kinkor (3 out of 5 stars)
July 9, 2018

This overbed cart was relatively quick and easy to assemble. Lousy directions, but it's easy enough to figure out. I've used it over bed and over my recliner and it's easy to readjust the height or width. It's very sturdy. The one major drawback is the wheels/casters. They are just ridiculous. They are locking casters with a will of their own. Even on a smooth hard floor they tend to lock themselves up randomly. Worse than the random self locking at will is the fact that as you move the table over time the pin that screws into the leg will unscrew itself and all of a sudden - klunch - a wheel falls off and everything on the cart goes flying. In the 6 months that I've own this table each of the four wheels has worked its way into falling off several times. I have fastened the nut very tightly, but it still works its way off and now the threads that the peg screws into on one of the legs have disappeared and there's just a gaping hole and no way to reattach the caster. I've had to remove the other 3 casters and will have to just drag the table back and forth. This kind of defeats the purpose. I will have to find a use for it as a stationary table because there isn't a way to reattach casters if I were to get replacements.
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Great for a hospital bed
by BirdOPrey5 (4 out of 5 stars)
May 26, 2019

Just want to say this has been working great for a hospital bed table. We had a large traditional hospital bed table (the came in from the side) and it broke and was over $700 for a table with this comparable surface area. We tried this because of the relatively low price and am glad we did. Been using this for several months now and working well. One issue that recently crept up however was that the wheels were starting to lock when moving the table- it looks like the wheels had been "pushed in" too far into the bottom of the legs, likely from the weight of what's on the table. To resolve this we took the wheels off, added two metal washers to the top of each wheel and screwed them back in. The extra clearance from the washers stops the wheel brake from being hit by the table. Ideally it would have been designed never to get hit in the first place but a few washers aren't a big deal to add. Suggest adding them yourself upon initial building if you want to head off the problem.

Washer needs to have an opening of 1/4" or slightly larger.
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Very Happy With Our Purchase
by Nikki W. (5 out of 5 stars)
April 21, 2017

We purchased this to use next to my great aunt's hospital bed in a nursing home. She wanted certain things close at hand - not to be moved around by the staff all the time. This fit the bill nicely and looks fantastic in her room. It is skinny in depth, so it doesn't take up a lot of space and allows the staff to move it easily if they need to get to the other side of her bed for any purpose. It was a great find and we are very happy with the purchase.

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