Nostalgia Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill

Brand: Nostalgia
Manufacturer: EMG East, Inc.
Model: BCN6BK
EAN: 0082677623225
Category: Food & Drinks
Price: $149.99  (127 customer reviews)
Dimension: 4.37 x 11.26 x 8.58 inches
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Average Rating: 2.6 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

Introducing a healthier way to cook bacon to delicious perfection! Easily cook up to 6-strips of lean thin cut bacon in just minutes – no need to flip! Simply adjust the illuminated dial timer to your desired cooking preference, and allow the unique vertical cooking method to drain away fat and grease for fast, healthy cooking.


  • Cook up to 6-strips of bacon in minutes
  • Recommended for use with regular-cut store-bought bacon
  • Vertical cooking drains away grease
  • Removable non-stick cooking plate and insulated door liners allow for easy cleanup
  • Slide-out drip tray catches bacon grease
  • Illuminated cooking dial with timer
  • Cool touch handles
  • Chrome accents

Top Reviews

Works great. Would buy it again.
by DJR (5 out of 5 stars)
August 7, 2018

I am reviewing this appliance because of all the mixed reviews; I didn't know what to believe. First, I am an actual buyer. The Bacon Express showed up today and I tested it. I used very thick, wide and long bacon to test it. I preheated the unit and placed the bacon on/in the Bacon Express once the unit was hot. I could only fit 5 slices across, but like I said, it is wide bacon. I am sure 6 regular pieces of bacon would fit just fine. I set the timer to max and pressed the button. A while later the bacon was done. It was fine as is, but I went ahead and gave it a bit more time to get it real crispy. The unit works great. The bacon came out great. Tasted like...well bacon. Took 2 minutes to clean up once it cooled down. Keep in mind this is an inexpensive appliance. It worked very well for the cost of the unit.
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Stay away from this product
by CHRIS (1 out of 5 stars)
July 24, 2017

This is a horrible product. The bacon only cooks on one side and not that well. One side is burned and the other undercooked. Okay, I had it on too high or left it on too long. I tried another batch with a lower heat setting. Undercooked. I tried to flip the bacon after a few minutes and the parts of the meat that touch the metal were burned before the rest of the meat was safe to eat.

Taking it apart for cleaning was a breeze, but it never went back together correctly. The metal plates in the doors seem to be installed correctly, but the doors will no longer close all the way.
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Perfectly Crisp Hemplers Thick-Cut Bacon
by Ty Tham (4 out of 5 stars)
December 27, 2017

I buy Hemplers bacon which is mostly thick center cut, and I get pretty consistently cooked and crispy bacon after cycling through on the "thick" setting twice which is still much faster and more effective than me searing them up on the stove-top. I would've given this 5 stars, but after 3 uses the coating on the center removable plate shows some signs of wear with a few spots where it has chipped up. I'm not sure why this would be since i've only cleaned the machine with paper napkins and water... Also, this is just personal taste but it's also not the most attractive machine , i'm not really into the 50s retro-vibe it gives off, but I will say that it's small enough to easily be put away after each consecutive use so it doesn't bother me as much.
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As I love mine. Opened it to find it used and ...
by Leah S. (1 out of 5 stars)
February 8, 2018

I ordered this as a gift for a friend. Opened it to show her how it worked! As I love mine. Opened it to find it used and not cleaned co weed in grease. Very embarrassing! This is unacceptable! First time I've ever gotten anything so disgusting from Amazon..... even got bacon grease on my hands fooling with it
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Not worth the money or effort
by Adam W Livingston (1 out of 5 stars)
September 8, 2017

We had to send the first one back because the magnetic plates on the doors wouldn't stay attached to the magnets and fell off every time we opened the doors. Silly that we thought the second one would be any different. The magnetic plates on the second one cooperated for about three uses, and have fallen off every time we open the doors ever since.

It takes at least two cycles - sometimes three - for even not-thick cut bacon. Add wrangling the faux-magnetic door plates and this thing has earned its spot in this year's White Elephant gift exchange at the holidays.

The only good things that can be said about this thing is that it DOES get rid of a lot of fat from the bacon, and once it's apart (which, for our's, is all the time) the cleaning is very easy.
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Not for me
by Amazon Customer (2 out of 5 stars)
January 28, 2018

I have a family of 5 so we are always looking for efficient ways to cook lots of food. My husband bought this for me for Christmas and we thought it would be great. I have been cooking a full family breakfast every Sunday morning (sometimes more often) for 15 years... We love bacon and always cook large amounts on my skillet.

My husband, Mom, and I have all tried my bacon cooker in different ways and with different types of bacon. Here is what we found with ours - I could only cook about 4-5 pieces of bacon at a time. I had to flip the bacon every time to cook somewhat evenly. Most of the time, the first few batches of bacon stick to the inner unit until some grease has been on it. The middle of the bacon (on top) always cooked faster than the ends. A full pack of bacon will fill up the grease trap and most often leak all over the counter from the movement of opening and closing the doors. I can cook a full pack of bacon 4 times faster on my skillet.

A couple things I did like was how the grease dripped off the bacon, so it wasn't being cooked in grease, and us eating slightly better. I also liked not having grease splatter everywhere. At the end of the day, I'll just keep cooking our bacon on my skillet. If you like really crispy bacon or somewhat raw bacon, then this might be a good fit for you.
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So far so good. I have cooked both thick and thin bacon ...
by SSWise (5 out of 5 stars)
May 25, 2017

So far so good. I have cooked both thick and thin bacon and they both came out nice. The grease drips off it so no paper towels necessary, the bacon can go straight on your plate. Probably makes it a bit healthier too (if bacon can be healthier) because there is no residual grease. The collection bin for the grease is easy to remove and wash as well. The only drawback is that it only makes 6 pieces of bacon a a time so it would take a couple of batches if your cooking for a family but it works great for the 2 of us!
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Awesome! But it takes a while to get it just right.
by Rachel Weiss (4 out of 5 stars)
May 16, 2017

I really love my bacon express. After trying a few different variations, I've pretty much got the hang of timing. I love that I can continue cooking breakfast and this machine will let me know its done. Great investment for my morning routine.
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Please save your money! I didn't listen so I lost my money.
by Dlance (1 out of 5 stars)
November 6, 2017

Sometimes we want to ignore what others say about a product in hopes that it was wrong. God was I wrong, they were 100% correct on the reviews. This is the worse product yet I purchase, it's worthless, please save your money.
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Totally disappointed with this item I purchased as a Christmas gift
by Amazon Customer (1 out of 5 stars)
December 30, 2017

Totally disappointed with this item I purchased as a Christmas gift. It does NOT cook bacon on both sides. I had one of these bacon cookers 20 or more years ago and it work great. I was so excited when I saw this online again. It would have been a great item for my grandchild to cook the bacon she loves without getting burnt. I would not recommend this item unless it is updated. Does not work like the video shows.

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