Epic Artisanal Pork Rinds

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Product Description

Level up your snaking by trading in those gas station treats for some Epic artisanal pork rinds. These high protein paleo-friendly snacks are made using pastured, organic, and certified humane pork that's available in three varieties - sea salt peppe


  • The only antibiotic free pork rinds available
  • Combination of pastured organic, and certified humane pork
  • GAP verified animal proteins gluten free certified, grain free, paleo friendly, preservative free.

Top Reviews

Either these have really gone downhill, or the ones sold on amazon are factory rejects
by CAT (1 out of 5 stars)
October 30, 2017

I've been buying these porkrinds for awhile from a local health food store. They're normally slightly soft, coated in a ton of delicious seasoning, and taste great. I noticed them here on amazon and decided to give them a try, since they were cheaper.

My first batch included a pork rind with a hair in it.

A bag in my second batch was just BAD. There was literally no seasoning in the bag or on the pork rinds, they tasted like burnt plastic, and there was a clearly burnt pork rind in the pack.

I decided to give it one last try while they still had the $3 off coupon. Lo and behold, another bag missing seasoning that tastes like burnt plastic.

I would not trust these. I'm not sure if Epic has gone downhill since being acquired by General Mills, or if someone is selling bad batches on amazon, but I would not buy them!
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Not as good as they used to be
by photogirl (3 out of 5 stars)
March 14, 2018

I used to LOVE these pork cracklings - there was just the right mix of sweet/salty/crunchy. For those reviewers complaining about the slightly soft parts - that's because these are pork CRACKLINGS, not pork rinds - there's a difference. Over the last few months, the quality has been inconsistent. Sometimes there would be mostly pieces of the light, airy pork rinds and less of the cracklings (if all I wanted was pork rinds, there are many less expensive options to choose from). Sometimes you'd get a lot of the seasoning, sometimes hardly any. Occasionally I'd even have some that tasted rancid. I'd say I was addicted to these things and have gone through about four bags a week for the last 6 months or so. I've bought them from amazon as well as Whole Foods and have had the same problem with inconsistent quality from both places. I think I'm finally ready to quit buying them and face the fact that these aren't what they used to be.
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Not very fresh tasting
by W. C. McWillie (2 out of 5 stars)
May 18, 2018

I have purchased Epic before and been very pleased. These however tasted very stale and lacking in flavor. Also if you looked at attached pic, you will see I received this "wad" of pork that actually weighted 1 serving. They are in date till 12/18 so not old. Purchased 4 bags and I hope the other 3 do not disappoint.
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by SVR (1 out of 5 stars)
April 19, 2018

There is something wrong with these. I have purchased these locally at health food stores, and also online. And they do not taste like this - these are seriously over-spiced and salty (and I looove salt, so that's saying something). I also noticed what appeared to be black mold in a couple of the bags. Gross. These are the epic rejects.
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These WERE the best rinds on the market. What happened Epic?
by JLee & Banandee (3 out of 5 stars)
April 21, 2017

These were the best pork rinds I've ever had until the last few recent shipments from Amazon. The quality has drastically decreased while the price has stayed the same. The amount of flavoring was decreased and there's always a handful of what I assume is uncooked rinds in the bag. Less puffy rinds in the bags. Very hard to justify the $4/bag price now.
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Keto Dessert. My Favorite Pork-Rind Product Out There
by Jacob and Kiki Hantla,Top Contributor: Star Wars (5 out of 5 stars)
April 17, 2017

This is my keto dessert. I am in love with the Maple Bacon Pork Crackling. They are different than pork rinds in that the skin is attached to some fat, making them much more filling and enjoyable to me. The maple does add a gram of carb per serving and for the palate that is used to eating very low carb (I've been keto for 4 years), it is quite sweet. I treat these as a snack/meal replacement or dessert.

These are my favorite pork-rind-type product out there and I have tried dozens!
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No flavoring!
by Grateful1234 (1 out of 5 stars)
July 31, 2017

Just popped open first bag and it had no flavorings...I've purchased these before from Whole Foods and the maple bacon flavor was great! These were completely plain, not even sure they were salted, but they for sure had no sweet flavor at all. Super disappointed, not sure if I return the rest or give another bag a chance?
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A great product with goofy nutritional labeling
by Corey Ramone (4 out of 5 stars)
October 23, 2017

These are great cracklings - which are different than pork rinds. Some are pure pork rinds, while the rest of the bag were true cracklings; with the rind of fat that is super delicious. This is a high quality product. I took a star off because the misleading nutritional information. The bags are small, normal size 2.5 oz snack bags. At first glance, you see a serving is 80 calories. You think, "not so bad...probably at least a couple servings per bag". Then you notice that little 2.5 oz bag had FIVE servings. The FDA has identified these types of misleading serving/nutritional info as being problematic, but hasn't regulated it. Again....good product, just read the nutrition!
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by Naz (1 out of 5 stars)
December 24, 2018

Says on Amazon "Organic" yet there is nothing on the package about Organic, and if you go to their website, its ays they use organic and non organic together, so basically that's probably 99% non organic.

Then they say they feed organic soy and corn - LOL, yeah ok dude. No such thing as organic soy and organic corn in USA.

Don't even know how this is legal.
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Hate epic bars, LOVE these!
by olive (5 out of 5 stars)
February 9, 2017

These are fantastic. Very slightly sweet, crunchy, and they leave a little layer of fat under the skin that melts in your mouth!

I personally hate epic bars, but they knocked it out of the park with these.

I would love to try these in some other non sweetened flavors, but they are still pretty low in sugar regardless. If you are into pork products, you will love these.

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