Nuts 'N More High Protein Nut Butter

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Product Description

Nuts 'N More was developed by a fitness enthusiast who was looking to ditch the traditional bland protein sources in search of better tasting alternatives for getting more protein into their diet. Most nut butters can be chunky and hard, but Nuts 'N More flavored spreads were created in a unique way that gives you double the amount of protein of traditional nut butters with a tasty smooth consistency and texture. Nuts 'N More nut butters allow fitness junkies to maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing great taste.


  • BIRTHDAY CAKE PEANUT SPREAD, Surprise! Here comes pure cake-battery goodness, with a burst of sprinkles to add to the festivity. Loaded with 11 grams of protein per serving plus flax added for omega 3’s. So now you can have your cake and eat it too.
  • SO MANY WAYS TO ‘N JOY, So good you’ll want to eat it right off the spoon. A delicious guilt-free treat, spread it on fruit, add to smoothies, pancakes, protein shakes, breakfast oatmeal, cookie recipes, energy bars or protein balls. Be creative!
  • SAY GOODBYE TO THE CRAVING, Say hello to a delicious way to eat healthier. Tell your sweet tooth its payback time with a convenient high protein snack, health supplement, dessert or meal replacement. Crush hunger with great taste that’s good for you!
  • WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION, we’ve pumped up the protein to almost double that of ordinary peanut butter using only high-quality isolate whey protein from happy cows. We boosted the antioxidants, essential fats and fiber, and banned all fillers and binders.
  • INDULGENTLY DELICIOUS, You deserve MORE! We put the fun back into healthy eating with MORE fabulous flavors. So now you can look forward to living a balanced healthy lifestyle. MORE protein. MORE flavors. MORE delicious. What more can you ask for?

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Top Reviews

by Shezzza (5 out of 5 stars)
February 11, 2018

This review is for the Birthday Cake flavor. I have to say I was skeptical because peanut butter is such a strong flavor, it's hard to make it taste like something more subtle like vanilla cake but I'm extremely surprised to say they did it & they did it well. When I opened the container I noticed immediately there were sprinkles which are pretty but I hate them. Fortunately, I didn't mind them at all!

I used a low calorie wrap and spread about two tablespoons of Birthday Cake on it then added fresh sliced strawberries & felt like I was eating a guilt free strawberry shortcake! I highly recommend this product & I will be trying the other flavors as well.
↭ 🍁 ↭

Really good stuff
by Joe T (5 out of 5 stars)
May 11, 2017

Love this stuff. Got some oily weird stuff from "shipped fast" but anything from Nuts N More or Amazon has been great. Birthday cake and toffee crunch are the best flavors.

Edit: Ordered again. Consistency must be weather related. These were an oily mess. The trick is to get it so you can stir it... Stir it (the birthday cake pieces are on the bottom)...Then put it in the fridge. You can then eat it from the fridge or put it out to soften up again. After remixing (which you shouldn't have to do) it's fine.
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Grainy and Fake. Pretty high in sugar and macros aren't much better than regular PB, only 11 cals le
by Rjoyw (2 out of 5 stars)
July 31, 2017

I could tell from the smell while I was opening the package the flavor was going to be weird. Very sweet and fake tasting. Texture was extremely grainy. Also should have paid attention but the macros aren't that great especially for "healthy" peanut butter 11g fat/12g carbs/11g protein - 179 cal/serving versus Skippy natural 16g fat/6g carbs/7g protein -190 cal/serving.

I have tried PB2 and that isn't bad.. but probably protein peanut butter is a waste of money. Save yourself some money and just but regular natural peanut butter.
2 stars bc the jar is pretty at least.
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Buy the Birthday Cake!
by sarah (5 out of 5 stars)
August 30, 2018

We haven't had this more than 24 hours and I have had to pry this from my husband's hands so that there is enough to make it two days when the new bottle comes that I just ordered. That's the picture of how much is left! This is the best on everything or alone...however it has sprinkles in it which I could do without but it doesn't take away from the taste.
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Yup, it's yum.
by bunny (5 out of 5 stars)
March 27, 2019

It's yummy! Didn't entirely know what to expect. It is like 50/50 cake/peanut butter flavor. Not overly sweet, but still sweet. The texture is a bit grittier than a normal smooth peanut butter. I did not have a problem with that. Not sure that it is something I would eat off the spoon just for fun. I used it in a shake this morning with unsweetened original almond milk and a frozen banana and it was to die for! I used it in lieu of my vanilla protein powder because it had almost equal grams of protein (if not more) so I figured it was unnecessary to add another "vanilla/cake" flavor to it.
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it's like glue
by Austin k. (2 out of 5 stars)
August 7, 2019

I was excited to try this because a lot of reviews said it was delicious. I did not care for it at all, neither did my wife. It is super thick and almost glue-like. It didn't have much flavor going on. I did not smell or taste anything in the ballpark of birthday cake.

I made sure I stirred the product well before trying to eat it and it was still super thick. It is also very grainy you can feel all the grains of sugar in there and maybe other things. It's just not enjoyable to eat it feels more like a job. There were also only a few sprinkles in there.
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YUM! My favorite!
by A E (5 out of 5 stars)
June 6, 2017

I have tried a few others in this brand that I like and I also have tried a Birthday Cake flavor from Buff Bake which is an Almond Spread and it was okay. I am always hesitant to try new ones cuz I don't wanna spend this much money and not like it but a friend of mine said no, this Birthday one is the best! So I gave it a shot and it's now my new favorite! For a protein spread, it's honestly super good and really does have a birthday cake flavor. I will definitely order this many more times and I wish I could just eat the jar in one sitting with a spoon.
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Delicious protein packed peanut butter
by Mike McHugh (5 out of 5 stars)
March 24, 2017

This is my new go-to peanut butter to eat straight out of the jar! It's delicious - the consistency is similar to regular peanut butter. I love to sprinkles spread throughout. And it really tastes like peanut butter mixed with vanilla/funfetti cake batter. It's a little on the expensive side but I'd say it's worth it.
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by DANI (5 out of 5 stars)
November 27, 2018

Peanut butter and birthday cake?! What a combo! Super thick and yummy! I am a birthday cake flavored fanatic!!! I've tried tons of nuts 'n more products and I have never been disappointed. They spread well over just about anything. Some of my favorite things to put this on are protein pancakes, rice cakes, toast, bagels, apple slices, English muffins, or I make it into a puppy chow chex mix dessert. I also like to mix a tablespoon into my protein shakes. Mixes super well.
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Good, but a dab will do you
by sparky (4 out of 5 stars)
July 25, 2017

I like this, tastes really good, but it's the kind that a dab will do you kind of thing...unless you are a sugar freak, which I am You really get the Birthday cake taste, and yes I know that's a good thing and why else would I order's just a little to overpowering for me that's all.

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