Water Rocket Launcher Kit

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Product Description

Our StratoLauncher IV kit includes a water rocket launcher made of aluminum, stainless steel, durable plastic, & brass parts, a set of StratoFins & collapsible water fill funnel. Assembly is quick & easy with no further adjustments required regardless if you use our StratoFins or your own homemade rocket or FTC (Fluorescent Tube Cover) rocket thanks to the screw-on nozzle. Employing a nozzle makes this a universal launcher for most any style water rocket and eliminates problems such as bottles not fitting over a launch tube, O-rings wearing out, or accidental launches due to falling collars. The restricted nozzle facilitates lift offs that are 3 - 6 times slower (depending on PSI) than typical water rocket launchers enabling you to see the blast off and yet the nozzle rocket will fly equal to or higher in altitude. Also, the nozzle requires only 1 cup of water per launch for optimum performance although you are free to experiment. StratoLauncher IV ships unassembled with a QR code on the box label that you can scan with your smartphone to view a PDF containing assembly instructions, launch procedures, upgrade kits, videos, and future accessories. NO additional materials are required for assembly, but you will need an adjustable wrench (or a 14mm wrench), 4 & 5mm hex wrench, & a Phillips head screwdriver. Our StratoLauncher IV will enable you to propel a 2 liter soda bottle over 350 ft. into the sky using only water and compressed air from a bicycle pump or an air compressor. Fuel (water & air) is essentially free and readily available allowing countless launches without additional expense. You control when the launch occurs by squeezing the black lever and releasing the lock at the end of the cable from a safe distance of 10 ft. and out of the splash zone. StratoLauncher IV comes in 3 models: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Any of them can be upgraded to add additional features and all come with a 125 PSI safety valve to prevent exploding bottles while pressurizing.


  • Easy to assemble & use powerful compact metal water rocket launcher with a 125 PSI safety valve. Rocket will not fly straight without an aerodynamic nose cone made from a second soda bottle.
  • Kit includes our Gen 4 StratoLauncher + StratoFins (screw-on water rocket fins) + fill funnel.
  • StratoLauncher IV will propel a 2 liter plastic (PET) soda pop bottle over 350 ft. in the sky.
  • Supports most .5L, 1L, 1.25L, 2L soda bottles @ air pressures as low as 10 PSI up to 120 PSI.
  • Kit is fully upgradeable, expandable, & can be accessorized into a complete launching system for STEM.

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