Bamboo Mason Bee House With Dozens Of Natural Bamboo Nesting Tubes - Ideal For Solitary Be

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Do you want to do your part to support pollinators, save the bees, and improve the quality of your garden and gardens all around you all at the same time? If so, adding one or more natural bamboo Mason Bee Houses to your garden or backyard is one great way to do just that. Mason and Leafcutter bees are solitary bees that are just two of the more than 20,000 different varieties of bees, and they are some of the absolute best bees at pollinating everything from fruit trees to a garden full of tomatoes or cucumbers! Unlike Honey Bees, they nest individually in small hollow reeds, sticks, or pieces of bamboo, and each spring when the next generation emerges, they are looking for the ideal nesting site. When it comes to nesting sites, it's hard to beat this all natural Bamboo Mason Bee House! With this Bamboo Mason Bee House, you can provide ideal nesting conditions for many bees at once, and unlike individual reeds or hollow sticks that bees might find in the wild, you can position this durable mason bee house so that it is less exposed to conditions that might jeopardize developing bees. Simply hang the Bamboo Mason Bee House outdoors in a semi-protected area with the tube openings facing away from driving rains and wait for solitary bees to find it! You will be able to enjoy watching bees coming and going as they make trips out of the house and return with nesting materials and a fresh dusting of pollen. With this Bamboo Mason Bee House, you can truly do your part to save bees and protect pollinators.


  • ATTRACTS FRIENDLY SOLITARY BEES - Bamboo tubes supply ideal nesting opportunity for solitary Mason and Leafcutter bees and its aesthetically pleasing teardrop shape adds a point of interest to any garden or backyard.
  • GIVE YOUR GARDEN A BOOST - When you add the all natural Bamboo Mason Bee House to your yard or garden, you can expect to see a boost to your garden's fruit and veggies yield! Don't be surprised if your neighbors report the same thing.
  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT OR PROJECT WITH THE KIDS - The Bamboo Mason Bee House is an ideal gift for your favorite gardener, nature lover, beekeeper, school teacher, or anyone who is interested in sustainability! Or, buy one for you and your kids to install together to teach them the importance of our precious pollinators!
  • ADD SOME BUZZ TO THE LANDSCAPE - By attracting Mason and Leafcutter bees to your yard or garden, you are adding elements of sound and motion to liven things up! More bees means more activity and life--after all, they don't call it the birds and the bees for nothing!
  • PART OF A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SAVING THE BEES AND SUSTAINABILITY - Installing Mason Bee Houses is just one thing that we can do to support pollinators in an effort to become sustainable.

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