Light Therapy Face Rejuvanation Mask

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Improve your complexion while looking like a serial killer by using this light therapy face rejuvenation mask. Despite its eerie appearance, it delivers a spa-quality experience that will treat a myriad of skin related issues such as wrinkles. [Read more]

Top Reviews

Company Stands With You!
by Andrew J. Holland (5 out of 5 stars)
June 4, 2018

I love this mask and use it every day. Each day I use two of the color modes in the rotation, the following day I use the next two and so on. And it works. My skin tone has never looked more smooth and even! After about 5 months of use, the usb port on the mask itself broke loose and I was unable to use the mask, but Dermasmoothe proactively saw my mention of this in my updated review and just shipped me a brand new unit at no cost to me. Apparently this item comes with a lifetime guarantee! It was incredible customer service from a company that really cares about its customers and believes in its products. Highly recommended!
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Got acne? Get this.
by Anon (5 out of 5 stars)
August 7, 2018

I've been using this mask for a month and I love it. Blue light: has anti-bacterial properties that kills the acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes. Using this wavelength has both dramatically reduced my active acne and seems to be preventing new outbreaks from cropping up. Green light: has anti-inflammatory properties to calm the skin and reduce redness. It is also great for treating hyper-pigmentation. I find this wavelength really speeds up healing post-breakouts. Red light: this is the OG LED wavelength, which smooths fine lines by stimulating collagen production. This is obviously not an acne treatment, but I always finish my sessions with red light because aging a thing, people. LED light therapy is meant to be performed daily for the first month and then maintained on a weekly basis thereafter.
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Worth it
by Arizona Cat (5 out of 5 stars)
September 2, 2018

I started using LED light treatments with a cheap mask from Wall Mart and I saw results over time, but nothing like this mask. This is like driving a Ferrari compared to the Ford Pinto I used previously. I use the red light for 20 minutes and then the green light for 20 minutes, three times a week. My last mask didn't have all the colors this one has, and the green light has made a huge difference. Excellent company, great customer service and follow-up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
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Quality product but be careful if you have hyperpigmentation or melasma
by harmony (4 out of 5 stars)
September 5, 2018

First of all, this mask is well made product for the price point. It has many lights to choose from. I was excited about the benefit of LED light therapy. Everyone's skin is different. I have struggled with hyper pigmentation and melasma. After using it for several days, it made hyper pigmentation worse. I used red, blue, green light for total of about 15 min. My skin felt little warm and buzzed after, and pigmentation was darker and brought out more discolorations. I don't think it's because of this this particular product versus it's LED Lights. So I won't be using any LED light product for my OWN SKIN. Many people may respond well to this product but if you have challenges of hyper pigmentation or melasma becareful. otherwise, I think this product is well made and it could work for other benefits for many other skin types.
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This mask produces the promised results!
by KennedyTD76 (5 out of 5 stars)
July 22, 2018

With so many gimmicks out there in the beauty world, and god only knows how much money wasted on bogus products that never fulfilled their claims of a skinnier, younger, prettier you, I was a bit skeptical to to purchase this product. However, between the information I've been reading lately on the benefits of light therapy, combined with the positive reviews this particular mask had, and the return policy of both the brand's company and Amazon, I figured the only thing I had to lose were the lines and creases on my face and uneven skin tone. So far, I have only used the red and green light, but I can tell you that after only a couple of weeks of both colors 3 x's a week usage, at level 5 for 20 minutes, my skin is significantly (and noticeably) brighter, smoother and more even, with dark spots and scarring from the occasional previous breakouts becoming much lighter and less noticeable. People keep saying that though they can't quite put a finger on what, specifically, it is about my skin that looks different, there just seems to be an all around "healthy, glowiness" to it. I'll take it! Update: Still so incredibly happy with this mask, and my skin only continues to get better...I have recently been using only the green and white light, as the green is for hyperpigmentation and also reduces red marks, but have also noticed that the green light seems to speed up the healing process quite a bit after I had a horrible breakout caused by a face wash that I had used. I am horrible about keeping my hands off my face during a breakout (picking) which, obviously, turned a bad situation into worse, but did the green light mask 3 days in a row and made the healing process so much faster, and now use the green light to help get rid of the redness that the breakout caused. Can't say enough good thinks about this thing!
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Works after the first use!
by Phylicia (5 out of 5 stars)
December 28, 2018

Super thrilled to purchase the Dermashine as I found similar products that were fantastic and offered great results, but were well over my price point. When I found Dermashine, I was cautious in reading the reviews as at the end of the day everyone's skin is different. Having suffered with acne in my teens, I still have scars on my cheeks that I am trying to get rid of. Once I received the Dermashine, I was blown away. I used the blue LED light for 20 minutes then the red LED light for 20 minutes and I honestly saw a difference immediately. My skin looked and felt tighter. After nearly three weeks of daily use, I noticed that my pores had gotten smaller and my forehead was shining with even skin. I got busy around the holidays and didn't use it as much and could tell when I wasn't. I had a slight issue with the red LED light turning orange and after reaching out to Dermashine they immediately sent me a new one. Their customer service is top notch and this was all within the last week. I have shared the product with numerous friends and I hope they buy it soon to share in the amazing results. This mask also looks hilarious on! I will usually lay down, meditate, or listen to a book on Audible for 20 - 35 minutes and just let my collagen rebuild!

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